Your (2)Dope Opinion: Who Will Release the Best Album on Sept. 27th?

blame it on Shake September 12, 2011

It feels so good to be back (not really). Seriously, a week on the beach in Hawaii will change a cup haha. Anyways, September 27th is quite the busy day as far as hip hop album releases are concerned. And while Yelawolf already dropped out of the race (now looking at an October 25th release), the others seem quite concrete as the date is only two weeks away. I’ve also been without the internet for the last 8 days so there might be more changes that I’m not even aware of, so let’s just say all these artists are dropping on Sep 27. UPDATE: And just like that, I see K.R.I.T. got pushed back to the top of 2012. Either way, who will be releasing the best album?

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  • KingPakAttack

    I’m pretty sure K.R.I.T.s got pushed back. So I’ll go with Cole

  • dwight k scrute

    lol at cole having best album, i’m almost certain his will be the worst out of the bunch

  • DB

    ^ yeah krits album got pushed back to 2012

  • K.R.I.T’s album was pushed back to 2012.
    I’m going with Phonte.

  • Dot Em Peg

    Really? J. Cole? LMFAO, I’m going for 9th, The Knux are dope af too though

  • somewhere between K.R.I.T., 9th Wonder, and Phonte…looking forward to em all though

  • Kane

    Anyone but cole

  • Women R Da Rake

    Tied with 9th and Phonte then The Knux.

  • Gordon B.

    Shit, I didn’t even know S.P.T.A. was coming out, I’ve got the EP he released though and it’s tight.

    I’m still going to vote Evidence although J-Live, 9th and J.Cole will all probably have good albums.

  • Maaan

    Evidence FTW!

  • MegaMan


  • naledge

    Cole World. Without a doubt.

  • OG RON


  • Madlib’s Medicine Show #12

    get the rest of that struggle music outta here

  • Secondbest21

    It’s a toss between Cole and Phonte. 9th’s beats are getting redundant, Ev is cool but you never know what you’re going to get, and J-Live sounds dated for no reason (I want him to win, though)…

  • kennyis22

    damn. Cole ain’t even have a debut album out and everyone’s already turning on him like he fell off.

  • mark

    isn’t yela dropping on the 27th as well?

  • dirtysixchambers

    yela and krit both got pushed back. so fuckin gay.

  • Lito


  • Chicago

    Once someone starts to get some buzz or “too many” fans you’ll always get the people that don’t wanna be part of the herd so badly that they’ll go out of their way to voice their negative opinions. Guaranteed there’s people that were fans of Cole on Come Up and Warm Up that aren’t fans anymore even though he hasn’t changed his lane, only grown. Cole World No Blanket.

  • marty mcfly

    All these dudes can make dope shit but I gotta say based on his experience in putting out albums its gonna be EV. The most musically cohesive album mite come from Phonte. 9th and Cole a be cool but personally I think Ev is gonna have the best material overall.

  • CK

    It’s gonna be Phonte easily.. I see the Cole stans are active tho..
    Excited for pretty much all of them tho

  • AKidNamedYo.

    MASTADON! Then Cole.



  • thatrealshit

    woulda had krit pegged for this but i’ll go with cole simply bc of the god’s gift footage from his concert and the material thats out thus far

  • Maga D

    Phontigallo then Evidence or 9th.

  • purp

    EV hands down. LOL @ dude that said you don’t know what your gonna get wit Evidence… You gonna get Dope ass beats and rhymes ,simple. If you heard any of his albums you would know that he has a alot of substance, and im not even a dialated or heavy underground head like that.

  • illadelph

    @ CK
    theres like 3 or 4 people that said cole outta all these comments. your a cole stan stan.

    but anyway i think ev got it.

  • Darren

    I’ll take the judgement of the people who take time to write out their reasons over the lobbying of people who click one button to vote.

