• Staz

    I'm not a coldplay fun but holy shit this is dope 0_0

    I can definitely see a lot of remixes happening in the future.

  • iamamotherfucker

    damn, what happened to the old coldplay?

  • snm

    coldplay are shite

  • waavedada
  • Fourth ear

    @iamamotherfucker theyre growing and evolving instead of being repetitive ..they know how to make genius music so Im not worried about the direction theyre going

  • casper wordsmith

    Where I come from, we make jokes about people that listen to coldplay.

  • pickle

    Sounds like something Kid Cudi would hop on for the remix. This is nice.

  • http://whoiscaesar.tumblr.com Caesar

    Actually I just finished up my instrumental remix of this song for my upcoming mixtape if you want to check it.


  • http://www.thecomeupfoundation.com doublex

    you know how i know you're gay ? cause you listen to coldplay... lol

  • Che

    lol @doublex!
    But yeah, my last favorite album by Coldplay was A Rush of Blood to the Head..though X&Y had some bangers on there. The first two albums were just too dope and had a certain feeling to them.