J. Cole – Can’t Get Enough f. Trey Songz

blame it on Illy September 2, 2011

The second ‘radio ready’ single from the Cole World: Sideline Story album dropping September 27th. Props to OnSMASH.

PURCHASE: J. Cole f. Trey Songz – Can’t Get Enough [via iTunes]

  • GOONx19

    Perfect for the radio.

  • Gordon B.

    The release date changed?

  • Derrick Howard

    September 27th is still the date.

  • J.S.

    This is a great feel good song it’s waaaaaay better than workout

  • pro-FileProduction

    Not bad.. sound like somethin early timbo and jay wouldve done. which is dope in my book.. but we’ll see how the world take to it..

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  • NYdreams

    better than 99 percent of the shit on the radio word to j coles debut classic

  • Los Angel

    Wow wasn’t expecting this kind of track. Was expecting a club single. Sounds like a song I can vibe to for a minute. Cole stepped his shit up. Don’t know if this is going to get THAT much play on the radio. It could get a lot of spins maybe purely because of Trey Songz.

    Not expecting too much from dude’s album since all the dickriders here will call it a classic no matter what. Been a fan since The Warm Up so I will be downloading it illegally and pre-ordering a copy off Amazon.

    Came across the youtube video of Kendrick previewing the songs with him and Cole and all I can say is CAN WE PLEASE HAVE THOSE TRACKS. Shock TheWorld sounds like real hip-hop.

  • hiphopheadboi

    THUG LIFE!!!!!!!!!! Beat> track. Distant Relatives vibe…shouldve put Nas & Jay on it, instant classic. This a wasted beat with the most horrible lyrics ever.

  • DetroitIsMajor

    This is DOPE

  • NYdreams

    ayo is there a way where u could add like likes and dislikes to peoples comments like on youtube ?? i think that would b funny as hell to someone get soo many dislikes next to their comments

  • :P


  • Derek P

    Is this mastered cause this song leak a while ago

  • A chick


  • Prof. Oak



    INB4KENDRICKLAMARDICKRIDERS (Im a fan, but the kids who bring him up on every post need to get a large, rusty knife and stab themselves repeatedly.)

    This is dope, hopefully it’ll get him some shine.

    Btw, I think it’d be dope if he released a No DJ version of “The Come Up” for the next Any Given Sunday. Anyone else have ideas for the Any Given Sunday series?

  • Teez

    COLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sept. 27 is for hip-hop

  • marty mcfly

    Lupe does Outta My head and gets hated for it though… smh

  • based

    top ten favorite rappers:

    1. Lil’ B

    2. Soulja Boy

    3. Tyler The Creator

    4. The Game

    5. Kid Cudi

    6. Tech N9ne

    7. T.I.

    8. Kanye West

    9. Big Sean

    10. Lil’ Wayne

    ten favorite albums of 2011 (So Far):

    1. I’m Gay (Lil’ B)

    2. Illusions Of Grandeur (Lil’ B)

    3.The Red Album (The Game)

    4. F.A.M.E. (Chris Brown)

    5. All 6’s & 7’s (Tech N9ne)

    6. Goblin (Tyler The Creator)

    7. Ferrari Boyz (Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame)

    8. The Carter IV (Lil’ Wayne)

    9. The Last Crown (Soulja Boy)

    10. Self Made (Maybach Music Group)

  • cj

    damn yall like 2 months on puttin this song on the site

  • catcher freeman

    nice, i was just saying how this week should be perfect timing for this single for the album

  • thatnigga

    @martymcfly that’s cuz Outta My Head sounded hella bitchmade tbh..

  • undefeated

    this is such a much better single…the leak that was released wasnt mastered!

  • Cant get enough.

  • Tone Riggz

    Cole’s dope but i’m not feeling this joint…

  • This is straight fire. And @cj, Can’t Get Enough leaked so 2dopeboyz was cool enough not to put on the site till Cole officially released it. And Outta My Head sucked tbh.

  • Yeahh

    This is a doppe summer song positivity

  • LawdyDawdy

    This is just soo good, Is this radio friendly? (such a subjective question), for some reason I reckon this will get a lot more radio play then work out.

