J. Cole – Mr. Nice Watch f. Jay-Z [Dirty]

blame it on Shake September 14, 2011

Design: Alex Haldi (for Bestest Asbestos). Photo: Leann Mueller.

As promised, here goes one of the most anticipated tracks off his upcoming debut, Cole World: The Sideline Story, due out September 27th. Also, look out for that Can’t Get Enough video dropping later tonight. Check the sneak peak here. UPDATE: Explicit.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Mr. Nice Watch f. Jay-Z (prod. J. Cole)

  • casper wordsmith

    first bitches!

  • Your Average Jet

    This beat is fucking wack! Subpar verses…especially from Jay. What the fuck?

  • twoface

    oh hellll yeah!not a let down either..sounds like a WTT cut

  • fidel_cash_flow

    Ultra Dope ! Cole World !

  • charlesbrach

    Catch my bitch listening to this before me WACK!

  • Jay Cole

    Better than I thought it would be! Cole needs to rap on more beats like this, his ‘usual’ production gets very boring. This song is a smash hit!

  • Steve

    Can’t wait to see the comments on this one. It’s alright.

  • pro-FileProduction

    sounds a bit unfinished and I really wasnt expectin cole to go this rout for the jay verse but a good song once u give it a few listens..


  • A Chick

    I wouldn’t expect this to be a J Cole production. He stepped it majorly.

    This also gave me a WTT feel. NICE TRACK all around.

  • LawdyDawdy

    Chea!! This is the shit. Hov laced Cole with a nice verse.

  • DatDude704

    This wasn’t supposed to be the song Jay was hopping on. It was gonna be God’s Gift instead, but Jay got on this since it has hit potential

  • Sdb

    Idk i hope this track will grow on me
    N I like its a different beat for j cole
    But I really believe it’ll fit into the album

  • mediaguy

    huh? this is a prank, right?

  • (l,k)

    high-quality production but i just don’t like the dubstep influence. a little disappointed, but it’ll probably grow on me

  • KarmaLoop

    Wack man you cole fans are super dick riders this is super average man

  • D

    this is dope b

  • fucktyler

    Nall nall nall im not hating ecause im a fan of oth but wtf ???really this is not close to what i exoected with these two niggas on the same song

  • John

    Cole World, No snuggie bitches

  • This track is so So-So… it’s not bad, but it’s not worth the anticipation either.

    Still… Cole World’s gonna be pretty nice. I’m just waiting for old Cole Stans to hope off the train now that dude is sounding more and more Mainstream.

  • Kofstar

    Kind of weak. I bet God’s Gift would have been disgusting based of the title.

  • Dumbla

    sooo aaverage


    its cool..

    anticipating Hov verses is like waiting on the train on a Sunday..

  • truth

    There goes the album’s Classic status.

  • EID

    umm… idk how i feel about this one beat kinda wack not a great song it got that wtt feel n thats not good…smh

  • real talk

    One of the biggest Cole fans there is and I will not hesitate to call this average. He threw away better songs than this. Classic my ass.

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Pretty average song, maybe it will grow on me. With that said it has hit potential since Jay-Z is on it.

  • Rezo

    How many average to wack songs is it going to take before we can ALL agree that his album will be very AVERAGE????????????????? Who Dat? Work Out? Mr. Nice Watch? In The Morning? Can’t Get Enough? Will it take half the album sounding wack before you Cole losers will admit this dudes album is borderline trash?

    I trashed TML after I downloaded it but at this point… Thank Me Later >>> Cole World

  • Definitely a WTT vibe and I’m J.cole mixtapes fan but I’m not feeling none of the three tracks he released…I hope that the rest of the album will change my mind!

  • christopher marks

    this shit is wack

  • Chonch

    Beats ok. Sounds unfinished. If he doesn’t get dropped from Roc Nation after his album bombs, I hope he works with different producers on his second album. That is if he’s still relevant.

  • McBreezy

    haterrrrs… this is dope and has a good sound for a mainstream hit

  • ladifuckingda

    god’s gift, lost ones, cheer up >>>> mr. nice watch, work out, can’t get enough.

    i want more cole like the former and less like the latter

  • k-luv

    uh… wheres the awesome song that was supposed to blast from my speakers?? sub par.. not bad.. just… sub par :(

  • the realest

    this song koo. i like it. i thought cole tried to make a new dirt off my shoulder, till the hook came in. i mean can hiphop just get ONE new rapper thats not tryna sing or “harmonize”. smh. damn.

  • whodat23

    I agree with Rezo….i like j cole and hov of course but wtf man wtf i cant believe wat im hearing its trash it pisses me off that this song is just so damn bad with two really good artist

  • coleworldtakecare

    WTF ????????? this isnt that great , still a cole world but,

    Drake ft Jay z “Light Up” >>>>>>>> this

  • M&M

    Fuck the haters. This shit is ILL! Jay kills once again..

  • jay

    this shit is so average damn im not a hater but fuck it this kinda wack this is the classic album everybody been waitin for i was on i was like a cole stan around the warm up and friday night lights but i think this album just gonna be decent

  • the realest

    Drake ft Jay z “Light Up” >>>>>>>> this

    ^ awwwwwwww shhiiiiiiitttttttt……..

  • airyeezy

    wow this sucks so much ass jesus, jcole sounds like a bootleg 50 tyson you dont know who that is youtube him haha.

    Jay almost saved the song.. but no.. he didnt really come with it either this song is crap.

  • Dumbla

    no this not a mainstream hit!! are you guys crazy…mainstream mean it has to be catchy and exciting so they can play it up and down the radio…this is neither catchy nor does it sound like millions are going to listen to it allday

  • McBreezy

    plus I’m not expecting a classic from j.cole… at all.. lol So i guess my bar wasn’t set that high

  • David

    I thought it was dope. The verses were cool too. I’m sure it will grow on me.
    I love the fact that Cole stepped up his production. Doesn’t sound so boring now..
    With Mr. Nice Watch and Can’t Get Enough, I gotta say.. This is shaping up to being a
    good ass album. No one should call it a classic yet, but it looks promising.
    And I’m glad Jay actually spoke on Cole. I approve of this shit.

  • Wackness

  • Rezo

    LOL Cole and this song are getting SLANDERED on Twitter. Someone said….

    Jay’s verse accapella > Cole’s verses and wack beat. LOL

  • COLE YOU DONE FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cole World

    this is what you get for signing to a major nowadays i guess. i cant hate tho, cuz cole is gettin paid, and he deserves that for the work he put in prior. but the only people that are losing are the fans, and coles legacy if he ever had aspirations to be one of the greatest rap artists ever. same goes for wiz khalifa, and lupe to an extent (though he is different because he already put out 2 arguable “classics” before the garbage that was his last album).

    if cole never signed to jay-z, we would continue to hear the quality of music he put out before. Once other factors become involved (i.e. influence from a label, marketing to mainstream america), things change.

    ask j cole 5 years ago what a song on his debut album featuring Jay-Z would sound like and it would be nothing like this.

    it isn’t really about the music anymore.


  • rell

    Tha Fuck Tho??? I Was Gon Bootleg This Nigga Album. Ima Just Save Space.. This Nigga Weak AF.

  • theheartbeat

    “y’all niggas need a time out, who got these niggas all wind up?
    sucka, i’m 7:30, y’all know where you niggas gon wind up?”

    answer: what comes next would be 8:00… on a watch that hands go eight up or ‘ate up’ –> #whoa

    i liked that line but otherwise idk about the whole song or either of their verses… cole’s hook was cool though… it was real.
    interesting beat. just not sure if i like how they sounded on this beat though… not what i wanted but it is what it is… who ever said ‘jay hopped on this instead of god’s gift’ because of business reasons sounds like they knew SPOT ON what they were talking about, because i can’t see why else the ‘jay’ feature would be on this song. then again… this does sound like a hi-def WTT cut soooo jay could have actually wanted to spit on this with no agenda… who knows…

  • Anyone that says this is classic is a dickrider… no doubt in my mind. This shit is unbelievably average… I dunno just how much I need to reiterate that.

    Take Care > Thank Me Later >>>>> Cole World: The Sideline Story

  • David

    So I gave it a 2nd listen..
    Umm, I take back what I said. This isn’t that great.. I guess I was just excited. Lol

  • Pretty sick, but I gotta tell you I was expecting even more from these two. I can’t be complaining tho, still a good jam. Click my name to check out my blog if you’re looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • kurse

    you j.cole fans/stans/groupies/dick-riders are KILLING me talkin bout “maybe it’ll grow on me” if it’s wack say it’s wack.
    when talented artists such as cole make bullshit, the last thing they need is a bunch of yes-men, they need honest feedback

  • It’s One of Those A Grower Type Joints to me, If Roc Nation was smart they’d have a remix package with abunch of dubstep producers like skrillex or skream & benga, to give it a broader reach outside just the rap audience

  • @kurse: AMEN, my nigga!!!!

  • cream

    this is bananas, all u hating ass niggas can go listen to marvins room.

  • Chea

    And DRAKE WINS AGAIN, how can you defend this ??? I like cole too but cmon wtf is this ? First listen didnt like, second listen didnt like and the hundred listen i wont like so fuck outta here bout it will grow on me.

  • Kofstar

    Drake got “Light Up”. Enough said.



  • rell

    how many mainstream songs this nigga got on his album.none of them shits blew up this nigga should kill hisself.

  • @cream: Yeah… I think I will.

