Black Moon’s Rock The Bells Rehearsal (Video)

blame it on Meka September 2, 2011

Black Moon will be performing their debut album, Enta Da Stage, with a 6-piece band at Rock the Bells in New York tomorrow (September 3rd) on the 36 Chambers Stage from 4:50PM-6:05 PM. Fuck; I’ll miss them perform my favorite song of theirs, “Buck ‘Em Down.” Someone do me a favor get footage of that particular performance, cool?

Also, Random Axe will be rocking from 1:35PM-2:05 PM on the Main Stage. Be sure to catch both acts.

  • six

    why a band..i hate when rappers use bands..this aint rock n roll.think im gonna pass on this show ..i knew that was going to happen. glad i didnt buy the show is very tiring and lasts allday with a bunch of backpackers opeing up for hrs



  • six dumb shit, peace

    @ six, ya dumb as fuck. live instruments do not make it a “rock n roll show”, that means your saying that every type instrument live is a rock show haha ya ignorant as fuck, you need to check yourself. their sound was very heavy JAZZ influenced and what better way to show that to everyone than have real musicians perform it with you? thats music at its finest. you clearly cant appreciate the realness of that. Black Moon, legendary shit. Wish I could be out there for this

  • hibachi202

    @six dumb shit, cosign…and how the fuck does immortal technique, nas & wu-tang ALL perform at the same time?! That is soooooooo stupid.

  • HipHopUpdate

    This is goin to be DOPE!

  • c

    i was there that shit was amazing

  • NutsAreBiggerThanYours

    always better to have a live band…

    btw, it’s been a while since i’ve been on 2dope.. it’s sad that the recent comments section has to do with some shitty music. either the uprising of promising hip hop has stalled or we just need to dig deeper for some dope artists to feature