Das Racist – Michael Jackson [Uncensored Version] (Video)

blame it on Meka September 13, 2011

Directed by Weird Days

Das Racist released their debut album, Relax, today, and to get the masses aboard they dropped the uncut version of the album’s lead single.

PURCHASE: Das Racist – Relax [via iTunes]

  • DK

    lmao that Black or White bit at the end

  • dude

    I don’t get it, what’s the message here?

  • Bong

    @dude.. nothings the message, this is just another pop up gimmick group that puts together trash and for some reason faaaaar beyond me people buy into it, i really dont get it they dont have anything to say they’re just obnoxious and rhyme a bunch of words with no correlation to each other.. so pointless

  • RDC

    @Bong It’s obvious that you don’t have any Das Racist albums.

  • I love Das Racist…because everything about them is anti “rap game”. Plus they out-Ghostfaced GhostFace on the Nutmeg track…

  • Michael Jackson. A million dollars. Ya feel me? Holla!!

    There’s really no way to call this wack when you look at the majority of rap music that’s popular these days. Generally speaking, hip hop is entertainment. The difference? These guys aren’t taking themselves seriously…so connect the dots to figure out who the joke is really on.

  • Rich Law

    The video is cool, the song is hot garbage in august.

  • $$$

    I have no opinion on this at all….

  • lordsavior

    dumb smucks can’t tell this is a subliminal diss at everyone making songs using names for titles and talking about how much loot they got….any true fan of hip hop can tell these dudes have wordplay and are just having fun with it…go bump that gay azz sucker for pumps pop music faking like hip hop bs

  • Detroit89

    its just a parady of songs like Tupac Back, and other rap songs that just shout out money numbers. there other free albums are by far doper than most projects put out today. they are original and clever.

  • inside information

    good video and the idea is dope but the beat is so horrible it makes the song impossible to listen to

  • I was hating on Das Racist from the jump… but now I’m with the fans, keekeeing and laughing and yukking it up. Their projects are unique and actually clever if you give them your ear and a chance… wish I would have given them some play earlier on, but whatever. Fuck it, I’m a fan now though and their shit is nuts, their productions are bananas… and this track is a straight diss at songs titled after Celebs and Historical Figures that don’t actually discuss the title/subject presented.