    Marvin’s Room >>>>> Mr. Nice Watch

  • Fifth ear

    Its yall fault for overhyping him..shouldve never expected a classic album from Cole and he shouldve never been compared to Nas..anyway I like the song, its good to see Cole doing something different, of course hip hop blog fans hate things that are different or outside the box, but the lyrics were extremely average and Jay-Z dropped his same ol predictable I’m-better-than-you-because-I-have-more-status-than-you type verse but they get away with it because its a light-hearted track anyway…7.5 out of 10

  • poloDoLo

    how anybody can hate on this is insaneeee. someone please lemme get a dirty version.
    get used to hearin this on the radio haters.





  • fidel_cash_flow

    J.Cole verses are wack, the beat is ok but Jay-Z killed his verse ! End of discussion !

  • marty mcfly

    This song was just NOT good im sorry but I gotta keep it real. Jayz did his thing of course with all his usual double meaning bars BUT the song is trash. Mr Nice Watch? What? Lord knows I dont hate this kid but its like why cant he just make better shit. Its rappers that dream of doing a song with the God MC and this is the what came from Coles side? Even after Jay laced him with A Star Is Born? Some shit I just cant overlook and sept 27th cant get here fast enough. So Cole can get his shit off and move on already so we can get to Jay Electronica. The best thing about Cole is the subject matter and the great messages he can pull out the hat SOMETIMES but when he makes a bad song its almost the worst shit you ever heard. ANd please stop the fucking excuses and dont blame Jayz cause Cole said HIMSELF that Jay gave him 100% CREATIVE CONTROL OVER EVERYTHING HE DOES. Cole just drop your album and then go into another business cause you seemed to be confused.

  • afoXbehindthewheel

    dunno how i feel about this track yet…

  • Chea

    Listened to creams advice and im listening to marvins room.

    Marvins Room >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mr Nice Watch

  • ladifuckingda

    i’ll be dissapointed if NYC/BROOKLYN doesn’t have the rant of the year on this.

  • Blackaristocrat

    It’s an okay song, but not worth the hype, and this is coming from a Cole fan.

  • jfkennedy

    I wish I could write a super long statement like some of you, but my first reaction was, “ehhhh.” Jay kind of went in though, but yeah, I’ve given up the hope that this’ll be a classic record. A good album? Sure. Classic? Not by any means.

  • ddddd

    this is not what i would expect from the next great rapper. This isn’t even a radio hit. the production just gives me a headache i don’t want to hear a rapper go in on a dub step beat. theres a reason south park made an episode showing how bad some dub step is it actually sounds like shit. i hope the rest of the album is real cole material like the warm up

  • YouAlreadyKnow

    So much for a classic. Cole stan gives up, Slander accepted.

  • @marty mcfly: If you’re gonna be real, why didn’t you say Jay’s verse was incredibly average? You never hop off NiggerLips’ dick… just be heterosexual for one day in your life, my nigga.


  • David

    Tat my name on you girl so I know it’s real!
    I’m sorry Cole.. But this just isn’t that great.
    What’s interesting about Drake, is that he keeps his personality in tact with his music. Cole seems out of place..

  • bigdork

    its gunna be good for the radio, i dont like how its the clean version and cole is deffinatly my favorite rapper out right now but im not gunna lie i expect ALOT more with jigga man on this track….what happened to the classic by j. cole? I get up, hold it down, return of simba, lil ghetto nigga? cole killed it on those songs..its not the same cole on those songs as it is on this….kinda disappointed but not holding it against him. I just hope the money and fame dont turn him into something hes not.

  • oVoXo

    ALBUM OF THE YEAR. first off y’all are istening to the clean version. second this and can’t get enough are the only single type songs on the album. not ever album can be some depressing street shit. grow the fuck up and get ready to hear this shit in the club.

  • Oh… and am I the only one that thinks the production on this shit sounds like a Nicki Minaj track.

  • TE

    LMFAO on the remix? This shits awful. I really thought he might of had a classic on his hands.

  • tcold

    Everything related to j.cole on this web site gets hated on, EVERYTHING. Fuck all you hoes, hate it or not he’s getting his paper. The only reason ppl are talking shit is because its cole, if chiddy drake big sean came out with this shit ya’ll would be on their dick, hard. This shits better than 90% of all the rap coming out now a days. Btw it can’t be to bad when it was just released and already bass 300 up votes. fucking haters.

  • jim3dwards

    makes for a good album filler, but thats it.

  • peteROC

    needs more bass.

  • The_Damaja

    I’m sorry this is a terrible letdown. I was expecting this to be the best cut on the album. Maybe JCole and Jay spit some irony about how they call themselves Mr. Nice Watch cuz they got all the bling but in the end the hardships they went through to get that bling doesn’t make it worth it. You know a rich friend of mine once told me that people would die to be at the top, but he realized that even being at the top doesn’t really give life any more deepness or significance except with the materialistic shit that comes with it. I was thinking the song would be something along the lines of that instead I get some stupid arcade video game sounding bull shit with some pretty average verses. What a letdown. Not going to cop SS anymore…with all the whack shit hes been releasing he just lost a customer and a fan.

  • naledge

    @marty..Cole didn’t Ask Jay to hop on this so u can’t bame Cole for havin a weaker verse than Jay cuz his shit was already recorded. Jay did it last minute so u gotta look at the Gods Gift verses and compare them to this Jay verse than you can talk. Tracks wack tho. This not even dubstep smh…he shouldve asked Skrillex or Mt. Eden to produce. Who Gon Stop Me> this.

  • theheartbeat

    gotta co-sign @kurse:
    “when talented artists such as cole make bullshit, the last thing they need is a bunch of yes-men, they need honest feedback”

    #realshit only the truth will allow them to grow

    and i just saw the post that cole spoke on this song some days back… he said jay DID spit on this song because it’s a more universal song… aka universally appealing… with all the roc nation signees in england and the extra touring taking place in europe and worldwide, this song is gonna get cole money overseas… but jay wasn’t thinking about the foundation of cole’s legacy… god’s gift would have probably been more respectable. however, if cole can make this album stand bold on it’s own… he’s earned my respect because this jay-z verse damn sure ain’t gonna be a defining point for the album

    oh yeah *dead* at the nigga who said ‘Light Up’ >>> ‘Mr. Nice Watch… i’m rooting for you cole but i can’t help but agree… jay’s ‘Light Up’ verse had great timing… he still enemies to bury… the timing was right and appropriate for drake was receiving his first tastes of hate from other industry artists… sometimes the context of a song adds to the feeling.

    competition is why i can say “The Rumble in the Jungle” and at least 50% of people reading this will recognize what i’m referring. Ali faced political disputes – he refused to be drafted for Vietnam and was suspended from boxing for 3+ yrs then tried to regain his title by fighting the ‘runner-ups’ for the title shot… lost against Frazier… had to climb ALL the way back up a list of contenders before getting another shot… to finally become a champion again.

    drake didn’t have that much going but he had other artists bitter w/ him and jay-z had beanie amongst other people still throwing shots at him so there tension to dismiss to make the song even more epic. wtf does j. cole have to be triumphant against? i think his timing made him have to settle on this type of song.

  • The Kids

    Disappointing, but not awful. The beat could be better, Cole’s at his best when he’s sampling for his instrumentals like on Friday Night Lights.

    I still think the album’ll be very good, but this won’t be the best track, “Can’t Get Enough” is much better.

  • B. Emerson 909

    Sounds like one of those bullshit Timbaland beats

  • ummmm

    Mr. Nice Watch > Who Gon’ Stop Me

  • @tcold: U TROLLIN RITE?! I’ve heard Lil B tracks better than this track.

  • 305dadon

    Never seen a like/hate ratio for cole like that. Expected these comments; not listening, is it that bad ?

  • whatta let down

    not that great, not into the beat at all, wtf happened with this?

  • David

    Here’s the thing.. I can’t get with this track. Not in the club. Not in the whip. Not in my ipod. Needs more bass, and balls.

  • Damn

    Cole’s production is bout to make him a rich man

  • FreshSup702

    Wow huge let down for me personally…..Damn

  • wtf?

    @ummmm stfu now u def dickriding

  • Eusebio

    Am I the only one thinking the Friday nights Lights was J Cole’s peak….ever since it dropped I have not had an interest in anything I have heard after that. He had such a buzz and I think that he should of taken advantage of it. Now it’s KENDRICK LAMAR’s time. I just hope the album’s going to be alright, got a bad feeling of lasers deja vu. Also I am confused that Jay even rhymed over the beat as it could be better…he had a good verse though.

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey


  • BlahBlahBlah

    We dont even have the mastered/cdq dirty whatever you wanna call it yet, and this will prolly fit in perfect with the flow of his album….CLASSIS already WARMUP up & Friday Night Lights….after the album comes out, all these hatin ass niggas gon shut they mouth…Jay came correct, killed the flow…..I just dont understand how you can hate this…..HATE HATE HATE -chappelle

  • this crack.
    totally not what i thought id hear but still good.

  • JWest

    Its Ok Not The Best Of Course but, ill listenin to it a lil more.

  • ummmm

    nah, who gon’ stop me was the worst song on WTT to me. They fucked that sample up HARDBODY and the hook/yeezy were wack as shit on it.

    this song kills that, cole world.

  • Cole’s better than this… and you dickrider’s know it. But no… you all will say even his feces are fresh. You nigga’s is pathetic… get Cole’s dick out y’all bootyholes and mouths.

