Berner - Yoko f. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa & Big K.R.I.T. (Video)

Whoever Berner is, he definitely got himself a good lineup with this track. That Big K.R.I.T. beat is type cold.

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  • bakers

    you dont know shit about rap if u dont kno who berner is!

  • DC

    Berner is from the Sco bay area representa. Weed brings everyone together. He's done albums with jacka, ampichino, messy marv, and done tracks with a ton of mofos. Mostly mob/weed music

  • DYeezyB

    berner isnt that good. but this song overall is great and the beat is cray

  • mathis

    Big Krit was lazy that nigga couldn't do a real 16, this was a tight beat tho

  • slime

    berner is from the bay area...dude is a big weed head, got all the top shit and does tracks with a lot of dudes..
    he aint no lyrical genius..but big part of the weed/rap game

  • M0ns1er

    KRIT >>>

  • johnnycups

    This guy built his connections by showin up to shows in cali, and giving artists with a real buzz FREE WEED lol. You can't knock his hustle... but the only reason any of these guys know who he is, is because when their in or around berners city, there's a duffle bag waiting for free!

  • well

    Shits dope. Brain takes a nap at every Chris Brown rap verse. Just don't wanna hear the nigga rap... And how don't you know who Berner is?

  • Airborne

    I need me one of those.

  • allitiz

    berner is wiz's (and others) weed man -- you can find him in multiple wiz blog vids bringing weed + plants to the shows for him

  • si$co

    yall niggas is gay if u think berner sucks. biggest weed supplier in the bay thats my nigga!!!

  • Little Brother

    Berner may supply the dro, but I'm not interested in his flow for shit, and Chris Brown's attempts to make a hip-hop crossover is like Michael Jackson signing to MMG (inappropriate).

  • 2fly2sign

    "Berner may supply the dro, but I’m not interested in his flow for shit, and Chris Brown’s attempts to make a hip-hop crossover is like Michael Jackson signing to MMG (inappropriate)."


    and how can 1 dude control the dro. get the fuck OUT OF HERE. yall sound like your mindstates stop developing at age 12.


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