• mega

    gonna be sooo dope

  • Skip Dillenger

    I remember I bought this album when I first joined the Army. One of the dudes in my platoon was a huge QB Hip-Hop fan, and he put all of the heads on to "The Realness". We played it everyday religiously. I still listen to it today more than "The Blueprint", "The Cold Vein", "Bulletproof Wallets", or "Stillmatic", all of which dropped that same year. Thanks 'Mega for dropping what I feel is one of the dopest Hip-Hop albums of the past 10 years. It still holds its value today.

  • mega

    agreed...i think it seriously was best album that year

  • AntiNerdRap

    This shit is hot

  • Skylar

    Go on & Cry interpolation w/a live band. Interesting. I'll always listen to them 90s Queens kids.

  • http://www.queensbridge.org Queensbridge.org

    Love all them dudes. In honor of the release of Cormega and Tragedy Khadafi's new albums dropping this month, we've put the remaining "Welcome to Queensbridge Houses" Limited Edition T-shirts on ebay for the public to consume @ bit.ly/oxuYft .

    Stay bumpin QB, my peoples!