  • Shy

    i have a feeling cole will disappoint A LOT of ppl.
    i like dude but ppl are expecting him to drop illmatic 2.0 or sumshit.
    ima give it to Evidence.


    the best album on the 27th will be delivered by the original J period, J. LIVE.


  • Ender

    Cole and Phonte are getting picked up without question. I didn’t like the first track I heard from Nappy Dot Org, but c’mon, Organized Noize + Nappy Roots? I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting that one too. I’ll download Evidence and 9th’s albums before deciding, but I didn’t think the Wonder Years snippets were all that great, and Evidence hasn’t stood out to me at all lately. I didn’t realize until about 30 seconds ago that the Knux were dropping that day, but I’ll probably just download that. They make catchy shit sometimes, but the replay value rarely passes 5 spins. And I’ll be honest, I have no idea who J. Live is, and with this much shit dropping on the 27th, I probably won’t be taking this opportunity to find out.

  • $$$


  • cse420

    No brainer!!!! Cats and dogs. I like j cole but 6 of his songs r old to a lot of ppl. Not as excited as I am for cats and dogs.

  • rickyshabazz

    Evidence. Hands down.

  • sb

    madlib’s medicine show !2.. best shit but will be highly underrated

  • stupidhiphop”fans”

    Cats and dogs by a nose..although all the Carolina releases will be amazing, great great day for hip hop

  • Nic Kage

    The “Best” is not the most sold… people!!! The Best is a tie between Phonte and 9th Wonder. J. Cole will sell the most, but will be the WORST!

  • Nic Kage

    The “Best” is not the most sold… people The Best is a tie between Phonte and 9th Wonder. J. Cole will sell the most, but will be the WORST!

  • White Mike

    Phonte and Evidence gonna have the best albums.

  • Ben Piffy Jr

    I think J Cole’s is gonna be the Dopest (Too bad I’ve heard like 3 of the songs on there almost a year ago), Maybe it’s because I’ve been anticipating his the most. But Evidence is gonna have the 2nd Dopest in my opinion. The Layover still gets mad spins in the jeep.

  • TigalloForDolo

    I’m gonna buy Phonte'(DEBUT ALBUM!!!), 9th Wonder Evidence & J.Cole albums

    but the best album will be Phonte’s album

    Phonte’s Charity Starts At Home will be XXL 5mic’s a Classic when is all said and done. Another grammy nomination for Phonte

    Little Brother & Foreign Exchange music

    From all those albums the only CD I have reserve has been Phonte’s album and it’s already paid at FYE

    With this Debut album

    Phonte – Charity Starts At Home. He’s truly gonna be by himself because no one comicng out on Sept27 is gonna have a classic other then Phonte

    Jay-Z co-sign saying J.Cole’s album is classic is idiotic that mutherfucker is sign to Jay…. Roc Nation

  • “damn. Cole ain’t even have a debut album out and everyone’s already turning on him like he fell off.”

    He did fall off: his production got better but he got worse at rapping/making songs and he makes terrible business decisions based on wanting more fame/being commercially accessible. From The Warm Up to mid 2010 I would’ve copped two albums to support him but now I’m not even sure I’ll buy one.

    That being said I’m gonna say Phonte will have the best/most solid album. I knew KRIT wouldn’t drop on time but if he was I’d definitely say him.

  • A.I.

    For me it’ll be a tie between Evidence & Phonte… Madlib’s Medicine Show album has been leaked and the beats are BONKERS!!!

  • 1


  • Uncle Sam


    Take the comments with a huge grain of salt, tho. Everybody that saw this post automatically assumed J. Cole would both win the poll and sell the most, so most of the people commenting are here because they want to complain about why he didn’t deserve it, or they want to promote the guy that they think deserves it more. But any time somebody has nearly quadrupled the next best contender’s score, there’s really not much lee-way left for the comments.