  • I don’t think it’s radio friendly, but it’s dope as hell.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    If all else fails, trey is going to get those female listeners to boost up Coles numbers, so with this shit he is going to get radio play which equals more fans and album sales.


    THIRD VERSE = DOPE AS FUCK ” Im from the ville where they bang for the money, and carry 4 5’s like change for a 20!” Good radio song, this will be in the clubs everywhere, it has a better feel to it than work out, After this single is LOST ONES, its a wrap SEPT 27

  • Ignorance Is Bliss

    i’m really starting to believe that the “thumbs up/thumbs down” are controlled by the site and not the viewers. everyone thinks j cole is all talk anyways, yall are saying only 9 people disliked his mainstream ass single? fuck yall

  • yessssir

    This feels so much more natural than Workout, and that shit flopped hella hard. Idk how itll do on the radio but that shit will bump at a concert. Wont buy the single, but buyin 2 copies of the album. SUPPORT THIS NIGGA

  • marty mcfly

    @thatnigga and Ladi , I was just pointing out the double standard that is all cause if you play Outta My Head in the club just the reaction from people alone will prove that song bangs but its cool cause once F&L 2 drops you’ll be a Lupe fan again. This song is alright but hey guess he gotta do what he gotta do for sales at this point.

  • xzxczxc

    @Ignorance Is Bliss

    You’re dumb as fuck.

  • BabyBlue

    @IgnoraneisBliss Why did you say “mainstream ass single”? its meant to be a mainstream single smh, as far as the thumbs ratio, it could be quite accurate, look at coles friday night lights mixtape views and downloads, its fuking crazy passing waynes tape and other popular rappers in the views/downloads department . People like dude and they check for him, simple as that

  • Made

    This is so fucking shit, my god call Pusha T because MY GOD Cole is never going to able to write a radio single.

    This sounds so fucking wack I can hear Cole’s apathy in every verse, like he knows this is pure shit and really how couldn’t he.

    It’s looking real frosty for Cole and no that ain’t fucking compliment.

  • W

    She said I….

    “Can’t. Get. A. Nut….Can’t. Get. A. Nut.”

  • Doney

    So niggaz gon act like he didn’t BODY this doe?

  • yez

    Im feeling this, got a nice vibe to it. Cole World Baby!

    “I love when it you give me head, and hate it when you give me headaches”

  • Cray

    Is this coles best work? no but if you listen to his music you know what he is capable of, this song is catchy and doesnt bother me because its gonna get him some HUGE exposure to the massess especially trey songz fans. After this single he’s releasing “Lost ones” which is a dope ass real song. that being said its a chill ass song it isnt super duper lyrical or wack its just a good song, should get alot of radio play because of trey songz, and lets face it “work out” did good on youtube, with the views passing 3 mill but on the radio not so good. Support him and buy this if you have itunes. I dont use itunes therefore i aint buyin it but i am getting his album when it comes out.

  • FNL

    J.cole already got “Get enough” trending on twitter,..damn and lil wayne cant get shit to ever trend, now what does that tell you ? mhmm..wouldnt be surprised if this dude pushes 500k-600k 1st week his follow up and fan base is actually bigger than niggas think…we’ll see tho when it drops, im getting 2 for support. cole world !

  • Grimzz

    this is better than work out and niggas still hatin’ LOL



    lupe shouldn’t be making those kind of songs…just don’t sound right from me and i’m a lupe head all day…the show goes on is the better radio single imo

  • this song is dope… but this came out already a while ago

  • imPurpose

    Niggas hate regardless.. he could drop an illmatic type of album or a college dropout and then yall would say “he aint gone ever blow up tho” and when he does something radio friendly, u shit on him. I guess people just hate to see a man shine while doing his thing.

  • Bob Costas

    hell yea now this is a bit better, good, feeling better about the album now lol, september 27th will be a great day for hip hop

  • Rick Ross’s Abs

    Lil Wayne got #ThingsBetterThanTheCarter4 trending just a few days ago.