    This shit is DISGUSTING… and not in a good way either. :|

  • ummmm

    P.S. Cole shut down Twitter. Not even watch the throne did that shit. when are u haters gonna realize that this album is gonna blow up regardless?

  • somuchforaclassic

    Damn this shit is extra average

  • sha

    Drake fans hate it, cole fans love it.. lol i love hip-hop


    i hate the fact of jay-z is gay like tyler perry
    good track


    not even a bit surprised in how wack this joint is. I told yall niggaz this dude has no smarts in the game. he just wasted a great opportunity in having jay-z on one of his cuts and he disgraced the moment. jay killed him on his own shit and jay didn’t even do that much damage. total embarrassment…adding insult to injury.


  • talkmynigga



  • jussayin

    if we are going to compare this album to drake then i believe this is J.coles’s “Thank me Later”

    it will be a decent album with some hits, but nothing classic about it

  • oVoXo

    anything could be better than Thank Me Later, most dissapointing album of the new millennium.

  • sha

    The track is good the first verse was kind of ehhh but the rest i can mess with.

  • sayWORD

    For once, I agree with NYC/BROOKLYN. Damn :(
    What waste of a feature and track number. The beat is weak as fuck. Niggas think they can go hard on dubstep beats now just ’cause Kanye and Jay did it?

  • The Ill one

    Cole got so many haters now cant wait for the inevitable day when everyone starts hating Kendrick

  • wafflez

    fuck all of yall haters. this song is DOPE. COLE WORLD SEPT 27th

  • Chea

    All the songs cole dropped for the album scream thank me later. In the morning, work out, cant get enough, and this. Btw lost ones is 3-4 years old, seems like cole fell of lyrically.

  • G-Ryder

    this song is super weak! I guess now why JaY took so long putting a verse on this.

    twitter – @G_Ryder361

  • Fuck all of y’all dickriders. This song is SHIT. COLD WORLD INDEED.

  • dmv

    light up> mr. night watch lmao, this disgrace. COAL WORLD

  • TVA

    If you didn’t like WTT you won’t like this. I don’t know a lot about Dubstep so I can’t judge it against a large sample but this fits right in with that Flux Pavilion sample from WTT. Verses were eh to me but Cole has never struck me as a mainstream artist. Lights Please, Lost Ones, Return of Simba, Dollar and a Dream gritty records are his lane. Drake has a more universal appeal but I make the same faces at him when he starts trying to start talking about catching bodies on a record. Drake does the hooks crooning and emo thing and Cole should stick to more substantive material because it doesn’t come off forced. Hov lyrics are always deeper then you normally get off the first listen so we’ll see what’s hidden in there but it wasn’t mind blowing either. God’s Gift the intended record sounds like it’s supposed to be a grittier more Light Up type sound but Hov was in WTT mode and decided to rock with this. Cole still getting my money cause I’ve gotten plenty of free stuff to enjoy. I also thinks he needs to let folks sing his hooks. Can’t Get Enough is better because Trey sung the hook rather than Cole doing it as it was originally.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    Fuck all your Cole fans for giving a pass on this bullshit. YALL know this is some bullshit. I was waiting on God’s Gift and I end up hearing this throw away? & Classic? Nigga, this album is lookin to be a major letdown. The worst part is, I’m a Cole fan but this shit? Forget about it.

  • LawdyDawdy

    Twitter has crashed! Truly Cole World

  • LMAO EVERYONE AND THERE MUM IS JUMPING ON THE DUBSTEP BANDWAGON! SMH…. track is average. nothing to rave about but nothing to hate on. i just dont get why HIPHOP is turning into dubstep? lol

  • DreamVilleOVOXOsurfclub

    Dollar and a Dream 3
    Can’t Get Enough – SINGLE
    Lights Please – Classic
    Sideline Story
    Mr. Nice Watch (HOT AS FUCK)
    Cole World
    In The Morning (gets ur girlfriend wet)
    Lost Ones – Classic
    Nobodys Perfect ft. Missy Elliot
    Rise & Shine
    God’s Gift
    Cheer up (rumored to be not on the album anymore)

    Work Out
    Nothing Lasts Forever
    Daddy’s Little Girl

    all you simple minded niggas dont realize that every major label album needs 2-3 singles, work out is a bonus so don’t even use that in ur arguments. Looks like theres still 10 songs for him to spit that REAL SHIT and every review of the album from the listening sessions says HE DOES JUS THAT and that this album will make him a “household name”… quit hatin and go find yourselves some fuckin girls and stop trolling music that you don’t fuck with, theres alotta peo-le that fuck with it (twitter breaks everytime cole releases a song) and this album will go 150k-200 k first week, which is phenominal for someone like Cole who niggas say will flop, lets see in a couple weeks…

  • “mr nice watch was such a disappointment and it was released on hulkshare… I called it smh” via Twitter

    Fuck all of y’all dickriders. This song is SHIT. COAL WORLD SEPT 27th

  • dmv

    lol at the cole stan named “ovoxo” lol what a fake fan. knocking drake on this post when cole just dropped a horrible song in which jay killed him. LIGHT UP> MR. NICE WATCH.

  • “That J-Cole & Jay-Z mr nice watch track eliminated all hope and anticipation I had for J cole’s album. I don’t even want to hear the album” via Twitter

    Fuck all y’all dickriders. This song is SHIT. COAL WORLD SEPT 27th

  • s

    @NYC/Brooklyn, you do realise that J. Cole has an album out in less than two weeks, your Papoose argument is invalid

  • tha truth

    XV – Batteries (No Trae Tha Truth)

  • watchthewhat

    im thinking this is one of those it gets better the more i listen to it type of songs

  • oVoXo


    every heard of the weeknd?? i fuck with drake but he gettin wack.

    The weeknd and Cole>drake

  • gasoline


  • hahaa

    LOL at the niggas “JUSTAFANOFMUSIC” writing fake quotes from twitter when twitter ain’t even workin, get a life nigga.

  • @oVoXo: Cole better than Drake?! Lyrically, yeah… Cole can’t make a hit like Drizzy though.

    Take Care >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> COAL WORLD: The Shitline Story

  • RDC

    This song is structurally deep. You need to listen harder.

  • Shawn

    This track is actually rather good.. gets better as the song progresses. Is it godly? Not really, but its a decent track. I’d give it a 7 or 8..could use a little more bass. I think an album can have a song or two in that range and still be classic overall. I wouldn’t hit the skip button on this track and that’s a big plus.

  • Airborne

    The beat was cool. Hook was trash and not even catchy. Verses were average. Sorry, but I’m not amused. And I think I’ll keep my money in my pocket.

  • rell

    This Aint Ordinary Bruh

  • oVoXo

    yea i don’t listen to music for “hits”. cole better than drake period. i dont hate drake i fucks with him and i fucks with that free spitit joint, but thank me later was weak as fuck and cole never dissapoints.

  • dmv

    lmao you mean the weeknd and drake> cole. the fuck nigga? IS ANYONEELSE READING THIS? wow cole stan sit down. light up> mr. nice watch. cant say it enough. lol hows drake getting wack, he’s evolving, cole hasnt even started yet and this nigga sounding like shit. FREE SPIRIT was trending for 3 days. suck a dick, club paradise your ass.

  • Real talk


    you do realize is possible for somebody to like the weeknd and not drake, right?

  • damaja

    Stop saying this beat is just trying to go with the whole dubstep movement. People who listen to dubstep wouldn’t even listen to this whack shit, worst attempt at dubstep ever.

  • Chea

    If anyone is dropping a classic this year, its Drake.

    Take Care

  • marty mcfly

    @ JustAfanofBitchshit You can talk shit about Jay all you want cause we all know what his rep is about. J Cole was about to turn his record in without a verse from Jay like a complete stupidass after asking him for one. Jay put this nigga all over the place and probably gave this nigga more time and promotion then any other artist he has every worked. Dude been on the highest level of hip hop for 2 years now with bullshit music. Soulja boy could have made better verses then Cole just did. @Naledge you wanna compare Gods gifts verses to Jayz verse on this we can but who cares cause thats a whole other song but the shit Cole represents on some songs is not what his singles are about and on the low this nigga talk about money , clothes and hoes just as much as Gucci mane.

  • @hahaa: Get your internet fixed, nigga.

    “I couldn’t even give that song a whole minute of PT” via Twitter

    Fuck all y’all dickriders. This song is SHIT. COAL WORLD SEPT 27th

  • baitmane

    bullshit…. and i was just startin to convince people he aint ya average

  • dmv

    @real talk. you do realize i can like both and not cole for many justifiable reasons. REAL TALK.

  • Airborne


    Keyword: TRYING


    You don’t believe that shit. With all Drake has given people, and Cole’s catalog, how can you honestly think Drake is not better. Cole was supposedly a better lyricist then Drake, and in the past year, he hasn’t even proving that. And we know Drake is a better musician, and has more appeal. With the exceedingly wack, over-trying shit Cole has put out, what is Cole better than Drake in? I’m not even a big Drake fan, but c’mon son.


  • @marty mcdickrider: I ain’t saying Jay ain’t nice AT TIMES (WTT)… but come on, nigga. He ain’t God’s gift to Earth… give son’s dick a rest, let Beyonce take care of that.


    someone call me when Drake makes a beat like that, HAHA!!!

  • sayWORD

    On a second listen, it’s not as bad as I thought it waste. Still disappoint but it seems like this is a transition track. The whole album is supposed to be one story so we’ll see.

  • yezz



  • Johnny Blaze

    Wow this is really didnt live up to expectations… Light Up>This.. sadly.