  • dunk

    phonte got this…

  • Definitely Evidence. Not even a question in my mind. Although I wouldn’t be too surprised to see 9th’s album be spectacular and steal the show. It’s almost already a fact that Cole’s album is nothing special so it’s insane that people can think he will have the best album. He hasn’t put out good music in a while so I doubt that the album will really change that.

  • basick

    I cant call it!

  • marty mcfly

    @uncle Sam alot of J Cole fans dont even know much about Phonte and Ev and the definitely dont know J Live. J Cole is a mainstream artist thats been all over TV for the last couple years and has Jayz cosigning him as a artist. So of course he’s gonna get the most votes. Evidence would never make a song like Work Out so of course Cole as way more commercial appeal.

  • 12th Letter

    9th Wonder/Phonte
    J. Cole
    J Live


    cant believe how many comments are hating on Cole, although he still takes the polls easily. It’s a tough call, imma say 9th tho. Damn imma be spending alot money this day haha, great day for hip hop tho!

    Only thing i really wanna say tho is:

    Do hip hop a favor and support the artist that make the music we love.


  • Uncle Sam

    @marty mcfly

    I’m just gonna cut and paste the last line of my comment: “ANY time somebody has nearly QUADRUPLED the next best contender’s score, there’s really not much lee-way left for the comments.”

    This is 2dopeboyz, not Mtv. Pretty much everybody here knows the major underground artists anyway.

  • who cares


  • Evidence!

  • Van City

    1. Phonte
    2. Nappy Roots
    3. 9th Wonder
    4. J Cole
    5. The Knux

  • Van City

    1. Phonte
    2. Nappy Roots
    3. 9th Wonder
    4. J Cole
    5. Evidence

  • drum-fu

    j.cole is gonna win this poll simply because he’s on the radio and all over your tv,but lets keep it real phonte and ev are the only options here

  • J. Cole album will be a piece of shit i betcha. the best would be a shit that u cant imagine bitch i betcha. fuckedup and i betcha.

  • tmtkchris

    1a. Phonte
    1b. J Cole
    2. Evidence
    3. 9th

  • Satans Psychologist

    lol To many losers commenting. The only person I know on this list J.Cole. You underground heads sound so bitter. J.Cole started underground and made it to the top. If these oher guys mentioned were so much better than Cole, how come they didn’t make it from undergroud to mainstream like Cole? Oh wait let me guess:”Because there not sellouts right?” Typical excuse used by those who try and justify why there favorite artist isn’t “successful”.Say what you want but Cole started underground just like the rest of these no names you all keep swearing by, and unlike them, Cole made it mainstream. Being mainstream isn’t an option, it’s a oppurtunity not many will get. You think these other guys didn’t want million dollar deals? You think they don’t dream of selling lots of records? Fk outta here.. COLE WORLD

  • SMH122

    Better question is which album(s) you still believe will be released on Sept. 27th….They all still got time to get pushed back regardless of how close the release date is..

  • marty mcfly

    @Satans , Ev already went Mainstream when Dilated Peoples dropped the This Way single. Now go look at the response they got for that record and compare that to Any J Cole single. Dilated been on several mainstream platforms years ago but then they went back to making the sound that made them famous.

  • AntiNerdRap

    J Cole fell off 9th Wonder beats sucks so I’m go with Evidence I’ll bet any one on here Evidence beats on this album will be 1 million times better than 9th Wonder dull ass drums.

  • AntiNerdRap

    Honestly I dont care for none of these nerds

  • Yup

    Late For The Sky is the only song that I’ve heard from Cats and Dogs that I’ve actually liked enough to listen to more than once. Apparently everybody here is hyped for it, but I just don’t see it.

