A (2)Dope Contest: Win a Copy of Slum Village’s Fantastic V.2 Instrumentals (3xLP)

blame it on JES7 September 6, 2011

The dopehouse has teamed up with Fat Beats for a (2)dope contest. Here’s your chance to win a copy of Slum Village’s Fantastic V. 2 Instrumentals (3xLP) with a bonus poster. However, we’re not gonna let these slide as easy as entering an email this time. We’d like to see the creative side of you all come out. So, how do you enter for a chance to win? Easy, grab a camera and snap a photo of your J Dilla collection and send it to 2dopefatbeatscontest[at]gmail[dot]com with the word Conant Gardens as the subject. The person with the most creative photo will be chosen as the winner one week from today [9/6]. Get to snapping! Big shouts to Fat Beats.

This deluxe package features the entire original tracklisting plus the later released remixes on three pieces of wax, housed in a stunning 6 panel gatefold jacket. The release also included a limited edition 24×24 poster.

UPDATE: Winner for this contest was Dawit Justice. Peep his photo / collection after the jump.

  • flip illson

    i just jizzed my pants

    —a dying metaphor—

  • definitely promoting this on the

  • justaskin

    so uh, what about the madlib contest? any update yet?

  • john_dough

    damn, been waitin 4 this my whole life, instrumentals on wax, hell yeah, best news this year so far!!! gonna take my pics asap… r.i.p. dilla dawg and baatin

  • grs

    yo why im a hearing music every time I come to this site?? Shake, meka, do you realize that autoplay is the most annoying feature in the history of recreational web surfing?

  • Secondbest21

    This isn’t fair to all of the people who downloaded bootlegs all of their Dilla shit…

  • Jason

    i need to win this!!

  • And Won

    way better than my pic

  • confused

    even tho that is a decent collection I thought the contest was a creative pic? he kinda just put out cds and snapped it..I saw an ill pic earlier that could have easily beat this…idk let me kno if u wanna see it

  • You*N*Gs*Town

    Where do you see a “cd” at…? Those look to be vinyls. Maybe that is the creative part…he actually bought the records…

  • confused

    sooooo buying records is creative? kinda are right those are mostly vinyls I was generalizing with the few cds that I saw but idk maybe when I saw a creative I thought something different than who has the most..glad tho that this contest was brought up along wit the doom one

  • P-souL

    MUCH F’in RESPECT! and i thought i WAS THE HARDEST with The Slum & Dilla collection. Dope shit!

  • Papi

    I should have won this, I got the OG SV vol. 1 tape and more rare shit.