Miami/Dade County representer drops a new video from his mixtape High Grade.


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  • Tone Riggz

    Jigg is the perfect name for this cat...

  • Famous

    "Fuck they opinions. All them niggas biased"
    Thumbs up.

  •!/behemothic Behemothic

    Not Bad ... And he hop'd on the Nipsey Hussle Beat!

  • Phazon

    DOPENESS! Fam got passion, u hear it in his delivery n see it in his pizzaz, big ups to bro n bigg ups to THE GHOST for this jewel

  • Doble

    thumbs up for my dude Jiggs .

  • @stellaskid

    Kid is nice. Wanna check out his whole mixtape and see what he's talkin' 'bout now.

  • Ace

    Yea but that kik is clipping like crazy, it ruined the whole thing for me, fire the engineer.

  • Miamimanny

    Oh snap they showing jigg love one here. Dude is dope, he can actually spit better than most