Exit Mos Def. Enter… Yasiin? (Video)

blame it on Meka September 6, 2011

Dante plans on dropping his infamous moniker at the end of the year, and he explains why to Peter Rosenberg. Um… all right. *plays Black On Both Sides in memoriam*

  • realtalk

    He’ll mos def be dropping classic stuff under his new name too..

  • T

    Ugh no, please no.

  • :P
  • method

    instead of thinking of some gay ass name why dont you play a show for the rock the bells crowd since you showed up 4 hours late…

  • The Kids

    Um… that’s cool and all, but we’re still gonna call you Mos Def.

    Your old and new music will continue to be put into my iTunes as Mos Def and when I search Mos Def on Wikipedia your article will come up.

    Kinda strange…

  • mo

    Que @ method? He played at Rock The Bells, on time too. It was him & Talib Kweli performing as Black Star, doing the entire album.

  • ClaudeJulien

    He’s probably talking about the RTB shows on the West Coast. He did his thing in NYC where it actually matters though. The West Coast was too busy crowding the stage for Mac Miller and Currensy for Mos to get on in time.

  • Why are people not digging the name change? Personally, I wish more MCs would go by their actual names rather than Lil/Big ____. Also, Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali, Ferdinand Alcindor Jr became Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Mos Def is now Yasiin Terrell Smith…his Muslim name. I don’t see what the problem is. He said you can call him Mos still haha.


    awww come on mos wtf, thats MY name!

    now i have to go be an accountant somewhere *hangs up mic*

  • Yap

    ^Call yourself Mos Def

  • crackadon

    that’s so lame

  • DOublej


  • Honkey Kong

    @ ear2ear

    Doesn’t work for music artists tho. Nobody ever took ODB or Prince’s name changes seriously.

  • Sultan Abdul Latif


  • method

    hahahaa yeah in NYC where it matters. sike. fuck nyc and the nyc rock the bells that shit was started on the west coast by MURS bitch

  • 360

    say what about career suicide?

  • YoungCosby

    Why do you fake ass hip hop purist like putting your favorite rappers in a little ass box? Artists have to do what also makes them happy besides giving you good music. Prince had to change his name to emancipate himself from Warner Bros.when they tried to gank him for his name. It’s about the artists being in a positive space, not about your soft ass emotions.

  • spliff(TONE)

    @Method: MURS definitely did NOT start the RTB festival, fool. Get your facts straight before trying to sound clever. MURS started the Paid Dues festival.