J-Doe & Busta Rhymes – So Easy

blame it on Miss_Peas September 4, 2011

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  • I’d appreciate if you’d credit the photographer (Me).
    Zyaire of the Porterhouse.
    Thank you in advance.

  • :D

    Nigga fuck yo photographs.

  • Your Father

    Can’t stand this average ass nigga, J Doe.
    Sounds so boring.
    Looking like a slimmed down version of Big Mike from Chuck.
    Get the fuck out.

  • John Legend just dropped this new track , I dont usually listen to his type of music but this thing is HOT .

  • grimyteddy

    Miss Peas please up your post game, always posting wack s#*&

  • Why do people get great artists on tracks that just completely body them. If you have Busta on a track you have to write something thats going to shut him up, not something thats going to crack him up! “Killin these hoes, they wonder why i’m not feelin these hoes” You sure do have the remedy for that wack shit, this guy is trash.

  • Freddy Hearse

    Zyaire No disrespect to you but allot of those shots you took look soft. Do you shoot 5D mk2? If so you might want to have your unit and lens(s) checked out by canon they are known to have allot of misfires. If you aren’t shooting 5D I don’t know what to say except get your skills up I hope you didn’t get paid for that photo shoot or you are holding the actual pictures for when you get your money.