Gilbere Forte – Hello f. The Kickdrums

blame it on Shake September 13, 2011

Directed by Jerome White.

Off Gilbere Forte’s upcoming Some Dreams Never Sleep EP, dropping September 27th. Trailer shown above.

DOWNLOAD: Gilbere Forte – Hello f. The Kickdrums

  • T

    Hey DJ Khalid im a fan of yours and Gilbere but If Gilbere is the Future why wastnt he featured on your “Future” track?

    I think music has strayed away from what its original purpose is. Too many artist are about self in music…All you hear about is THEIR dream. THEIR toasting to THEIR Prosperety. Fans of music do yourself a favor and stop listening to music thats only used to boost an artist own ego and go out in the real world and get your own..

  • HDubb

    ^^^^ real shit.

    @T we all know we live in culture of bandwagon dickriders. Rap fans, artists, and bloggers alike no longer think for themselves. 90% of music most people take chance a on is because someone else told them to. So in this case when you see an artist like this come along without a major co-sign everyone sits on the fence waiting for a DJ Khaled, Jay or Kanye to stamp it before they champion it. Good to see this kid still grinding inspite of all that. He’s gonna go far and everyone is gonna be like “I told you so.”