J. Cole – Can’t Get Enough f. Trey Songz (Video)

blame it on JES7 September 14, 2011

Directed by Clifton Bell.

After a preview earlier today, MTV premieres the full visuals for Simba’s cut with Trey Songz, shot in Barbados with a cameo by Rihanna. Nothing but beautiful, dark skinned women. Cole World: The Sideline Story, due out September 27th.

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  • ghf

    motherfukin blocked in my region

  • The Kids

    Man does this song lose a lot when it’s censored. Great song though, video’s okay, pretty normal stuff.

  • This muhfucca is fireeee

  • I fucking HATE MTV. Fuck this region blocking shit, this is getting out of hand and it’s the fucking internet! Can’t a nigga just watch a music video before he goes to bed?! FUCK MAN!

  • NoName

    okay word to ALL rappers yall need to learn how to make edited single to youre single im done with hearing the cut cuss words this shit is like who dat minus xm the radio shit is cut everywhere but a little too late #deadpromo

  • the realest

    didnt he say this was suppose to be like “big pimpin”? more like big pimpin PG-13. big pimpin had ass shakin and all of that lol. the good ol days.

  • listen2goodmuzik

    Huge Cole fan…but he needs to put out better videos… this shit is lame…


    Damn my nigga can we at least get some hot black bitches in the damn video? There was some beat ass chicks in the video I dont know what Cole and Trey were thinking.

    And no homo, Trey a good lookin dude.. he got kinda ripped recently. That sounded so homo

  • 408

    I don’t believe in Illuminati but WTF yo? Ain’t that pushing it too much haha?

  • CommonSense

    About as underwhelming as “MR. Nice Watch”

    J. Cole the fuck are you doing? Is it that hard to stick with your roots? “The Warm Up” is a classic one of my favorite projects and now you’re just a cliche emcee with hardly any substance.

    Sad to see.

  • rd08

    i guess we now where most of Cole’s Budget went to lol

    but in seriousness i bet Cole World will be an album that Fans of the Artist will Love/like and bring in a solid amount of new fans but not something monumental that changes the game up

    and thats cool ppl ask/expect to much sometimes

  • Yall hear the Cole World album snippets yet? Mr Nice Watch is definitely the worst song on the album. Others sound FNL typish

  • someguy

    damn i usually dont give a fuck about rihanna, but shes looking nice in this video.

  • coleworldtakecare

    i liked it

    cole world


    I don’t understand how they got mad bitches in the video, and this nigga is joined to the hip with Trey Songz throughout the video. tell me I’m lying if those eyebrows don’t have a life of their own. they gotta be tarantula legs waving above this nigga’s eyes. this dude’s album release campaign has been a complete failure. it’s just been an avalanche of shit involving A. Hole today. this has been one of my busiest days of my life. I need a 40 and L right about now.


  • jcn1


  • yezz


  • If you dislike this video you are gay. I haven’t seen quality chicks like this since Big PImpin

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Mmmmm…Rihanna. Mmmmm random sexy women.

  • (l,k)

    lmao j. cole’s in my top 5 favorite rappers but @NYC/BROOKLYN© ur killin me haha. i agree, its as if jay-z is trying to set cole up for failure trying to turn him into memphis bleek or some shit lmao

  • Chris_Zurcher

    ya the rest of the album is that soulful, deep cole we love. check out the snippets

  • Bryan

    yeah the snippets sound pretty damn good to me…

  • J Cole did his thing again. Rappers really do need to consider making all out clean versions though.

  • jay

    dope video got that big pimpin vibe album sounds good from the snippets mr nice watch is definitely the weakest song on the album jay-z crazy for not getting on gods gift that beat sounds super dope

  • Chris_Zurcher

    also, where was cheerup on the snippets?

  • Bigwill

    @Hip Hop mVp I agree “I ain’t mad at cha” clean is actually better than the original to me

  • JWest

    Nice Video Cole World!!!

