Carmine: Nothing Good ep.2 (Video)

blame it on Shake September 14, 2011

Shot & Edited by @notfang.

Episode 2 consists of champagne buying, writing sessions, recording sessions, beat sessions, and a bunch of performances over the past month. My next project Nothing Good is coming soon with a few surprises! Follow me on twitter @itscarmine and check me out at

  • jay elect fan

    i can’t believe the rough demos of act 2 aren’t up yet

  • Savier

    Carmine be killing it and Mac miller is a Fag ,
    Nothing good

  • Shashwat

    looking forward to the new project, Carmine stays making dope music

  • Champion

    #ALLUS Nothing Good will burn down Blue Slide Park.

  • Bo

    STFU with the Mac Miller comparisons. FUCK! Does EVERY fucking new rapper have to be compared to Mac. I’m a HUGE Mac fan and tired of that shit. With that said, Carmine is killing Mac’s shit. Can’t wait for more of his shit…was playing All’s Good earlier today. FUCK FANG!

  • Teegs

    dude seems alot more mature than mac miller. but really can’t compare the two

  • D

    yo download Alls Good if you havent yet

  • Dope shit, peep the review I did on for Carmine’s All’s Good mixtape

  • Ayo this is Lysick, fuck you faggots, Carmine is dope and he be making hot shit yu hurd?? Lol @ comparing Mac Miller to any real rapper #STOPit5. Mac Miller is on the same level as Lil Wyte and all them other muhfuckaz nobody remembers