  • OAK

    If I could vote twice I vote for Evidence as well. I voted for Cole though. The only albums I’m going to BUY are Cole World & Cats and Dogs

  • slow flow

    EVIDENCE ALL DAY! not only best of september, it may even be best of the year

  • Ya’ll Niggaz some haters

    Ya’ll fools are some bloggin ass bitches, Cole fell off? He’s gonna have the worse album, are you people stupid? I’m not even a Cole “stan” but I’ve seen everyone go from loving this guy to now hating right before the album drops…this poll doesn’t even matter cuz the sooooo called fans on here ain’t buying shit on the 27th no way

  • Fiz7

    Phonte because if you’re a fan of Cole and have followed his career, you’ve already heard 3/4 of the album

  • jcrisco

    sleeping in class re-release and under the influence a week before

  • eyesup


  • Stephanie

    I WANTED to say J.Cole like, LAST YEAR.

  • dmv

    people that voted for phonte acually know real music. and @ satans, dude do you even know who phonte is? and everyone starts off underground stupid. hes been Grammy nominated, and cole has been lucky enought o be nominated at the BET awards, and not even win. cole isnt mainstream, hes just barley floating. sit down.

  • Deep

    9th Wonder, Evidence and Phonte… cant choose one…

  • @antpiffsOG

    cormega – RAW-4eva also releases 9/27

  • daman

    Cole World. No Haters Lol

  • CA AllDay

    EV by far

    Is fucking banger he wont dissapoint
    CA all day

  • daman

    First of all, how could any producer have the best album out of a bunch a rappers? Cmon now, and second, Phonte is not a great solo artist. I prefer all of dilated peoples over just evidence, and 2dopeboyz c-section always hating on the guy that has mainstream success. When K-dot and K.R.I.T get that type of success, I bet yall gonna turn on them too…

  • InsertNameHere

    lol at the little votes for J Live.. Don’t y’all dumb niggas know who that is.. Consistent af and dope af..
    1. SPTA
    2. Charity Starts at Home
    3. Cats and Dogs
    4. Wonder Years
    5. Cole World

    < The rest

  • John Starks

    So J Cole attempt to make a radio single (albeit bad) everyone wants to hate. J Cole can deliver a classic album. Just because he doesnt wanna be underground his whole career struggling to noticed by a larger crowd doesnt mean his album is gonna be complete shit. reasonable Doubt is classic, I wouldnt consider Aint No N*gga that high quality of a song

  • CK

    @ illadelph fuck the comments i was talking about the poll u herb

  • Dolo808

    Damn shake if i knew you was in Hawaii I woulda thrown you some killas…..show you whats really good out here. Smoking on some purple train right now

  • honestly

    This Way did more numbers than Work Out will ever do because of Kanye. They had him on there when he was the man. People listened to that track for him, not Evidence, so that comment is illogical. Nice try though. For me it’s a tough decision between Phonte & Cole.

  • TigalloforDolo

    Phonte is the most rounded artist…. Singer & Rapper
    Several classic albums in different genres R&B and HipHop under his belt and this is the first time doing a album as a solo artist…

    I could expect 9th Wonder & Nicolay production

    I’m buying Cole Ev & 9th Wonder’s album but…

    Phonte’s Charity Starts At Home is gonna have a classic album XXL rating 5 MICS and another grammy nomination

    I don’t think anybody wrote this but

    Phonte is the King of NC and Cole falls under

  • marty mcfly

    Say what you want but Kanye had no solo album out when that song came out and Dilated already had a huge fan base before that record even dropped. The question isnt who has the most popular release , the question is who will have the best. Put anybody on this list except Phonte up against the Weather Man , Layover and the I Dont Need Love EP and just no Cats and Dogs will have that same sound. People can fight over mainstream attention but Ev aint even playing that game anymore.

