• flip illson

    i just jizzed my pants

    ---a dying metaphor---

  • http://thegrindaily.com Ray Stantz

    definitely promoting this on the grindaily.com

  • http://thegrindaily.com Ray Stantz
  • justaskin

    so uh, what about the madlib contest? any update yet?

  • john_dough

    damn, been waitin 4 this my whole life, instrumentals on wax, hell yeah, best news this year so far!!! gonna take my pics asap... r.i.p. dilla dawg and baatin

  • grs

    yo why im a hearing music every time I come to this site?? Shake, meka, do you realize that autoplay is the most annoying feature in the history of recreational web surfing?

  • Secondbest21

    This isn't fair to all of the people who downloaded bootlegs all of their Dilla shit...

  • Jason

    i need to win this!!

  • And Won

    way better than my pic

  • confused

    even tho that is a decent collection I thought the contest was a creative pic? he kinda just put out cds and snapped it..I saw an ill pic earlier that could have easily beat this...idk let me kno if u wanna see it

  • You*N*Gs*Town

    Where do you see a "cd" at...? Those look to be vinyls. Maybe that is the creative part...he actually bought the records...

  • confused

    sooooo buying records is creative? kinda depressing..you are right those are mostly vinyls I was generalizing with the few cds that I saw but idk maybe when I saw a creative I thought something different than who has the most..glad tho that this contest was brought up along wit the doom one

  • P-souL

    MUCH F'in RESPECT! and i thought i WAS THE HARDEST with The Slum & Dilla collection. Dope shit!

  • Papi

    I should have won this, I got the OG SV vol. 1 tape and more rare shit.