  • malcy malc

    this is the perfect example of people having these retarded ass high expectations,this is his debut vid and he can only get better,hes talented and alot of potential,but hes not the fucking next tupac or biggie just yet so chill with this unfair amount of pressure and keep it realistic,plus “mr.nice watch” was off the chain

  • thinker

    GOD DAMN those snippets is fucking ILLLLLLLLLL!!!!! idk but this is shaping up to be a great album.

  • turftalka

    And now people are back to loving him again, not even 24 hours pass by and you go from “this album is gonna be dissapointing” to “this album’s gonna be great”. I thought Mr. Big Watch was alright and based off the snippets, it’ll probably be the weakest, but I didn’t think Cole stopped being creative based off 1 song. I mean shit, Can’t Get Enough, In The Mourning & Lights Please were fine, the only track I really didn’t like was Work Out and that’s suppose to be on deluxe edition. So everyone chill out, Cole will drop a great album just wait till the album leaks before you talk about the album being dissapointing.

    “This game you could never win/Cause they love you then they hate you then they love you again”-Kanye West

  • The album is gonna be something we all love it will hve substance and entertainment. Hands down will be better than wiz and big sean album, due to the fact pple love the subject and lyrical matter. Plus the production has stepped up, i can tell by the snippets.

  • Electrotherapy

    Fuck all you hating motherfuckers, judging by the snippets this album won’t dissapoint by a fuckin bit, i couldn’t hear 1 wack song on there, and God’s Gift is COLD as FUCK.

  • Spirit Equality

    dope video. only thing i woulda added if i was cole was more shots dancing *with* the girls, what they dancing alone for? that one old dude in the end got his dance on, though…

  • unclesam

    Honestly Rihanna is getting more and more beautiful by the day. She was cute when she started out but now she’s a fucking babe.

  • Rndy

    ^ you only like her cause shes in j.coles bideo. if she diss cole tomorrow youd say shes ugly. cause youre just gay for cole

  • a$TRO

    heard the snippets sideline story looks like its my fav!!

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    This shit was aight, good move for putting trey on. Like I said before if that nigga is on your record your female support system is going to grow and that usually equals more records sold.

  • Made

    Drake releases Best I Ever Had, with a basketball theme.
    Cole releases Work it, with a basketball theme.

    Drake releases Find your Love, set in Jamaica.
    Cole releases Can’t Get Enough, set in Barbados.

    Don’t know who’s in charge of his marketing, whoever is though sure in one lazy motherfucker.

  • more jay, less war.

    Made, you’re reaching like shit…

    Work Out didn’t have a basketball theme. The theme was summertime. Cole has been ALL about basketball. Every fucking project this man releases is about basketball. Has that not been consistent for the past few years?

    They aren’t in Jamaica for this video…. They’re in Barbados. You can go down the list of Hip-Hop videos and count how many of these guys go to the Carribean with all of these exotic women to shoot a video. It’s a common thing.

    That comparison is weak, at best.

  • The beat and hook are sizzling. Sounds like a beat off of Bubba Sparxxx’s first album. I feel there’s a lot of pressure to jump on the bandwagon in confirming Cole as a dope MC but for me he’s just too clean cut and his voice sounds like it could get blown away by a light breeze. I’m not hating though. Maybe Cole just needs to smoke several Cubans a day to give his vocals more grit. That, and maybe spend a week with Bumpy Knuckles. Peace ;)

  • micah

    This video nice ass a bitch, refreshing. The album gonna be a sure classic. Its gonna be a good overall sounding album and not just full of hot singles. He migh

  • Micah

    This video nice ass a bitch, refreshing. The album gonna be a sure classic. Its gonna be a good overall sounding album and not just full of hot singles. He might got something on his hands

  • Micah

    This video nice ass a bitch, refreshing. The album gonna be a sure banger. Its gonna be a good overall sounding album and not just full of hot singles. He might got something on his hands

  • Lil B

    Word around town is that Im finer than my bitch

  • trey songz looks sexy as hell in this video

  • T

    I’m a huge Cole fan, and this video is dope

    But can’t help but feel dude needs to work on his video demeanor, too much face pulling and shit going on…

    oh and the snippets are DOPE


  • Yeah

    I like the video it makes the song better.

  • ajamal

    if u care bout this guys eyebrows then u really a faggot