  • marty mcfly

    Just KNOW

  • Bran

    Wow! yall really think J. Cole gon have the best album? Over 9th and Phonte? Well I think Phonte will have the best album tho. I think he is the most talented artist on that list, and with 9th behind too, its gonna be crazy. J. Cole is not true to himself anymore, he’s tryna be a commercial rapper, that album will not be authentic. I am looking forward to 9th and Evidence album too tho…The premo joint wit Evidence is sick!…but ima go wit phonte tho for the best album

  • Maga D

    @satan: Son, smh. Some people don’t like butterin their shit down kid. Not saying Cole did, I fuck with his new work out song, but a lot of rapper’s styles are just different than what the mainstream wants. Evindence is on mainstream I think, maybe not MTV mainstream, but he gets spins on MTV2/alternative/three whatever the fuck the channels called. Phonte been in the mainstream before, not the Katy Perry mainstream, but same as Ev was/is, same as maybe what KRIT/Curren$y are right now. I hope you were trollin, I can’t stand ignorance like yours.——- I don’t listen J-live, being real, but I know dude puts it down, still I gotta give it to Te & Ev maybe 9th.

  • mrslowflow

    The Weatherman……………

  • Lifterquits

    He said it.
    Banger Galore!

  • ross b

    Phonte the 9th, that Cole song workout does nothing for me, the beats lacks originality, it actually offends me that artists put out tracks that are quote” radio friendly” and have a jiggle. jiggles should be saved for the tv xommercials

  • “When K-dot and K.R.I.T get that type of success, I bet yall gonna turn on them too…”

    @Daman The difference between them and Cole is that they KNOW their lane and aim to dominate and be the best in it. Cole on the otherhand was fucking shit up in his lane but then decided to deviate from that. I remember when everyone from commenters to niggas at Complex were making him out to be the next Nas cos’ that was his lane but now this nigga wants to be some Drake/Jay-Z hybrid. And I’m not knockin’ him I’m still a fan and when he makes shit like Enchanted, I Get Up and World is Empty he’s impeccable but he hasn’t met the bar he set in a minute now.

  • @rmpwolf Wait for the album. Cole already said most songs on the album are “I Get Up” like. And he’s not trying to be like Nas, or Hov, or Drake. He’s trying to be the first J. Cole

  • Chicago


    I see where you’re coming from but “Enchanted” was on Friday Night Lights and so were a lot of other tracks like that. “Before I’m Gone” is probably my favorite Cole track. So when you say he hasn’t reached that bar he set in a minute do you mean since Friday Night Lights? Cuz if that’s why people are hating now then fuck we hip hop fans forget fast.

  • LifeAfterDeath

    It aint star wars, its Resivoir dogs! Cats and dogs!

  • @Chicago I wasn’t a fan of Friday Night Lights, personally. It wasn’t bad by any means but for me it lacked the magic that The Warm Up and even The Come Up had. A lot of people are hating on him since he dropped that tape though which is understandable but definitely unfair. I just miss the nigga that went ham on everything like on Beautiful Bliss and Just Begun. I’m not saying I want him to remain underground or any of that shit, I want him to be a giant in the future but personally I think he’d be a lot bigger right now if he stuck to his lane and expanded on it.

    @Ladi I hear what you’re saying about being the first J. Cole and it felt like that at one point but all the bad business decisions he’s made and single chasing he’s done suggestion otherwise. I hope the album is good tho, I really wanna spend money on it.

  • Airborne

    I feel like Cole tries to hard to appeal to the mainstream. He doesn’t focus on making good music that comes from him. And hooking up with the right people to make his shit sound better. Drake is popular because not only does he make songs for the girls, make songs that people can relate to, and on the most popular label right now, but he makes consistently good, quality music that sounds like him. Drake sounds like himself most of the time(when he’s not sounding like Sean). Drake just got on a Lex Luger beat, and it wasn’t his song. Marvin’s Room didn’t sound like anything that others were doing. Drake does the music he wants to do like Cudi while maintaining his appeal to the mainstream audience. And he’s pushed like nobody’s business. But I think Cole should’ve aimed for that. And I think that’s what Jay expected. But Cole wanted to keep doing his mixtape quality songs. And who can blame him when everyone on here was calling his mixtapes classic. Then when he had to perform in the bigs he struggled to make generic radio records. That weren’t him at all. Who Dat was a terrible…I don’t even know what to call that. He’s been trying too hard. The album will most likely be good. But his play-calling fucking sucks. And he needs to fix that.