  • eliot


  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    imPurpose: First Don;t put College Droput in Illmatics category. I still listen to illmatic. No one is still listening to CD.
    I never hear anyone pulling up or driving by banging Kanye.

    That’s a quick way to up your chances of getting robbed in certain part’s of the city.

    Next. This wouldn’t be on Illmatic.

    Because Nas wasn’t worried about radio play. He was doing what he loved.

    Next. That’s two songs I will automatically skip when the album comes out.

    Can’t say that for any tracks on Illmatic.

    See taht’s what makes a classic. Which is why their are very few in the rap game. A classic used to be an album where you didn’t have to skip a song.

    Criminal Minded. All Means Necessary. Illmatic. The Chronic.

    Those are the categories Nas Illmatic belongs in.

    College dropout. Not so much.

  • Phazon

    Anti-dopeness! Im rootin 4 fam cuz I think he can bring lyric driven HipHop back 2 the 4front but wit that workout BULLSHIT n this watered down shit Jay gone bench that nigga! We all know jay track record wit his artists who dont do numbers, good luck 2 cole, VA rootin 4 u fam but that radio shit aint Ur lane n its showin

  • NJ

    @Phazon you saying jay would bench him, but do half of yall niggas know that jay-z actually gave the “GO” on “workout” and this song? in a interview cole said he played this song to Jay because cole said he didnt feel as if this song was good and jay said “You better keep this”.

  • AZ

    its a new era you ignorant fucks no shit illmatic didnt have a radio single cuz no one demanded it back than

  • oVoXo

    “let u play with the stick, ovechkaneeee”

    cole merked this, y’all are buggin. cole doin 125k first week easy because niggas like me are gonna cop 5.

  • fucktrolls

    i hope Jay Z buying like 25,000 copies just to pad the stats alittle but like Birdman did with weezy… 950 k first week for that fuckin horrific album? Cole album is gonna be a breath of fuckin fresh air, i hope he cracks 100 k

  • Cole’s #2 on Hip-Hop album sales on Amazon right above WTT, just off pre-orders. He gonna sell probably 100k.

  • yeeeee

    fucking fags stuck in the past

    its a a new era, middle finger to the suit wearers

  • barz

    this is too dope

    check out my new song

  • marty mcfly

    EVERYBODY would have still been riding with Cole if some of his fans didnt start saying that he’s the next Pac and Nas because when people start putting the expectations at legendary status it becomes a thing where people aint hating on Cole they hating on his fans statements.

  • Jonesy Stark

    This is the single that should’ve been pushed straight out the gate, folk. Workout was not hot to me. This joint ride though. I can mosdef see this poppin’ off.

  • Protege

    this beat & hook are insane, which cole would’ve went harder with his part of the hook though & gave more quotable bars. regardless this song bangs, perfect for the radio.

  • Rezo

    Love the song! Why the artwork look like it was scanned on a dirty scanner tho? lol

  • yeeeee

    its a dope texture smh. but forget the artwork, this shit goes!!

  • Therecanonlyb1

    Didn’t the BLACK EYED PEAS already do this song???

  • Po’

    where is NYC/Brooklyn’s comment @ ? I can’t find it

  • thatrealshit

    @ martymcfly

    i think the reason lasers in general gets so much hate from hip hop heads is bc atlantic records completely commercialized that whole project even when lupe fought for that album to get released the way he wanted it to. that album was pretty much the definition of wats wrong with the music industry. coles project is completely his sound and if u listen to interviews with lupe b4 the release of lasers u get the vibe that he doesnt event like the album. so i think ppl are just respecting the music for bein real and organic. with that said im pumped for FL2 and cole’s album, coppin both

  • the realest

    767 and counting likes? damn j cole got some stans. i dont even see whats so special bout dude to be honest.

  • rUANHOLL44

    wow its actually kinda jammin hot 1

  • LupeFaco

    song so hot NYC BROKLYN finally is quite ?!?!

  • Dmdpro5

    Niggas talkn about this is going to get radio play lets not act lije it hasnt been leaked for a month his album comes out in a couple weeks hes not established like jay kanye or even wayne to be going into a album without a hit single on the radio

  • Jay Cole

    This is not cool at all……

  • RandomHulkshare
  • dmv

    he can rap. but hes just boring overall.