    Im more looking forward to KRITs debut than coles now

  • bringthe707out

    i’ma drake fan and i honestly believe that Unforgettable is the only song on Thank Me Later with replay value… with that said, how can you guys hate on an album from Cole that you haven’t even heard yet? know your roles please.

  • On the real… I’d rather hear Nicki Minaj on this production than Cole. This beat is so damn feminine… and not in the soak you’re hoes panties feminine way either.

  • Airborne

    ^Cause everything we’ve heard from it is sub-par at best?

  • I like the beat but Cole’s voice/flow for the first few bars doesn’t go with the beat.

    Definitely on that WTT vibe the piano on the hook sounds like the part in “Niggas in Paris” “you are now entering the the throne” part.

    The singing on the hook is really bad, should have put some auto-tune on that.

    This won’t be a top 40 hit, and I doubt it will be a hip hop hit.

  • marty mcfly

    @ JustAFanOfMusic YOU are the one bringing up Jayz in the first place faggot. I barely said shit about him and the shit I have said about him is backed up by more then ten years of dope material and millions of people would agree with what I do say about him so again you brought him up more so then me and Jay just made that song playable anyway.

  • erf

    only if Jay-Z didnt have to be a bitch and just got on God’s Gift instead.


    Real talk,

    I think I figured J. Cole out. The dude needs to find himself. He needs to find his lane. His lane is rapping over those heartfelt beats where he can send a message/tell a story. Cole just trying to do too much by trying to reach the mainstream and please the underground. It aint easy to do Mr. Cole. He also needs to work with other producers because his sound gets kinda old over his own beats. I think he’s just in the mind state where he has to do it all himself to have his debut be considered a classic. He’s trying to be like Kanye by producing the whole album when he’s not that talented as Kanye. AND, Kanye had a great album because he utilized his features so well. Cole too stubborn to put more features on his album.

    Let me tell you this, if dude doesn’t figure out who he is as an artist within the time between his debut and second album, his buzz will vanish quick. Drake’s debut was CLEARLY mainstream and had mass appeal especially to girls. He had about 3 REAL drake songs with The Resistance, Karoake, Light Up, and Unforgettable.

    The rest were garbage ass pop tunes. But hey at least he’s good at making those garbage ass pop songs.

    Not listening to this until the album leaks. Gonna download that shit but I also preordered his album. Cole world.

  • Bigga

    People getting carried away. Wait 12 days for the album to drop and then make your minds up.

  • LeftCoastLLyRiC

    download this song right here! quickly before its taken down

  • krsdaruler

    dam its alright i guess but dissapointed

  • Airborne


    Every sensible person knows all of that. Only people who don’t know that are 90% of the niggas on this site, Cole stans, and J.Cole.

  • onsomeclubbinshit

    in my opinion this song is dope, different shit from cole, was not expecting this… in a good way… cant wait to cop the album

  • aHometownHero

    beat is crazy. hook is weak. average verses. this is like workout in the sense that it will grow on some people and others will always hate it

  • NYdreams

    so are we really gonna sit here n compare drake and j cole… whelp last time i remember drakes debut album was forgettable after the first week with the expection of a few songs.. and outta all of drakes and j coles single together.. cant get enough is the best 1 so ….

  • ughnh


  • Kobe

    this is fucking garbage


    40 is such an underrated part of why Drake is so big. If Drake did not have 40 and his production skills, we would not get those Drake songs that we all like and can relate to.

    The Resistance
    Partis Morton Music
    9 am
    Club Paradise
    Dreams Money Can Buy

    There are SO many songs that Drake & 40 have made. Definitely the dynamic duo right now. 40 is a beast.

  • jimmy

    NO Thanks.

  • FIM

    Lupe’s Pressure > This

  • NYdreams

    and jay is suspect for hoppin on this song as much as i fuck witt him… i mean did cole really shit on the song that bad ??? just a thought….. theres a reason y he copped out and ended up doing this #justsaying

  • Just No

    “I rap like it’s christmas eve” “I laugh at you old niggas, redd foxx”


  • Mr Nice Guy

    Man Fuckk all of y’all opinions. On first listen, this is a fucking great song, and it’s gonna bang in the fuckin whip

  • NYdreams

    @just no
    idk maybe the come up
    the warm up
    and friday night lights (which sounded like a album no drizzy)???

  • zeezrom

    If you think this is hot, slap yaself thrice. Cole got all you niggas infatuated with his hype. He made ya’ll believe he is something special. When in all reality he’s a medicore rapper who has found a smart way to get people to like his shit, by branding himself in clever matter in his interviews and in his shows.

  • Trey Bones

    @Shake Cole just dropped that dirty version via twitter

  • real swag

    nyc/brooklyn posted this on another thread. I hate to admit it but nyc have been on point when it comes to j. cole.

    here goes A. Hole with another one of his lame excuses. this nigga’s album was under development for like four years now. A. Hole turned in two different versions of the sideline story and jay-z and other people on the label rejected them. A. Hole placed some of those rejects on his mixtapes, and now some of those rejects will be bonus cuts. the problem yall niggaz fail to mention is, there wasn’t even supposed to be any special features in this album. the first three years all this nigga was saying in his interviews was, he was going about the album with just him and his beats. when all the song rejections came into play, they had to reconsider him working with other artists and producers. he had to re-write and re-do alot of his shit. this nigga ain’t got the smarts to realize his choruses are wack and his beats are garbage. now he sitting back talking about he had to wait on lyrics from jay and scheduling conflicts with Nas. this stubborn nigga was avoiding too many features because he would of got exposed and destroyed on his own album. he’s not lyrically prepared to go word or flow with those rappers he would of wanted on the album. his album was delayed because of HIM. he was too busy sucking off his own dick in interviews because of a few mediocre internet mixtapes. just go back niggaz, go back and listen to his mixtapes. the nigga was real preachy about being some real hip hop head shit, even though he ain’t fool the real niggaz. he was dissin’ them studio R&B rappers singing in their choruses and 90% of this hypocrite songs today he’s doing the same shit. you niggaz, the dickriders, you fuckers over-rated this nigga than any other rapper in the history of the game. I know he has to limit himself and prepare himself for cross-over appeal. that’s kool and all, but the nigga can’t do it. if this nigga is that great, why can’t this nigga make a better radio friendly song than those other wack niggaz of today.


    NYC/BROOKLYN© said this on September 14th, 2011 at 1:57 pm

  • zeezrom

    If you think this is hot, slap yaself thrice. Cole got all you niggas infatuated with his hype. He made ya’ll believe he is something special. When in all reality he’s a medicore rapper who has found a smart way to get people to like his shit, by branding himself in a clever manner in his interviews.

  • dmv

    @ LOs ANGEL. actually your wrong, drake without 40 would sound like “COMEBACK SEASON” “ROOM FOR IMPROVMENT”. yea some of comeback season isnt produced by 40 and drake didnt hook with 40 until comeback season so we would still get fantastic songs…. @NYdreams. whats with the excuses dude? everyone else is admiting it and your just like “oh maybe something is fishy, theres a reason why its bad? like just stop bro.

  • zeezrom

    And jay hopped on this track cuz he knew it was a mediocre song and cole’s verses weren’t that strong. He was too scared to hop on god’s gift. Smart and a coward move on jay’s part

  • daman

    How can you say this beat is whack? Listen to the song more clearly and its actually pretty decent lyrics for a mainstream song

  • chad

    This lame ass nigga use to diss rappers that sung in there music now this lame ass nigga doing the same shit. i swear this nigga a pussy nigga i’ll slap the shit outta this nigga.

  • NYdreams

    @dmv huh ?? i was talkin bout jay-z doing this song instead of gods gift.. i was wonderin y he would get on this song instead of gods gift


    Beat hot –
    Jcole Lyrics on a lil wayne wierd level
    which isnt a good thing …..1

  • NYdreams

    i mean jay musta heard the verses of gods gift and said damnnnn i cant top that … kanye aint even spit like this on watch the throne.. so he took the easy way out and did this simple song =/

  • LupeFaco11

    big jcole fan here!!!
    i loved ” who dat” but damn thats a long time ago
    i closed this song after 10 sec disappointing cuz the leaked songs in the
    beginin suppoused to be the hottest in the album
    Big dissapointment sorry

  • dsdsds

    ““y’all niggas need a time out, who got these niggas all wind up?
    sucka, i’m 7:30, y’all know where you niggas gon wind up?”

    answer: what comes next would be 8:00… on a watch that hands go eight up or ‘ate up’ –> #whoa”

    ^What the fuck are you talking about? That’s not at all what the line means dipshit. “7:30” means crazy, man. J. Cole stans are so irritating.

  • cale

    WORD. 730 is a Riker’s Island term for people who are psychotic. He’s saying “I’m crazy you know what I’m gonna do to you?”

    Nigga thought 8:00 came after 7:30. Last I checked 7:31 comes after 7:30. Wack ass song.

  • marty mcfly

    You people honestly think Jay is scared of getting on a song with the nigga he signed? GTFOH cause it doesnt matter what song if you nice then you pose to be nice on whatever. BTW you all know the 730 line was dope but you just mad. People that say Cole is gonna drop a classic already have their mind made up regardless but they gonna be skipping songs for sure. Then other ten songs people havent heard need to have the substance of Illmatic at this point to make me saying its even dope. Let alone classic

  • real swag

    lol this was nyc/bk yesterday.

