• Danny

    The whole food metaphor for mixtapes is getting mad played out

  • Energetikk

    Nice to see the Kokayi-production on track 12.. Kokayi is FIRE!!

  • Clif Soulo

    right out the gate wit the shade...respect to the fellow titan.

  • http://lyriciss.tumblr.com Lyriciss

    @Danny i think it's moreso because he actually used to be a waiter...he just tweeted that he shot the cover at his former job...but who knows, maybe that just makes too much sense

  • YoungScolla

    Solid Project from Intro to Glory...Support good music, Its The Return of The Real #TheRLES

  • http://kydtoonnetwork.tumblr.com kydnice

    After a 3 year hiatus i think this is a phenomenal return for an artist and a respectable representation of the new found awareness in DMV music. This is what a compilation of music is supposed 2 sound like in its entirety ! Great job Pro'Verb ! -kyd (@kydnice)

  • JoMaMa

    Yeah Pro, yeah. <3 Next big thing right here!!