• chef

    THE DOPPELGANGAZ ARE THE FUTURE!!! lone sharks = aoty

  • http://freshhiphopmusic.blogspot.com/ Timothy


  • http://www.fludwatches.com Shark


  • Vee

    I have to agree with Timothy! Gritty-ass album, one of the best this year!

  • Big $

    "Ayo it's cloaks, not capes"


  • http://huffingluewithhasslehoff.tumblr.com K.

    People tend to avoid people in capes.

  • Tone Riggz

    I saw them open for Slaughterhouse...they came out in cloaks and were holding candles, shit was weird...

  • TruthIsBlogComment

    In 2011 The Doppelgangaz are the most relevant artists out right now. Listen to them. Realest shit I ever wrote.

  • Dolo808

    Never heard of them before. I gota cop this, this is too perfect for me. Definitely got a DOOM inspired sound to both their verses, the white dude is crazy fresh to hear.

  • jay

    This album is a straight up classic.

  • Ddot

    Meka- your assessment of these dudes is perfect. Pretty cool, dark, grimey, 90's-era style hip-hop...but dude, capes?! Really?! Are these dudes rocking shows at Star Trek Conventions & Comic con or what? Shit is mad gimmicky and lame.

  • Samkush

    cloak, cape, costume, whatever son! Really dont mean shit to me what these mofuckaz wear. This shit is fucken ill. Where do I cop???

  • Samkush is Gay

    These dudes are FUCKING NICE. Who cares about Cloaks you weird fashionistas. If the music is dope why does it matter? You plan on dating these dudes???

  • Dame

    VERY DOPE!!! WHERE DO I COP??? And Ddot, shut up, who gives a shit about capes

  • Samkush

    I'm Gay? Really WTF dude I said the same shit as you. Read next time. I said that it dont matter what these dudes wear. I'm feeling they shit.

  • DDot is A HOMO

    My bad! That was for Ddot's chubby ass. Cloaks, capes, whatever. These dudes are ILL!


    YO,the beat is mad chill, the flow is on point, I vibe with it....but what I love most is the medieval renaissance festival happening in the background Mo FIRE DOPPELGANGAZ, Mo FIRE!!

  • Row

    Yo this shit is sick.

  • Lyn

    I love them!

  • Ddot

    Yes I would like to date them...I enjoy fondling the hairy testicles of underground rappers

  • Tdot

    Hahaha this shit is dope! Ddot shouldn't comment on ppls apparel when he dresses like a fucking bum. These dudes are fresh!

  • http://www.fludwatches.com Shark

    Lol #Shark

  • JKLPigeon

    THE CLOKS and FLOW is Dope

  • http://www.olbg.com/?tx11653 Epic

    Doppelgangaz are the truth! Their beats are always top notch.

  • Sam

    This is my favorite song from their album!

  • http://www.membersonly206.com Will J.

    Cloaks > Skinny Jeans... Plus the music be hitting! That's all that really matters.