Erykah Badu: Classic Albums By Classic Artists (Video)

blame it on Meka September 7, 2011

Erykah speaks on her instant vintage debut album.

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  • bitterman

    She is the most overrated artist in music… okay maybe Lil Wayne got it right now, along with Katy Perry and Lady Gag gag.

    But Badu just doesn’t it do it for me. success does not mean greatness. Many dead great artists and poets that died unrecognized and broke.

  • kevin

    Erykah Badu talks as if everything she says is so profound. Her music sucks, eat a burger bitch, you look like a somolian.

  • marty mcfly

    You both dont even know nothing about her so of course you think she sucks cause you dont even know why people like her in the first place. You never heard of her the first ten years of her career so be quiet.

  • B Tank

    @kevin @bitterman
    Go play in traffic blindfolded…I understand its yall opinion…But come on Badu is no were near overrated, She’s a talented artist. That’s way more overrated artist

  • Mr. Andre

    If y’all haven’t heard it yet, check out Erykah’s DJ set, yes DJ set! on Gilles Peterson Worldwide. That woman has soul for eons!

  • Cubano

    Overrated? well nerdy motherfuckers on here dont know anything about music so i understand…but if you were at rock the bells (like i was) you’d know that she outperformed EVERYONE including lauryn hill so yall just keep jerkin off to currensy and smoke dza

  • Krizzzzzz

    Overrated…hmmm. Obviously you dont understand her lyrics, or even try to understand, if you think that. Your ignorance speaks for itself.

  • Rasan

    @bitterman Give me a break dude, open your ears and just listen. Besides she is just doing her, performance wise she is up there with one of the greats!!
    @kevin You have got to be an airhead dude,+ an all out hater. Grow up a bit. If we wanted to hear an asshole they would fart.