    Wow cole finally has a radio song that wont fail, he still sucks ass but this is dope

    I’LL ADMIT IT, I’M A CLOSET J.COLE FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikeshaw

    @JayCole he had to change the intro, he good now

  • dmv

    thats not NYC/BR0OKLYN. nice try though cole stan.

  • dmv

    thats not NYC/BR0OKLYN. nice try though cole stan.

  • the realest

    he can rap. but hes just boring overall.

    dmv said this on September 2nd, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    ^ co-sign. if jcole is the best rap has to offer from the new school, then im staying on r&b for good till THE ONE LIKE NEO IN THE MATIX shows up. word to the dream for that free album. goodlookin out.

  • @the realest, Lupe literally said in one interview that he didn’t like the album lol.

  • the realest

    @ cloud9, oh yall was talkin bout lupe? i was talkin bout cole lol

    yeah i remember that interview. i didnt even listen to the album. i knew it wasnt gonna be any good as soon as i seen that “show is over” video when he looked like a damn rockstar. im sure he got a few joints on there but i knew overall it was no good. and wats the point of copy’n album for a few joints? thats the same logic these kids got when they get these waka flockas and wayne albums.

    only thing i can cop from lupe is a mixtape or free album. cuz i know it wont have the shackles of alantic records over his creativity. but highly doubt that coming about. even if alantic would somehow allow him to drop a free album(-___-blankstare) lupe just seems to me to be one of those “i aint giving away no free music. you gotta buy my records” type niggaz. so i’ve given up 95% of hope in lupe

  • Dope as fuck! Definitely gonna be getting some play on my iPod. Hopefully gets some shine on the radio.

    Kinda miss the ol’ lyrical J. Cole though, but don’t get me wrong, this shit is dope.

  • marty mcfly

    I think Lupe knows it but his pride wont allow him to admit that LASERS just made him a mainstream artist on a whole other level. He saying he dont like his album well then what about Words I Never Said and All Black Everything and Never Forget You? I mean even Show Goes on is double platinum at this point. Some things you have to respect and these lyrics are coming straight from his own brain. So saying he doesnt like the album is like saying he doesnt like himself. I think Lupe is just one of those people who just hates to admit that somebody else is right sometimes. Now Atlantic still acted like assholes but LASERS was a success.

  • marty mcfly

    but not to get off subject cause this is a Cole post but its no way to tell where Coles head is at now but its cool cause by this time next month everybody will see if Cole delivers a great album or not.

  • the realest

    i cant comment much on the album considering i didnt listen to it and dont plan on it. i didnt like the vibe and direction of it. it gives me the impression that he didnt like it much and that its just another album knocked off his contract.

    and to keep it fonky, i hate that all blogs/conversations/and hiphop in general is all soft-core. unless its a fraud rick ross or a retarded waka and gucci. i mean i got dirty money and dream records that go harder than most of these new “rappers” songs. and thats very very sad. i spent my freetime today watching camron videos and listening to killa season. hes mos def in my top 10

  • the realest

    i can tell you now, cole world wont be no reasonable doubt, ready to die or illmatic.

  • Actual/Factual

    Too many things go in to making a album a classic beyond the music itself, standing the tests of time after the album drops being a major one. This is a cool song though for what it is. Seen trey songz name and thought they were gonna be on some super loveydovey catering to a bitch type shit but you could actually ride out to this with the right amount of alcohol in the system. Definitely will be checking his album though, hasn’t done anything to not make me want to check it out.


    @therealest so the fuck what, coles album might not be a lassic but it damn sure will be a solid ass album , now his next album tsss that potentially could be a classic.

