Kevin Hart – Laugh At My Pain (Preview)

blame it on Meka September 6, 2011

*CRYING* at this. Kevin’s Laugh At My Pain drops this Friday (September 9th) in theatres.

  • This wasn’t the least bit funny. I hate when niggas think injecting social mediums into they jokes automatically makes it funny.
    “I tweeted it, you didn’t get the tweet?”
    How the fuck are you parodying a scene in a movie that was intended to be funny in the first place?

  • (-_-) Iron man

    This seems more like a straight to dvd type film. I doubt it will make much money. oh well

  • Rampma

    uh……i didn’t get it??
    been..cashing $300 checks daily… after seein how u can make money online…doing shit u already

  • Bigwill

    he’ll definitely make some money its just a stand the budget can’t be that high I wonder why he didn’t go too HBO though the last stand up I saw in a movie theater was Kings Of Comedy and Runteldat I hope this is good


    the joint (movie) is funny…pineapple (get hip)

  • LB

    i like this Reservoir Dogs rendition

  • Fourth ear

    Overanalytical ass niggas dont know how to relax and enjoy things that arent supposed to be taken seriously in the first place smh

  • wow

    Why do black people think this guys is funny. HE ISNT

  • Nas

    White people think hes funny too, dont be ignorant

  • Rails

    over rated comedian.
    hes basically a black version of Dane Cook

  • catcher freeman

    def not a black version of dane cook, cook is random and maked no sense. kevin hart talk about real nigga shit, ya just dont know about that shit though.

    Dont hate on my opinion!!

  • Man… for the lack of necessary commentary, haters are going to hate. That was funny, and so is Kevin Hart. I say if you can’ relate, don’t debate. He’s funny to those who get it.

  • jamaica Ave

    the big chick is former Pornstar Crystal Clear, just thought I should throw it out there cuz she could definitely get it…

  • cpb

    kevin hart is not funny at all and im not trolling. he uses other peoples jokes all the time

  • Braxton Hartnabrig

    DANCE BITCH!!!…lmaooo…aye on the real you niggas think yall too cool to laugh sometimes i bet if these niggas was around Kevin Hart they’d fuckin hoot and holler if he picked a booger…FUCKIN POSERS!!!

  • gurburbaby

    I sat up all night!! lmao

  • 325

    I liked Kevin Hart’s last stand-up but this was not funny, at all.

  • datboijon

    im a fan of kevin hart but not really diggin what i saw, hoping for the best though

  • thelonius

    “*CRYING* at this.” – that’s hard to believe

    I didn’t laugh once.

  • fuck kevin hart

    Meka if you actually laughed hard enough to cry at this just kill yourself. This shit was not funny at all, Kevin Hart is an over-rated piece of shit. Patrice O’neal is the only funny black comedian since Chappelle retired.

  • “Meka if you actually laughed hard enough to cry at this just kill yourself”


  • he beat eddie murphy record for ticket sales so he is doing something right.

    this isn’t hilarious. it’s hard to be funny on the internet now a days, everything has been done and so many ppl are doing it, there’s not much to do that is really impressing to the audience anymore. but it’s funny. this isn’t stupid, but he tried to make jokes….. you gota follow kevin hart to remember when ppl was trippin on him about black girls etc.

    the dvd of this movie has leaked already though. i havent watched it yet. but if you are a disbeliever in the guys funny check it out, im sure he wont mind since he credits a lot of his success to soul plane. haha…. i would of watched it by now, but im waiting for pussy hut to get here now.

  • Van City

    i laughed my head off @ this can’t wait to watch this

  • Ls

    That shit was funny, fuck you if u feel otherwise

  • Hard nigguh

    yo niggers always finna hate. kevin hart is mad funny tho lol!

  • white negro

    i hurd tha kevin hart is actually white real talk. just sayin

  • I’m with the nigga in the back row… GODDDDDDDDDD DAMN!!!!!

    That big bitch got ass like a motherfucker… and shit ain’t bad lookin’ either. That bitch would get the sword on the real… no joke, gon’ call ya nigga a chubby chaser.

  • Lysol

    Yeah uhhh…. this wasn’t funny. Like it’s already been said, dude’s not funny. Didn’t Steve Harvey put out his upcoming movie? Yeah, that guy has been funny when? This is for the Madea crowd, they eat up all of Kevin’s family stories.

  • 325

    he beat eddie murphy record for ticket sales so he is doing something right.

    ^^ Umm the price of tickets were completely different from when Eddie was doing his thing…I hate when people use shit like this as an accomplishment without considering the variables. Homeboy will NEVER touch Eddie’s status. NEVER.

  • Tony Deniero

    this ain’t the movie its just a skit people smh

  • Maga D

    Why all the hate? It’s called sense of humor, get one. Not saying it was the funniest shit of all time, but how you gonna say it wasn’t funny. You’re sense of humor is broken if you didn’t think it was funny.

  • sheena

    I luv Kevin Hart at first I didn’t think he was funny am not a fan of soul plane I hate that movie but I did watch his last two stand ups and they were hilarious. Wishing u the best of luck in life Mr. Kevin Hart, keep doing what these haters luv to talk about.

  • Why does it have to be hate if you don’t like what everyone else likes???? Kevin Hart is not funny, I still watch and support his movies, but he is not funny at all. Patrice O Neal Is funny.I find ppl that like K. Hart comedy to be cornballs

  • plz tell me when i was supposed to laugh ?

  • rnsone

    Kevin Hart is not funny! Him and Kat Williams do a disservice to the legends that paved the way. Redd Foxx Richard Pryor Eddie Murphy Robin Harris Martin Lawrence Tracy Morgan Dave Chapelle & the recently deceased Patrice O’Neal who was severely underrated and WAAAAAYYY more funny than hart or Kat…..I didn’t even smirk at this skit….to kev’s credit the skit on BET was funny but other than that dude is corny……

  • rnsone

    BTW I forgot Chris Rock and Bernie Mack

  • Tina

    The only thing that I think is funny about Kevin Hart is when you tell some people that ”He’s not funny” and they get this look in there eyes like they want to cry and then reply like ”well he funny to me”. Like WTF? LMAO