The Doppelgangaz – Nexium (Video)

blame it on Meka September 13, 2011

Directed by The Doppelgangaz

A friend keeps trying to put me on to their music. The sound is dark and moody (kinda like my mood these days) and the music is pretty good, but in my opinion they need to lose the capes. Anyways, if you like it and want more of it, you can cop their album Lone Sharks now via iTunes, Amazon or physically.

  • chef

    THE DOPPELGANGAZ ARE THE FUTURE!!! lone sharks = aoty


  • #SHARK

  • Vee

    I have to agree with Timothy! Gritty-ass album, one of the best this year!

  • Big $

    “Ayo it’s cloaks, not capes”


  • K.

    People tend to avoid people in capes.

  • Tone Riggz

    I saw them open for Slaughterhouse…they came out in cloaks and were holding candles, shit was weird…

  • TruthIsBlogComment

    In 2011 The Doppelgangaz are the most relevant artists out right now. Listen to them. Realest shit I ever wrote.

  • Dolo808

    Never heard of them before. I gota cop this, this is too perfect for me. Definitely got a DOOM inspired sound to both their verses, the white dude is crazy fresh to hear.

  • jay

    This album is a straight up classic.

  • Ddot

    Meka- your assessment of these dudes is perfect. Pretty cool, dark, grimey, 90’s-era style hip-hop…but dude, capes?! Really?! Are these dudes rocking shows at Star Trek Conventions & Comic con or what? Shit is mad gimmicky and lame.

  • Samkush

    cloak, cape, costume, whatever son! Really dont mean shit to me what these mofuckaz wear. This shit is fucken ill. Where do I cop???

  • Samkush is Gay

    These dudes are FUCKING NICE. Who cares about Cloaks you weird fashionistas. If the music is dope why does it matter? You plan on dating these dudes???

  • Dame

    VERY DOPE!!! WHERE DO I COP??? And Ddot, shut up, who gives a shit about capes

  • Samkush

    I’m Gay? Really WTF dude I said the same shit as you. Read next time. I said that it dont matter what these dudes wear. I’m feeling they shit.

  • DDot is A HOMO

    My bad! That was for Ddot’s chubby ass. Cloaks, capes, whatever. These dudes are ILL!


    YO,the beat is mad chill, the flow is on point, I vibe with it….but what I love most is the medieval renaissance festival happening in the background Mo FIRE DOPPELGANGAZ, Mo FIRE!!

  • Row

    Yo this shit is sick.

  • Lyn

    I love them!

  • Ddot

    Yes I would like to date them…I enjoy fondling the hairy testicles of underground rappers

  • Tdot

    Hahaha this shit is dope! Ddot shouldn’t comment on ppls apparel when he dresses like a fucking bum. These dudes are fresh!

  • Lol #Shark

  • JKLPigeon

    THE CLOKS and FLOW is Dope

  • Doppelgangaz are the truth! Their beats are always top notch.

  • Sam

    This is my favorite song from their album!

  • Cloaks > Skinny Jeans… Plus the music be hitting! That’s all that really matters.