  • thatrealshit

    ^ haha few are my dude, i think cole fans will be happy if its as good as his mixtapes with the production and professional sound an album should have, nobodies askin for a top 10 all time type project. if u look at an album thru that kind of filter then everything seems wack

  • the realest

    @ actual/factual, you exactly right. like wit this killa season. i didnt even know that shit could be played from start to finish no skips. classic in my books. but as for cole world, i say no classic cuz of cole the-rapper. dude is above average, but he aint great. i mean this nigga been droppin mixtapes and records and i still dont know who this nigga is. whats his lane? “other”? it seem like he dont even know. he dont know if he wanna be commercial like a drake or conceptual like a kendrick. and thats the reason why jay on took so long. not cuz “he holding him back” or “tryna stop his shine”. thats what the stans say. but the fact is that jcole STILL hasnt found his lane. jay stay explaining how important is for new artists to find themselves as an artist first. now that i think about it, i think those are subliminals at cole. (lol okay im reaching, but not far considering its hov.) and jay is not gonna invest and put out a record to sell no 98k in the first week like game.

    which is around what cole is gonna do. i’ll go record and say he’ll do between 100k-130k first week. which is good for first album considering he not all over the radio like drake. but since he got such a large fanbase/stans his album will be bought just to support “the underdog”. but im sayin it will not be a rd, r2d, or illmatic. cuz dude still havnt found himself yet.

  • the realest

    @therealest so the fuck what, coles album might not be a lassic but it damn sure will be a solid ass album , now his next album tsss that potentially could be a classic.

    FUCKYM said this on September 3rd, 2011 at 1:46 am

    ^ i’ll give you that. i think it will be solid as well and im not even a fan. but i do understand that he is talented and is up there. but then again i said the same about wayne after that carter II, and then the terrible c3 came out and its been downhill every since.

  • LAfinest

    Cole World will not be a classic. I personally think Cole trying extra hard on the album I mean he got dubstep on it… That was a bad choice ’cause he ain’t the typa nigga that can kill such a beat. Also the album is produced by himself except 1 track and that’s the NO I D joint. Niggas sayin Can’t Get Enough> Out Of My Head knowing that’s some bullshit lmao. Cole’s whole plan sucks. The lyrics to this are horrible and best believe girls won’t love this. This ain’t a love song like Outta My Head. Nigga talkin bout gettin head n shit man this great beat got wasted. I hope Cole World will be dope tho but it seems like he was under pressure and didnt make the alb the way he wanted

  • mkas

    C4 > Cole World. Deal with it.

  • first cole song ive liked in a min though… i think its a stretch as a radio single though

  • Actual/Factual

    @the realest, Yea man I think that’s what it is, he’s really not in any lane, and through all the hype that might not be a good thing (see Wale’s first album). I also think that’s why I haven’t been too hyped for him, but at the same time I’ll check him out because he can spit. His songs are dope but they’re not nothing to be like damn that shit went in or making you think about his lyrics, and you don’t know where to place this cat. Thinking about it, there’s no story to him, nothing lol. I think once Jay said he wants artists to find themselves, I took it as he ready to get cole out the way so they can start the machine behind jay electronica, an artist that already has found himself, and is musically and conceptually way ahead of cole. People think electronica out doing wild shit because he don’t care about dropping an album but i think he being respectful that cole was there first, because he knows if he puts anything out right now, a EP, a hint at anything, it’s a wrap for whatever steam cole got going into this album. But that’s just my opinion. I feel like cole could crack the 100k mark first week, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t, just because who the fuck is his fanbase lol? backpackers? the women? ol heads looking for the next nas? the 2dope c-section lol? yea i don’t know man.

  • dr0

    dis shidds wacc i dun get da hype dis doods not apealin at all i respect his grind n how far hes came but i aint fukn wid his music

  • murdatoX

    Niggas hatin’ hard on Wayne but dude finna go plat in the 1st or 2nd week lol. He don’t give a fuck bout y’all. He got a huge radio single so he good. How To Love is more than Can’t Get Enough will ever be. Shits fucked up but it’s a fact like dude above said J Cole’s plans SUCK.