    (***in my MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN voice***) dopeboyz and dopegirlz, on the realz… this is false advertisement, fake anticipation and PR propaganda. 9/27 will go down as HIP HOP’s Y2K. ain’t no fuckin’ classic is gonna be dropped on 9/27. 9/27 will end with children’s tears, a speck of dust followed by the collapse of your made up hero short lived fantasy empire. 9/27 is when GOD comes down and slaughters the SHEEPS and SLAVES of modern time music. blasphemy, travesty, technology and The Book of Deuteronomy. the eyebrow scowl sinner and his seductive army of snakes with their condescending lives will face judgement.

    brothers and sisters gettin’ all hyped up, building up adrenaline, taking stereo steroids from silly album snippets. this brother hasn’t dropped a classic song in his life, and yall wanna crown his album a classic. ***(using fingers as props)*** this brother dropped singles after singles after singles after singles after singles. too many god damn FAILED singles after FAILED singles. you would think the brother respected himself more after a barrage of mistakes, but NOOOOOO…he falls victim to his own circumstances.

    the intent itself to abandon your righteous soul and degrade yourself in front of your other brothers and sisters is down right eeeeeeEVIL! you are willing to risk the last drop of integrity left in your hollow brain to defend the wackness of this artist, to solidify yourself as leader in an army of idiots is down right eeeeeeEVIL! wake up! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! brothers and sisters, I ask you tonight to WAKE UP! 9/27 will be the day of desperation, despair and disappointment.


    NYC/BROOKLYN© said this on September 13th, 2011 at 11:36 pm

  • ohyeahh


    noone give a fuck what u think troll, done heard this shit on hot 97 and power 105 since it dropped at 5. cole gonna win regardless of your album ranking.

  • NYdreams

    i mean if i gave u a album witt 10 songs and outta those 10 songs 1 of them is my garbage song.. and you pick that 1 song outta the other 9… it says somethin bout your character..

  • dmv

    @NYC/BROOKLYN© lmao, tellem brother, halleluuyaaa

  • Asada

    How did he hear this beat and think it would be the perfect fit for Jay?

  • Grimzz

    it’s ok…WTT feel…straight up it’s a lame attempt for cole to branch out…it’s a mistake because all the songs we heard from his joint goes in so far except for this…sad thing is dude is about to suffer a lot of slack from one song and his album is gonna take a hit for it…niggas are CLOWNING his bars like waynes…not good…recoverable…but not good

  • grind

    Dope lyrics.
    Beat is gay.
    sounds like summin they wud play in a gay club

  • (l,k)

    you know its a disappointment when a j. cole song gets 300 dislikes before it even gets close to 1,000 likes

  • marty mcfly


    This nigga spit better bars then this bullshit from your hero

  • spades

    I fuck wit the dubstep influence, jay’s verse go hard. @Lupefaco11 how u a cole fan and close the song in 10 sec. I don’t even fuck wit cole like that n gave the song a full listen. song goes.

  • dddddsss

    Summary , this blows, works out blows, no stations playin either
    someone give NYC broklyn a award.

  • LupeFacofds
  • LoftMusic

    no stations playing either @ddddsss?????

    u niggas so simpleeeeee, 9/27

  • Cha

    A Star is Born > Light Up > Mr. Nice Watch

  • Grimzz

    i love j. cole…i got everything he put his breath on but to honestly hold this man as a savior on this first shot at an album is unfair…i’m expecting to skip some songs from every album i listen to now a days…classic album on your first try just doesn’t happen anymore…hell great status is rare…all this drake nonsense is urking me because drake’s best total effort was comeback season IMO…thank me later wasn’t great as people wanted it to be either…

  • hip hop muslims


  • Rezo

    You know a song is AWFUL when it’s a worldwide tt and it’s nothing but negative comments. AND his album drops in 2 weeks??? That’s a horrible look and I know Rocnation is looking at this shaking their heads. LOL

  • Jimmy Capo

    Song is corny but that Jay verse. Shit is cray. Nigga took serious shots at Wayne.

  • dsfdsf

    Ok this is ridiculous word play. Tying in football references with watch references to stay on point with the theme of the track? Hov really outdid himself here. Class is now in session:

    Jay loves his Hublot watches:

    New watch alert; Hublots!
    The band to his Hublot isn’t ordinary leather…nope. Mr. Nice Watch has an alligator skin band. Now here is where it gets clever. In college, Tim Tebow was a national phenom on multi-championship winning Florida Gators. So there’s the “gator” tie in

    Next Hov says “y’all niggas ball half-time.” This is a double entendre: half-time being the midway mark of a football game (or almost every other sport for that matter), and half-time meaning your watch clearly isn’t as nice as his. Hov knocks down your status by likening you to the “Gator band”, who plays at “half-time” for the University of Florida

    Furhtermore, Jay implies that his status as “Mr. Nice Watch” has these bitches all “wound up” or in a fuss

    7:30 is slang for being crazy (thank you, Big L). Mr. Carter ends this incredible run of ridiculous wordplay by tying in the phrase “wind up” again, implying that you’ll end up ate (pun intended) if you mess with him

  • juice101

    Average track no classic but it’s worth the’s funny how niggas is callin the people that like it dickriders but yet some of you clowns bring up drake aka ass grabber(check wshh) so what does that make you?

  • ijhiu

    Ok this is ridiculous word play. Tying in football references with watch references to stay on point with the theme of the track? Hov really outdid himself here. Class is now in session:

    Jay loves his Hublot watches:

    New watch alert; Hublots!
    The band to his Hublot isn’t ordinary leather…nope. Mr. Nice Watch has an alligator skin band. Now here is where it gets clever. In college, Tim Tebow was a national phenom on multi-championship winning Florida Gators. So there’s the “gator” tie in

    Next Hov says “y’all niggas ball half-time.” This is a double entendre: half-time being the midway mark of a football game (or almost every other sport for that matter), and half-time meaning your watch clearly isn’t as nice as his. Hov knocks down your status by likening you to the “Gator band”, who plays at “half-time” for the University of Florida

    Furhtermore, Jay implies that his status as “Mr. Nice Watch” has these bitches all “wound up” or in a fuss

    7:30 is slang for being crazy (thank you, Big L). Mr. Carter ends this incredible run of ridiculous wordplay by tying in the phrase “wind up” again, implying that you’ll end up ate (pun intended) if you mess with him

  • Pugz

    All the hate for this is ridiculous oh my god…. the Work out Like/Dislike ratio was something like 1700/400 and this one is 700/300 damn… you really think this is worse than Work Out, fucking idiots…

  • Jimmy Capo

    I got a Hublot I call it Tebow
    I strap that bitch with a Gator band
    Y’all niggas ball half time ya’ll niggas like the gator band
    Y’all niggas need a timeout, who got these niggas all wind up
    Cocksucka I’m 7.30, y’all know where you’ll niggas gon wind up
    No more Mr Nice Guy, hello Mr Nice Watch
    Only but a matter of time ‘fore I hit ya’ll niggas with the nice shot
    Y’all niggas, better not call the law
    Get no blood on my Audemar
    Meaning ya’ll better not waste my time
    When y’all ready I’ll take you over
    Meanwhile I’m just chopping off doors
    Put the front on the back cause I’m back and forth
    Put the front on the back of the Bach’ like a boss
    So I fronting on niggas when I’m backing off
    Uh, what up Cole, show time
    Let these niggas know
    Adjust ya Rollies on these muthaf-cking hoes
    Whenever you ready, go!

    get no blood on my audemar!! what?!!! Dont sleep on Hov man.

  • Grimzz

    Fun Fact…Jay-Z mastered Wale’s lane in one verse…and I’m pro-wale to the grave…yikes

  • Airborne


    LMAO nigga Hot97 played it cause Flex was on and Flex likes introducing new shit. That, plus it had a Jay verse on it. It didn’t get played cause niggas fuck with Cole over there. It’s cause they fuck with Jay. Smh

  • Shawn

    So.. now that I’ve listened to this a few times on my better sound system with woofer/surround sound. This song is crazy.. especially Jay’s verse. Cole was okay but Jay’s word play was sick. The chorus and beat are mad nice too.

  • Big AL

    How people gonna say whether the album is classis status or not before it even drops.gtfoh. stop with the unnecessary judging of some shit u haven’t even hear yet. When a nigga say classic that don’t mean its illmatic 2011. Just think about albums that have gotten the classic tag to them in recent years..bleuprint, black album, College dropout, late registration, MBDTF,Carter 3(which I personally don’t agree with) now WTT. NONE of those albums are fuckin with all. Those albums have some terrible songs on them as well assome great songs. So don’t say that the album can’t be classic because a couple songs are wack to average. Im not really feeling a few of the leaked songs either( workout mainly) but still its COLE WORLD NIGGA!!!!!

  • ondareal

    j.cole is boring as fuck

  • jah

    J.Cole reduced the quality about 3x what he’s capable of. Jay’z verse was dumbed down as well. I guess this is the future….

  • Johnny Blaze

    should have made Friday Night Lights his debut album

  • frostythekid

    how can anyone call a classic before listening to the who album for a minute? J cole fans are something else. Ask yourself … is this gonna stand the test of time. I can wear this song out in a month … relax guys.

  • ThaTruth

    J cole lyrics 6/10
    Jay Z lyrics 10/10
    production 8/10
    Chorus 7.5/10
    Concept 10/10

  • tobehonest

    damn…Hov can flow to any beat. Ever created. You can make a strong point for the GOAT

  • tobehonest

    I just don’t like how Cole keeps having an identity crisis of the 8 out of 10 tracks that come out

  • Boone

    All the hype & anticipation for this?! This shit is bad B. Smh.

