Ess Vee – Feel Music f. ESSO

blame it on Meka September 7, 2011

The Veelude drops September 20th.

DOWNLOAD: Ess Vee – Feel Music f. ESSO | Mediafire
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  • IknowMuzik

    I see why it’s called ‘Feel Music’… it definitely has a feel to it… and that cover art is dope too! Oh & @10th wonder posting your link under someone else’s material is straight disrespectful… smh grind harder buddy

  • BBoy

    Dope Track!!

  • lotheykno

    So this dude is stilling making Meka x Esso x Shake smoothies

  • lotheykno

    btw, YES HOMO

  • camper

    Yo this is real music… Dope imma see what the mixtape got for us… Hope It’s Crack…

  • PlanesNPaperz

    “So tell me how u feel” Ess Vee and Esso went in!

  • PlanesNPaperz’ Brother

    I see someone (@PlanesNPaperz) like Lil B x Soulja Boy x Swag music… I think they went in… The Beat is dope and the art is too..

  • PlanesNPaperz

    @PlanesNPaperz’ Brother I think you meant to say @lotheykno cuz if you read my comment again I said “Ess Vee and Esso went in!”… smh