• celler

    this is dope !

  • jumpoffjoebeezy


  • White Mike

    Produced by Sid Roams

  • someguy

    this song makes me happy. idgaf.

  • loot

    not feelin the beat

  • nito

    the beat is CUH Lean!!!

  • bones!

    fuckin jackson browne!

  • ml

    Album is going to be fire! This song is a classic.

  • one,two

    only way for me to describe this tracks is pure beauty. chorus gave me goosebumps

  • $$$

    It's alright..

  • futureisnow

    damn, asap rocky suck dick on this one

  • http://www.12pacblog.com/ Onederin

    Hm...it's ok.

  • real deal

    @fututure , aesop rock has been around blowin minds since way back this young bitch asap rocky just bit his name.

  • Rappy Kilmore

    is there really a rapper named asap rocky? wtf... big time fail... i'm west coast and even i know who aesop rock is (shook his hand when he sold me bazooka tooth)

    i mean... aesop rock is a tough name to bite especially by accident.... asap rocky is just an out there random fail.

    aesop rock comes dope on this one if u ask me. it's been awhile since he's made much noise. sick. oh and i love this beat.

  • dave

    this beat is crazy