  • JeffC1

    Every one of J.Cole’s mixtapes were fantastic from start to finish, not to mention he did the majority of the production himself. Dope beats, dope lyrics, what else do y’all want? Glad to have a mC from the south with emphasis on lyricism. Going for Cole here.

  • Gonna be Cole and 9th hands down.

  • Thomas

    Will Sessions – Elmatic (INSTRUMENTALS)
    Tabi Bonney – The Summer Years
    DTMD (Dunc + Toine) – Makin’ Dollas (CD) [digi drops 9/20]

    ^^^^Are dropping as well. Phonte’s album has the potential to be the best (and most scrutinized if it doesn’t live up to “fans” expectations) album dropping. Ninja’s have been waiting on Tay’s album for at least 5 yrs. Cole can’t win with the inta-net folk. He could have 12 “Light’s Please” on his album and ppl still wouldn’t be happy.

  • ivemar80

    “Ev is cool but you never know what you’re going to get”

    You’re getting album of the year. His last two official releases (Weatherman and The Layover) are both top notch!

  • numbers dont lie. COLE WORLD. fuck the hate, let the man do his thang. theres something about COLE you guys seem to ignore: he has a loyal fanbase. first CD i will buy in forever. im from LA, evidence is cool, but million bucks says LA going to buy more COLE albums.

  • rt101

    The Weatherman. but excited to hear 9ths

  • coolguy

    I know who will have the best album of september

  • White Mamba


    Peeople forget that this is his debut album as a solo artist.

    I’ve been hyped for Cole like so many, but been down with LB for years.

  • Perper

    Lol @ people voting Cole even after the singles.. I think it’ll be good, but it’s probably not going to be close to the best of these..

    Nappy Roots, Evidence, J-Live & Phonte are the ones I think can take this for me.. Voted Evidence.

  • KnowOneKnows

    tough call, but imma say Phonte. Damn, Imma be spending alota money this day! haha, definitely a great day for hip hop.

    Only thing I really wanna say is:

    Do Hip Hop a favor and support the artists who make the music we love. And if you can buy from a local mom’n’pop record shop, even better.


  • YoungCosby

    Phonte, and I will say him because based off of the consistency of the last two Foreign Exchange albums, the verses he dropped on his various guest appearances, his excellent beat selection and his ability to craft great hooks and verses.

  • JNC

    COLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!….FUCK THE HATERS

  • the realest

    9th wonder easy.

  • closed minded people hating on j.cole lolol

  • Pauly Dee

    The peeps hating on Cole never liked him in the first place. Simple as that.

    At the end of the day, we’re getting a few dope albums (mad KRIT and Yela ain’t comin’ out yet) and it’s most likely going to be a great day for Hip Hop.

  • gasface

    Ya’ll are CRAZY…Phonte (if done correctly) has the talent to not only make the best album but dare I say a CLASSIC!!! As @youngcosby said his track record speaks for itself…Little Brother alone has two classics! Other than J-live I cant say the same about the rest of them.

  • Cubano

    Ima go with Phonte or Cole….evidence’s album will be good but his laid back pothead style may get boring on the album since hes getting older talkin bout the same shit…..idk why yall hate on cole if cole does well with this album that means that he opens the door for even more lyrical young mcs to make it on the mainstream level thus making hip hop stronger and more relevant…i guess you guys dont want that

  • jermz


  • JayElecFan

    definitely going to be Cole World… anyone saying otherwise is just missing the old j cole. honestly though? who else is getting near as good.

  • frankddank

    ^^^^niggas stay slepping on my dude Evidence. Who Else??? I mean Ev’s been dropping nothing but raw honest lyrics over some dope ass gutter production as of lately and people act like he’s not. J. Cole sounds sugarcoated next to Evidence. #Cats & Dogs!!!!!!