• based

    top ten favorite rappers:

    1. Lil' B

    2. Soulja Boy

    3. Tyler The Creator

    4. The Game

    5. Kid Cudi

    6. Tech N9ne

    7. T.I.

    8. Kanye West

    9. Big Sean

    10. Lil' Wayne

    ten favorite albums of 2011 (So Far):

    1. I'm Gay (Lil' B)

    2. The Red Album (The Game)

    3. F.A.M.E. (Chris Brown)

    4. All 6's & 7's (Tech N9ne)

    5. Goblin (Tyler The Creator)

    6. Ferrari Boyz (Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame)

    7. The Carter IV (Lil' Wayne)

    8. The Last Crown (Soulja Boy)

    9. Illusions Of Grandeur (Lil' B)

    10. Self Made (Maybach Music Group)

  • gwrg

    Triple C’s are a waste of space. go back to the suburbs

  • BillyJoes

    Lol where did song come from I was just on twitter and meek is not talkn or promoting this song at all neither is anybody else on mmg ..n honestly mmg should only be ross,meek mill,wale,stalley and teedra moses. Idk about the rest of the members...wtf has pill done latly that mixyape of his prolly got downloaded 5times all together,masspike miles has corn rows,gunplay snort coke in public torch n breed just suck

  • http://superficialifestyle.worpress.com Jayleezy

    Remington Steal..... This shit goes in http://soundcloud.com/jayleazy/jayleazy-remington-steel


  • thinker


    @BillyJoes - how u gunna act like you dont know these niggas and then proceed to name everybody in the group? suspect shit maaaaaaaannnnnn

  • http://www.twitter.com/kenikickit ken i kickit

    ^I don't think he meant that he literally "doesn't know about" the rest of them...

  • Airborne


    He didn't say he didn't know them. He said he didn't know if the rest of them should be on MMG.

  • http://threeguysandalunchbox.com criesaftersex

    i thumbed up just for the picture alone

  • fame614

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