  • David

    I only have this song because of the Jay Z verse.. The rest is… Meh.

  • mathis

    he shouldve just made a damn mixtape and called a album. all his mixtapes have been better then anything thats gonna be on his album

  • everyobody gettin all bent outta shape. NO this is not the USUAL Cole sound…but he has to sell records, get radio spins, and pack out shows…he has to have songs like this to win as far as his record label goes. HE IS ON A MAJOR LABEL…not an indy so he has to give and take…Just look at what lupe did with his album

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    The problem is he is trying too hard to get a radio hit. I have hope for him still, but it really sucks to see him making so many radio friendly songs that don’t even get radio play.

  • mark

    well said!^

  • Master Lee

    I love J. Cole but I have to say I was a little disappointed with this.

  • Airborne


    Lupe’s music was good tho, and consistent. The sound went in a certain direction. He wasn’t struggling to make radio songs and the music sounded natural even tho it was different from what we were used to from Lupe. From what we heard from Cole’s album, it’s all over the place. We’ll see come the 27th tho.

  • QB

    NYC/Brooklyn killing it.. he’s a hater, but thing is, he’s spitting truth.. Sept 27th (or whenever it leaks) = Judgment Day for Cole.

  • Chantelle

    This is coming from a day 1, J. Cole fan…this shit sounds watered down. Not the usual J. Cole, not the type of music that got you this far. This sounds like some techno mainstream nonsense. I hope the rest of the album sounds better. We need sounds like too deep for the intro Cole! Please don’t let the “910” down, we been supporting you too hard! You got my money for your October concert in Charlotte…let me find out its the last.

  • Space

    Dope besides the beat. if it would have has some hip hop beat, i bet it would be a huge single.
    Real hip hop, fuck that Fairy techno shit.

  • 2Guta

    jesus this song is horrible

  • prince

    lmfao i was at school reading the comments cause i couldn’t hear the song in class, and i was so set into believing the track would suck.. lmfao im so happy at how much i love the track at first listen. yeah jay-z did kill j cole on this but that’s fine with me, jay-z is hard to kill, plus j cole already had his recorded.

    anyway this is still a very good track, the beat is bananas. i CANT WAIT TO BLAST THIS IN THE WHIP!! bass gon’ have heads breaking they neck

  • P. Warrick

    Give me the curses! Dirty version here: you bastahds

  • Pauly Dee

    Trolls came out early tonight. What’s the point of blatantly hating on J.Cole if you…well…hate J.Cole? So with that said… Get a life @ dmv, NYC/BK, Rezo, and Marty Mcfly.

    Haven’t listened to the song yet, but I’ll probably listen when the album comes out. Or I may spoil myself. I rly don’t know.

  • marty mcfly

    You saying im hating on something but havent even listened to what im talking about yet. Shut up square

  • xyz123

    It seems like Cole used the Jay verse to be the focal point of the song.. and like he wanted it to save it.. instead of competing with Jay for the best verse… Gotta push yourself.. even if it is a song with your boss.. ahaa

  • Pauly Dee

    I’m talking about period, you troll. You go to a J.Cole post just to post your “advice” or “knowledge”. Okay, we got it the first time, you’re on the fence with Cole. Does that mean you take time out of your ‘busy’ schedule to constantly say the same thing? I think you need to go to the doctors or somethin, because you seem to have an obsession with this dude.

  • marcus


  • jcn


    Kanye did that with stronger, slow jams, gold digger. Pac did that with i get around, toss it up, how do you want it. Nas did it with you owe me, hate me now, oochie wallie. Eminem did it with just loose it, the real slim shady, smack that,etc. Lmfao at them not catering to the game, pac said you have to make the singles for the bitches and make the body of the album the real shit. How the fuck you gonna talk about kanye change the game, when kanye has made his fucking fare share of commercial ass fucking singles.

    It’s like you niggas cry about everything when a artist steps outside the little box you put them in. Let the man experiment and make the music he wants. Yall ain’t even heard the whole album. Smh

    that “playing the game to change the game” means you have to build yourself commercially (equity) with these radio stations and tv network and once you show you can make hits and influence the game then you get “artistic freedom” to experiment. J cole tried with “who dat”, and it didn’t work, he gave ya’ll a real record


  • TimeIsIllmatic

    Cole’s downfall all started when P. Diddy didn’t have the heart to let him keep the reference track he made for “I’m Coming Home” for his own single!

  • erf

    cosign @Pauly De

  • The Kid

    Marty basically just indirectly called himself a hater with the Illmatic comment. There will never be another Illmatic & if that’s the scale to determining whether an album is dope or not, how many dope albums are there?

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jcn the artists you named did not make commercial songs to get on or to become mainstream so I dont know what you mean. Kanye made a name for himself off soul samples and substance songs. Same with Nas and Pac so you cant use them as an example. Its a better saying then the one you just made up and thats: Its better to fail being yourself then to win trying to be someone else. I dont know why people think Cole had to make anything watered down cause the reality is he could have dropped the most underground records ever and everybody in the industry would’ve gave it a shot commercially on the strength of his verses on BP3 and the Miguel song. Cole had the best position and opportunity to make a substance song relevant. @Pauly dont be mad at me be mad at the truth. If Jay Elec comes out and gets hot again off a non radio type song then that shows you that you can remain true to your artistry. I said the other day that it would be damn near impossible to follow in Nas footsteps musically nowadays BUT lyrically you can still get hot off substance songs if done the right way.

  • JAyP

    I dont get how ya say this is wack but Who Gon Stop Me was just like this & ya praised it? WTF LOL now everybody wanna praise NYC BROOKLYN LIKE HE BASED GOD HAHAAHAHAHAH #FUCKERY

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly is obsessed with me ten times more then im obsessed with J Cold and on another note I dont compare everything to illmatic , you guys do. Ill use American Gangster before I compare shit to a classic from 16 years ago.

  • ForTheAwake

    yay 1000 Like

  • the realest

    as far as the song its good. i dont expect it to be the hardest shit on the record but i expect it fit in with the flow of the whole album. the beat and verses are nice. what i hate is the j cole hook-singing. either take that shit out and put in some bars or get a feature. i cant stand rappers tryna sing they shit just bcuz its somewhat acceptable now. that shit like gay marriage. yeah its legal in some states but everybody got “one-eye-open-like, C B S.” especially when your verse doesnt even earn an honorable mention in competition with jay. i mean ye got one, em got one, drake got an honorable mention, wayne got an honorable mention. smh. your not in college anymore. rookie.

    but i will buy the album just to support and give proper judgement of the nigga when he finally do got one on record. but dont think for one second he cant be the light-skinned memphis bleek.

  • Pauly Dee

    And for some weird reason, this guy is always mentioning Jay Z in some way, shape, or form. Wow…I’d hate to see this guy in real life. Oh wait…it all is starting to add up now!

    Dickriding an artist (Check)

    Seems to be crying or screaming through the computer screen (Check)

    A nuisance that everyone wants to forget, but is to funny too. (Check)


  • the realest

    come to think about it, memphis bleek did have a better jay verse on his album, dear summer.

    not hating, just stating the facts.

  • marty mcfly

    Chris Crocker is closer to your kind then he is to me and I got plenty of comments that got nothing to do with Jayz so try again. Especially when I said Rocnation need to step they game up and I mentioned two other albums this year that I feel mite be better then WTT when they come out. I could further clown you but what I was bout to say even got me feeling like that would be fuck up so ill fall back for now.

  • LJha

    Got to be Cole’s most watered down, dumb down production and lyrics to date. Guess he’s trying to pull out his own “Watch the Throne” impression.

  • JAyP

    BREAKDOWN sounds DOPE!

  • 80’s babies

    WTF is this?? Im a J Cole fan, but damn, this is lame, no originality at all, thumbs down!

  • RobertL

    7:30 is slang for being crazy (thank you, Big L). Mr. Carter ends this incredible run of ridiculous wordplay by tying in the phrase “wind up” again, implying that you’ll end up ate (pun intended) if you mess with him”

    Actually he’s referring to Manual Wind watches….

  • Ace

    This song is nuts alot of u guys are bugging

  • hiipowerrrr

    This song is a 6.8/10 if Cole would of came harder then it would be really dope.The beat is pretty nice but the first like 15 seconds are kinda tough to listen to.All this hype is fan made J.cole never said this song was gonna change the world and be the best track of the year pkus he wanted Jay on Gods Gift not this. Jay was probably still stuck up on the WTT sound and wanted to go in on this which he did. The track is ok nothing special but it shouldnt be called horrible.

  • This is what I think when I hear J. Cole Lovers make excuses for the garbage J. Cole has been releasing lately.
    Billy Madison – Ultimate Insult (Academic Decathlon)

    @marty mcfly I won’t even bother to argue with these J. Cole Stans. Don’t even waste your time just watch this video, and laugh how this is my response to the J. Cole love fest.

  • Doney

    Itz funny how people always complain that Cole needs to try something different, instead of the “boring” music and concepts he always make. But den wen he actually does it, he gets slander? yall sum bipolar ass niggas. Just like he said “O bitter ass sitting in middle class homes wit computers on, hating on da newest songs”

  • Airborne


    You play this in the whip and bitches gonna either figure you lame or gay.


    ….What are you talking about?

  • Airborne


    Naw. What we said is dude might as well stick to what he knows and just improve on his own style instead of jumping around like Tigger trying to find the next song that’s gonna make the mainstream audience like him.

