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    Yo what's up Not spamming, but if anyone gets a moment, check out my new track. Ice Cream 2011 http://soundcloud.com/jayleazy/jayleazy-ice-cream-2011 Meka check me out mane. Peace

  • Duh

    Yeah thats totally spamming.

  • Derp


  • yerp

    When you say no pun intended, the pun is always intended.

  • the pres

    This shit dope. Sometimes I get tired of sifting through all the garbage rap, rather get some cool r&b and this is it. definitely worth the download

  • saulgoode

    this is sick. for sure gonna be putting people onto this.

  • dueordie

    good stuff def. looking to hear more from her.

  • Airborne

    This is really dope. I recommend this to anyone.

  • Airborne

    If you fuck with nostalgia,ultra, you gotta fuck with this.