  • Los Angel


    thats one of the best analysis of cole I’ve read in a while. Honestly, j. cole standards are ridiculous. it was the fans that took the expectations to a ridiculous level that cant be reached. when dudes started comparing him to pac and nas is when it started going downhill. why can’t we just appreciate an artists good early work without claiming him to be the next “big thing.” i guess that is a testament to how weak the rap game is now. we have to resort to mediocre artists to be the next big thing cause there’s no one else


    another annoying, boring in and out failed first single. what’s this his 8th attempt in calling a song his first single? when are yall niggaz gonna learn? every time this nigga drops some new shit yall hop on it like he just re-invented a classic. yall are a bunch of immediate niggaz. this niggaz fell off, and fell off hard before he even dropped his first album. GTFOH with the “this song is the radio type shit this nigga needs right now”. in two days, this song will officially be resting in peace. when this nigga album leaks I will be up on my Brooklyn streets playing taps giving it a 21 guns salute. me, Kirk Franklin and the family are gonna march all the way down to central park with “THE REV” AL Sharpton holding hands with Tawana Brawley, where I will bury his bootleg COAL WORLD cd. Rev Al Sharpton is gonna pull out a 40 bottle from his track suit pocket, hand me the bottle and then I’m gonna pour down for the brothers who ain’t here. this nigga A. Hole career is DAMAGED, DONE and DEAD. COAL WORLD!


  • JC

    This ia WAAAAAAAAAAYY better than Work Out. Shit is fresh.

  • theBroKing

    “I think Lupe is just one of those people who just hates to admit that somebody else is right sometimes.” – marty mcfly

    oh my goodness the irony

  • KillenEm

    Wow look at that amazon link,J.cole is #3 in hip-hop albums under wayne and jay-ye, that means mad niggas ALREADY per-ordered j.coles album, it has to roughly be about 2 hundred thousand so far for pre-orders alone. smh

  • Airborne

    If it wasn’t one of the two artists that the c-section niggas dickride on this track, it would be called wack. Cause this shit is lame. It doesn’t go at all. Y’all niggas like it better than Work Out cause he’s actually rapping on this, but it’s still a lame ass track. A nigga above said this is a nice track, something you can VIBE to…what? How you vibe to this? Is that what a mainstream single is supposed to be? If this comes on in the club, it will literally kill it. Niggas are gonna leave the floor. The beat is wack, the flow sounds dated. This uncreative ass nigga really just tried to make Big Pimpin 12 years later. I’m sorry, Cole is a really talented rapper, but it seems like he can’t make the jump.

  • TE

    The reason why Cole World won’t be a classic is because In The Morning and Cheer Up are on it.

  • TE

    @based. You have the worst album of the year list ever.

  • Ill song, I heard it a while back though. But this is gonna be a good album; I just hope Who Dat isn’t on it. I dislike that song.
    @TE, that’s his personal opinion. Just like that is yours. Doesn’t change a thing, lol.

  • Roc Nation really don’t like to promote this dude. You can’t even buy the single on the UK iTunes smh.

  • Mohammed

    Cheer Up is a potentially a classic if finished. Screw what you heard..

  • Blackaristocrat

    Ok Cole, now THIS is a good radio single my dude. I’m feeling this joint.

  • Mohammed

    I don’t know if the album is gonna be a classic but I think were gonna get a real quality album. Potentially amongst the best of the year. Besides you can’t judge if it’s a classic until like a 1 year from now.

  • Pauly Dee (TROLOLOLOLOL!! Version.)

    I think y’all are getting way over your heads. This is a good single. Why can’t you just be happy for dude? So what if SS won’t be a classic? So what if it won’t be the “Album of the Century?” I’m not looking for any of that shit, I’m looking for a dope ass album and I already know that Cole will supply it.

  • Hip hop fans are the hardest to please i swear stop acting like stuck up hoes

  • marty mcfly

    @theBroKing , I know you thought you were just a genius after you thought about that Lol. Anyway its crazy cause this time last year all you people was like Cole is the next Nas and Cole World is the new Thug Life and he’s gonna kill Drake and all these other commercial artists and Cole would never make some mainstream shit cause he’s the realest and Cole World is gonna be classic. Now its like , “So what if his album wont be classic and he needs to do these songs for sales and radio”. I remember when fools was saying “Cole World no snuggie” n shit. That used to be so funny…

  • LAfinest


    Cole fans changed. Cole got heated and made some dumb decisions. He shouldve never started speculatin bout a radio single cuz people had expectations but the thing is he’s just not a Radio Rapper period. The only single on the radio he could get was the one he gave away and that’s Bad Girls Club. If Jay was really interested in J. Cole’s album sales he wouldve put J. Cole on a track on Rihanna’s new album cause that would boost alotta sales. Every Rihanna track get hella mainstream attention. TBH it seems like Jigga don’t really care bout Cole. Rick Ross did more for Meek and Wale in 6 months than Jigga did for Cole in 3 years (exception= A Star Is Born).