  • Pauly Dee

    800mEric, you must mean these others. You must not mean moi.

    @marty mcfly

    Okay, I’m going to ignore you for a while because this entire time I’ve been feeding a troll. And you’ve so fat off of this shit that Precious could pass as your little sister.

    Let’s all be real for one second, who can honestly say that Marty isn’t a Jay Z stan?

  • Doney


    I get what u saying, but im more talking bout the people who say dis is wack jus cause its Cole. I bet u if this was sum1 else everyone would b praising it. But if I was Cole, it wouldnt to me if the blogs aint feeling it, this will definitely get play internationally because of Jay

  • Doney

    Plus Kanye’s MBDTF was so dope because he didnt “improve what he do best”, he stepped out of his zone and tried different sounds, thats what a true artist do, try different things. It’ll get boring real quick to keep reinventing the wheel. But wateva doe

  • Chris_Zurcher

    DOUBTERS/HATERS/FAGGOTS…check out the snippets. the three singles are by far the worse songs. the rest is classic cole. oh my dollar and a dream 3 beat>>

  • marty mcfly

    @800mEric COSIGN !!! This guy still talking. Smh Pauly your a stan of the rapper that originally coined the phrase stan. Finally Famous >>> BME

  • BlackHippy

    Jay-z absolutley kills this. if u dont think so, u either don’t like hip-hop or his shit went way over your head. THIS IS HIP HOP SON. LOVE IT OR SHUT THE FCK UP.

  • BlackHippy

    Jay-z absolutley kills this. if u dont think so, u either don’t like hip-hop or his sht went way over your head. THIS IS HIP HOP SON. LOVE IT OR SHUT THE FCK UP.

  • Bong

    if somethings not a straight hip hop vintage sounding beat with the most top notch lyrics.. its trash according to most the people on this site…. Danny Brown said hip hop heads are the same as the thugs in the hood bumpin that commercial rap, everyones closed minded… and that man is right as fuck

  • Bigwill

    He just posted the dirty on twitter I don’t get what people mean Jay-Z went wait for…wait for it…H.A.M. on this can’t wait for the 27th and I can’t wait for J’s next album he got his mojo back

  • @Pauly Dee This is what I think about your posts.
    Billy Madison – Ultimate Insult (Academic Decathlon)
    Not even going to waste time arguing about how idiotic your posts, and J. Cole lovers are. I’m in full agreement with Dmv, NYC/BK, Rezo, and Marty Mcfly.

  • top

    i dont even like jcole and this is super dope!
    i dont understand all the hate??!
    shit goes hard!

  • the realest

    Plus Kanye’s MBDTF was so dope because he didnt “improve what he do best”, he stepped out of his zone and tried different sounds

    ^ i hear you but this is not correct. graduation was stepping out of the zone, hence tracks like stronger cant tell me nothin, flashing lights. MBDTF was gettin back to real hiphop sound hence producers like bink! and rza

  • section80

    hmmm those snippets on Amazon UK are sounding ExTRA CLASSIC!!! SIT DOWN HATERSSSSSSSS, who the fuck complains about j. cole + a hard ass beat + Hov? only a troll thats who hahahaha this nigga album probably isn’t gonna CHange the game but its damn sure gonna make him richhhh

  • Pauly Dee


    You’re saying that my posts were idiotic (I gotta give props on that link though), but you aren’t giving fact as to how I was “idiotic”. The fact that you’re siding with a known troll, a closet racist, and the biggest Jay-Z fan on the Earth (minus YN) really shows your personality.

    @the realest

    Didn’t really think that album was dope, but I can see why it is considered Hip Hop.

  • the realest

    @ pauly,

    which album did you not see dope?

  • the fuck.

    For the one guy that said “I cant wait for the hate to come to Kendrick”

    Kendrick is way above these average rappers. A rapper with a actual substance in music.

  • Doney

    @the realest
    MBDTF was stepping out the zone as well. Check Gorgeous, All of the Lights, the guitar riff on Devil In A New Dress, Runaway, etc. Those were not typical hip hop beats. Which goes back to my point, I bet u if Cole did “All of the Lights” people would b hating. Just saying

  • Airborne


    I don’t remember saying, “imrpove what he do best”. I do remember saying improving on his own style tho. Peep HIS OWN STYLE. Which this dude lacked from the beginning. He’s an ill rapper….that’s it. There was nothing special about Cole besides what y’all niggas said was special about him. He can rap his ass off, but how many dudes from around the way can do that. Nothing was unique about him. And that Ye statement was just wrong. ‘Ye went outside the box a lot as far as Hip Hop goes, but he was still Ye doing it. It was different stuff, but Ye style mixed in. I don’t see how MBDTF was Ye going left-field, it was different for Ye really, it was just different from what everyone else was doing. Ye’s always been doing different shit from everyone else.

  • Pauly Dee

    Cosign @ Doney

    And fuck @ the realest

    Replace “dope” with “classic”. I was talking about Dark Fantasy album. It was a good album to me (especially Lost In the world) but it isn’t classic to me.

    Also, listened to this song. Y’all are trippin’. Jay actually had good lines for once (he sucked on WTT) and the beat is just some cold shit.

  • Airborne

    When was Ye ever making typical hip hop beats? And your playing yourself talking about if Cole put out All of The Lights people would hate on it. Cole couldn’t make that record, and if he could, he wouldn’t put it out. Cause he ain’t built like that. He not trying to take chances. What Cole can learn from Ye is that people like good, innovative music, that sounds natural. Not forced radio singles and remakes of 1999 hit singles.

  • Doney

    @the fuck
    That’s exactly what everyone said about Cole til I started getting exposure

  • ThaTruth

    @ Realest , 808 Heartbreaks is way better than MBDTF. MBDTF didnt make an big impact like his other albums. Plus kanye was less lyrical and there were only like 3 or 4 songs that you probably would replay and those songs are the hits singles accept for Blame Game.


    I like it. Cole on point with this one. It’s hot. Stop the hate. Finally sounds organic with a hit.

  • Ace

    U clowns havent even heard the album yet just relax.

  • Airborne

    Y’all are trippin’. Jay actually had good lines for once (he sucked on WTT) and the beat is just some cold shit.

    Pauly Dee said this on September 15th, 2011 at 12:19 am

    ^Really? On that note, I’m gone. It’s umm…it’s been real y’all. Sept 27th, Cole World. We’re gonna see how many of y’all actually go out and buy it, and what you guys actually think of it. Cause your words ain’t gonna be so sweet if you go spend money on the album to find out he ain’t give you much of shit.

  • the realest

    @ doney

    that guitar solo dope aint it? lol. i hear you, but thats kanye, every project he do is gonna step out in some way. but MBDTF was getting back to that hiphop since niggaz was sayin he wasnt hiphop no more after 808s. devil in a new dress sounded like a classic 90s joint. the guitar just made that shit classic. gorgeous wasnt too out there. just a hard beat. samething with all of the lights, that sound like a late registation cut, as with Lift Off.

    graduation was the experimental record, right before the 808s. stronger was such a crazy electro beat record. good life, smh, that shit cray sonically. the dj toomp beats. i mean his previous two was all kanye. not only did he experiment with different sounds but also different producers. homecoming sound like Empire State of Mind before Empire State of Mind. and flashing lights is my shit and styles p killed that beat to.

  • Doney

    What u saying? everything people knocking Cole for now, he been doing since the beginning as well. And how do u know dis is not natural? Maybe this is the type of shit Cole is ACTUALLY on now. Is it different from his music 2 years ago? Definitely, but what artists b on the same shit after 2 years ago. Continuing with the Kanye comparison, College Dropout and Graduation r bout 2-3 years ago apart, totally different sounds. But I understand where u coming from, u made some valid points

  • Doney

    @the realest
    True on evrything u said, now i think bout it, Graduation was more experimental. MBDTF was more cohesive and cinematic doe. Good point

  • Pauly Dee

    Yep, I’ll buy this just like I bought Hell: The Sequel.

    Anyways, night folks. Wanna start my day off right.

  • marty mcfly

    @800mEric LOL some people never learn @Airborne nobody believe his shit about Jayz


  • Airborne

    Yeah CD and Graduation or 2-3 years apart, but there was an album in between those right? Late Registration. Following all of Ye’s albums you can hear the growth and progression. If you really listen, it didn’t come out of nowhere. He’ll experiment with something on a track or two on one album, then go further with that the next. This Cole song ain’t natural and you know it’s not. From what you’ve heard from this album, does it seem cohesive in any sense of the word? It sounds like a bunch of random shots in the dark, trying to aim at mainstream success. Which pretty much sums up his career since he’s been signed. And that’s just the cold hard truth. Cole never really had a unique sound. He was just a great rapper using the college boy schtick. He’s Ye after his Freshman Adjustment stuff, and before College Dropout. He’s doing it all wrong tho.

  • Cubano

    Some of you guys need to stop already…yeah this song is wack but honestly when was the last PERFECT album you actually heard? there werent that many over the past 10 years and its harder to have a classic album as a mainstream artist because you have to compromise your shit no matter what….even the dopest albums of this year like monch’s album, reks album, random axe, section 80, etc were definitely not perfect…evidence nor phontes album will be classics either, great yes but theyll have a couple mediocre ones also

  • Airborne

    Oh, cosign @the realest, cause i see now i basically said what he said about the Ye albums.