  • miringaines


    The problem is you’re focusing on the things in life that don’t really matter. When I was a kid I had hopes and dreams. We all did. But over time, the daily grind gets in the way and you miss the things that really matter, even though they are right in front of you, staring you in the face. I think the next time you should ask yourself “Am I on the right track here?”. I don’t mean to be rude but people like you I really pity. So maybe you could use the few brain cells you have and take advantage of the knowledge I have given you now. Good luck.

  • Pauly Dee (TROLOLOLOLOL!! Version.)


    @marty mcfly

    Don’t confuse J.Cole STANS with J.Cole FANS. That’s like looking at Eminem stans and Jay-Z stans *cough* and taking that as what all their fans are like.

  • marty mcfly

    @miringaines , Well being that you turned a what I said into some philosophical shit about lost hopes and dreams. Instead of trying to drop some knowledge on me maybe you should take your own advice first and ask yourself some questions. Since you take what I have to say so serious I think you mite wanna think before you speak next time.

  • marty mcfly

    I see Pauly found a new comment to cosign again. Follower

  • stunthard

    Marty I heard Jay-Z givin a concert tonight ain’t u posed to get your Blueprint Pom-Pom’s and go there?

  • CodyB

    im tryna figure out whos more annoying on this website,… marty mvfly or the pauly dee fag with different versions of himself

  • beats

    LOL i love people like P.H.I.L.L.Y. who think they know EVERYTHING about everything. all like first, “dont compare illmatic with college dropout nobody listens to CD” faggot you don’t know shit. i know a ton of people still bumping CD.

  • the realest

    @ los angel, goodlookin out. i try to be as real as possible. most of these niggaz are over emotional stans that let their feelings get in the way of their ojectivity. thats why when you say anything not-dickriding(hate that word) they got all upset and start throwing insults around from behind their keyboards. i mean its koo to have an opinion on yo fav rapper, but say that thats yo opinion or how you feel. dont jump on here shouting out this is gonna be a classic and cole is “that nxt nigga” when dude aint. or atleast not right now. he like that talented late 1st-rounder/2nd-rounder that has the POTENTIAL(keyword potential) to be a top player. but he not a derick rose. he like a brandon roy/grant hill before the injuries type nigga. which is ironic to me cuz those are two of my favorite players.

    @ actual/factual, i agree wit that jay elec situation. cept i think it was more hovs idea. its his job to promote which artist at which time. and if jcole would have gotten pushed back any further he REALLY would have losted alotta steam. jay was already looking out for self by dropping that WTT before it. but i already know he was tryna get that out before wayne and drake came wit theirs. or else the sales would have been cut in like, half due to niggaz assuming “awww those old heads tryna copy wayne n drakes idea.” which is true if you asked me, but niggaz wouldnt have supported it as much just bcuz.


    another nyc broklyn classic comment
    and he kinda rite everyone yall “immediate niigas”
    when BOB was hot for all of 6 months yall swore by em jus the same
    and where he now….yup

  • dmv

    lol most album reviews i have read about “cole world” say stuff like ” its reminicent of coles mixtape” and ” its classic j cole production” and “if u like his mixtapes you will like the album”. none of em really call it a classic. the only tracks they really seem to like is the dubstep track. and its dumb making ppl review your album already, FULLY. i mean he would get more sales if he would keep it a mystery so people would buy into it which is “fake hype”. id say dont believe the hype but i dont see my self buying this album.

  • Pauly Dee (TROLOLOLOLOL!! Version.)

    Where is B.o.B? Making dope music. Just because he isn’t in the limelight NOW doesn’t mean anything. It’s just like with the Andre thing.

  • Pauly Dee (TROLOLOLOLOL!! Version.)

    And why are you paying so much attention to me, “CodyB”?

    Get off my male genitalia, guy.

  • the realest

    Get off my male genitalia, guy.

    Pauly Dee (TROLOLOLOLOL!! Version.) said this on September 3rd, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    ^ lmao at that “guy” part. reminds me of that south park episode wit the canadians.

  • will

    he’s not your guy, buddy.

  • the realest

    he’s not your buddy, friend

  • bitchimbadmeaninggood

    hes no your freind, faggot

  • Jimmy Capo

    Cole World Warm Summers Chilly Fridays, lets go!

  • Dubbz

    Coles album is in TOP 3 on hip-hop albums yet and the shit aint even drop, that means a shitload of people pre-ordered his album from there….classic or not, this shit is gonna be a quality album with good music. if you not gonna buy dudes album or dont give a fuck about DONT BOTHER TO COMMENT. Niggas say they dont like cole yet they writing damn near 3 paragraphs explainin shit like they writin for a test..oh you dont like him ? fuck outta here i think you care bout him more than a stan does cause you so damn concerned and took the time to write that hatin shit. lmao Support it Sept 27 !

  • QB

    LOL @ NYC/Brooklyn holding a funeral for Cole’s career with Al Sharpton..

    If his album was gonna be a classic, we’ve heard that type of buzz by now..

    Still it’s his first album, so it isn’t a “classic or die”, situation. He just needs to deliver a good, solid, debut and lay the foundation to build on..

  • Shzntt

    No one knows shit in it’s entirety until 9/27/11 .

    This joint right, im done.



  • hip hop Canada

    I can not wait for J. Cole album to drop. he will sell 500,000 in the first week. the album is gonna be classic and the hater NYC/BROOKLYN will stop hating.

  • Los Angel

    Really though, why can’t we just be patient and just let this album come out so we can listen to it and share our opinions. Who the fuck cares how much it sells/whether or not its gonna be a classic. Its another artist coming out with another album. Just sit back and relax fools. Yall are too highstrung sometimes. Let the music speak for itself.


  • Tino

    Yo who gives a shit if they play this on the radio, fuck the radio i never listen to that shit, except when nate dogg passed kday kept it G wit a pretty dope tribute but anyways this song goes

  • gc

    songs been out for a while

  • mkasface

    this dude gonna do Wale numbers. 35K son.

  • mkasface

    He got the same type of buzz, singles, etc.

    Lackluster single with more popular artist? Check.
    No one checking for it? Check

    No one knows who this nigga is outside the internet. Just like Wale back then.

  • mkasface

    anyone see Cole when he performed Lights Please at the BET Awards when he first came out? That shit was pitiful son. That crowd was dead. Don’t say cause the song went over people’s heads, its not that deep. Dude is just boring.

  • Pauly Dee

    Apparently, he’s entertaining to YOU, seeing as you’ve posted three comments about him on the same post in a 15-20 minute range.

  • dmv

    hes gonna do 100k. or 90k numbers.

  • mkasface

    Nice (?) response Pauly D, but its not about me. Its about this lackluster nigga named J. Cole

  • malcymalc

    this songs real hot,personally i dont see what makes this a more radio ready song than the first single,both tracks are more complex than msot radio bullshit and have coles flavor on it so idk how this will set this single apart from the other,but thats just me,hope it does well though

  • rt11011

    any mp3 link? sounds amazn!!

  • timestretch

    DOPE! cant get enough

  • Los

    I can’t believe he’s on a song with this yodeling ass nigga Songz smh. W/e he can do to finally have that “radio” song I guess..

  • clandestiny

    This is quite fresh.

  • This is better than Mr. Nice Watch but I’m not feelin Trey Songz. Someone said something about Wale when he first came out. He had that single with Lady GaGa and that shit was ass. This different cause the song is wack but a J. Cole & Trey combo is corny to me. Trey kool but Cole just has a whole different style.