  • Doney

    Yea i feel u, I think him bein on the sidelines for 2 years stunted his growth and caused him to jus go 4 broke and make commercial records. But none of the stuff he dropping is as horrible as people make it seem. If he wont never unique, y r the expectations so high den? No one who was coming out with a debut album n recent years had as much pressure on them to make not jus a dope album, but a CLASSIC so the slander is jus unnecessary to me. But this was a good debate nonetheless

  • the realest

    yo MBDTF not classic? not dope? no impact? what? especially in this day in age. you can play that record start to finish for the exception of monster, which i think we can all agree is the radio token. but come on, the production? have you seen this nigga shows? when he start it off with that dark fantasy and the place just go crazy! thats the music ye make, that stadium status. i mean you start with that, move on to the gorgeous which ye “rapped like he got some respect for himself” on the track with raekwon, power go ham, all of the lights is that shit, especially wit the interlude. so appauld is a nice posse cut and rza sayin “FUCKIN RIDCULOUS!” > ALOTTA rappers albums. DEVIL IN A NEW DRESS, im not gonna start on this bcuz i wont be able to stop, that shit cray(lol niggaz gon get mad if i keep sayin it haha) on way too many levels. runaway is one of those “it gotta grow on you” type records and that shit is on me, im just now figure’n out why pusha t’s verse was perfect for the track. hell of a life, lost in the world, blame game, all great in their own way. i mean the chris rock skit? niggaz dont even have skits on their albums anymore. smh. thats hiphop. and a gil scott-heron feature on the outro? and its not hiphop, not classic.

    dont reject something bcuz its new, thats what everybody do. ppl dont appreciate things till long long after the fact instead of seeing things for what they at that time.

  • ab44

    300 bitches

  • Jay Cole

    Yall said wayne wasnt gonna sell with C4 and that him being on top was over bla bla..and he did 964k first week

    so many haters now on Cole. it just tells me that my nigga is gonna be ALRIGHT!!! album will sell..and we still gonna get a classic album. watch!

  • M&M

    Tell me that don’t sound like Yelawolf in that 2nd verse!

  • the realest

    Yall said wayne wasnt gonna sell with C4 and that him being on top was over bla bla..and he did 964k first week

    so many haters now on Cole. it just tells me that my nigga is gonna be ALRIGHT!!! album will sell..and we still gonna get a classic album. watch!

    Jay Cole said this on September 15th, 2011 at 12:49 am

    ^ niggaz knew wayne was gon sell. not another milli first week but niggaz knew dude was gonna sell. cole has no where near the fan base and fan base-that-buys-albums, of wayne. this record is tryna reach that same fan base-that-buys-albums.

  • Airborne


    Yeah, it was. The only reason anyone is expecting a classic is because his fans overhyped him and everyone else. So Cole feels he needs to cater to everyone and sell a lot of records, cause if he doesn’t everyone will say he failed. He’s in a tough position, and his own fans put him there. No one was expecting a classic album from Wiz with Rolling Papers. Dudes on here were actually expecting a horrible album, and with the shit that was leaking, I thought dude might’ve fallen the fuck off. But when I heard it, I liked it and thought it was a pretty good and balanced album. That’s why I’m reserving my final opinion until the 27th. But we already know a good amount of the songs on the album. That’s the problem.

  • the realest

    @ airborne

    you right on that if niggaz wasnt expecting a classic-wiz rolling papers thing. i felt the same with big sean, i wasnt expecting no classic, but when it dropped and that shit was waaay better than expected.

    but colse expectations is half fans half circumstantial. i mean he was the first artist signed to the 136 mill dollar rocnation, and held his own on the BP3. plus the fact that hes actually talented, so the microscope is mos def on him right off the back

  • marty mcfly

    Ya’ll comparing J Cole to Kanye west or some shit? Kanye created the whole “im the college kid rapping about issues” lane. Now Kanyes singles ,Through The Wire , All Falls Down , Jesus Walks , Slow Jams , Work Out Plan and Spaceships. Musically and lyrically and conceptually IMO the master is still > then the student.

  • BG

    Listen to my new track!!! I’d really appreciate it ———->

  • BG

    Listen to my new track!!! I’d really appreciate it ———>

  • the realest

    nah nobody comparing cole and yeezy. or i hope not. its no competition musically/conceptional. cole probley better lyrically, but not imo, but im not the one to judge for that. but everything else is yeezy.

    i just brought up yeezy as far as album experimenting.

  • Doney

    We not comparing Cole to Ye as if they r equals. I brought Ye into the discussion as an example of an artist who tries different things, which is what Cole is attempting to do with this song. By no means am I saying Cole is on Ye level

  • know_the_ledge

    garbage. need to be in the club for this one..

  • marty mcfly

    Ok I see but I dont know if they are equally skilled because people dont wanna admit Kanye is very lyrical but his track record is one of the most impressive not just musically but lyrically. Also Wiz and Big Sean delivered this year and now only two other new artists are gonna crossover with mainstream debut albums , Big Krit and Cole. Now some of you mite not be able to understand why some people like myself feel the way we do but I think if your a hardcore Cole fan then you should know why. Cole is not Wiz or Big Sean but he stay trying so hard to compete in their lane when he cant cause he is forcing those kind of songs. When people like Wiz and Big Sean can naturally make those songs. Now if ya’ll cant see that but then wanna complain about mainstream hip hop not speaking on real shit then to me that makes no sense.

  • What Willis Was Talkin ‘Bout

    This song is wack. And I been a Cole fan. I wish he woulda made an album of a mix between The Warm Up and Friday Night Lights. This seems really commercial and wack. First album supposed to go hard. This album might be on some Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers type ish. Where people here the album and go right back to listening to the mixtapes. Im still buying Cole World the first day it drops. Just hope I dont get disappointed.

  • Ace

    Cole is better tahn wiz and sean tho. U guys sayin hes forcing songs make no sense to me. This song was meant for the radio

  • the realest

    thia aong not messing with marvin gaye and chardonnay and it wont be as big as black & yellow even with jay. im just checking for the album to see what real “cole sound” is.

  • the realest

    this song*



  • iamcoreyg

    This is coo and and all but checkout my bro Hardaway Smith, that real hip hop. (prod. LaVi$h)

  • Regy

    The fact that Cole can get a conversation like this started over a song means alot.

  • What Willis Was Talkin ‘Bout

    Fuck what yall talkin bout. That Wale Ambition album gon be hot. 11.1.11 Theory

    Who better? Wale, J. Cole, Wiz, Big Sean, Drake or Kendrick Lamar

  • TonyStarks

    shit is whack… be real.. but i know Cole got some harder shit doh

  • bigwang


  • Clark
  • just saying…

    funniest thing. the first lines of the song.
    “everybody got a bad side, lemme see that shit” just saw Cole’s
    “what you say ‘Cole ain’t hot?’, boy. where u read dat shit? you believe that shit? all cuz some lame niggaz tweet dat shit?”

    that is all.

  • Elgin Brown

    Not gonna listen. Gonna wait for the album. Cole World, No Downloading.

  • just saying…

    btw. amazon uk snippets = we got good music on the album. also seems cole is working on his production skillz. personally. i feel they shoulda been more like rise and shine. but that’s me. we’ll see how his lyrics are when i get the album

  • dopeones

    I hate when Niggas talk about buying albums Imma download dude shit jus like all the other shit I’ve done last hard copy I bought was GRADUATION years ago…. crazy beat and flow nice but wanted better from Hov….. C’MON SON…

  • Chris

    Gods Gift is gonna be the best song on the album i think

  • Cloud 9

    this is probably tha first weak track from Cole i’ve ever herd. i hope this is one of those “pump it up” tracks to grab some attention. cuz at this pace cole gonna have that Wale buzz when he first started out.

  • grapedrank

    you know what sucks? this.

  • dopeones

    And stop comparing New artist to older better artist that’s like sayin any new painter is the new Michelangelo that won’t happen. there will never be another Nas Pac Jay BIG kanye…or timbaland Dr dre…but there might be another Swiss beats lol

  • BKQ

    Nah nah nah! Ya’ll are not listening to the subliminal message sent in this song. Listen to it for some more time and let it grow on you. You’ll appreciate it, and in terms of lyrics it is the weakest song on the album.

  • Rezo

    You know what I don’t get?? So many people are so quick to call a guy like Joe Budden a 1 hit wonder and make fun of his career. People calling Cole this great artist with great music is laughable and hypocritical. Cole WISHES he had a smash record like “Pump It Up”! Cole has had Who Dat, Work Out, Blow Up, Can’t Get Enough, and Mr, Nice Watch that have all been pushed as a single in one way or another. When are you Cole stans going to realize that homie can’t right a great SONG? His verses on a lot of his songs are good, BUT dude can’t write a hook to save his life. The hook is what makes the song, you can have the hottest 16 ever, but if the hook is weak it kills the song. The hook for this song isn’t that bad, but the verses are garbage. The dude just can’t put it all together, he is ALWAYS lacking something on every song. If it’s not the hook, it’s the production, if it’s not that, it’s the verses. I have listened to probably 60 something Cole songs and I have to hear a song that was near flawless. His songwriting is below average, he writes songs like a mixtape rapper. They are all about lyrics, but have no idea how to right 3 verses + a hook that all flow together. Cole is never going to make it in mainstream, 2 years from now he will be an independant artist just like Joe Budden. They both remind me of each other in a lot of ways. They have tons of potential, but can’t put it all together. Thing is at least Joe Budden has a #1 hit that he is still eating off of. That’s just the reality of the situation, Cole is a first round pick that was a bust. It’s been 2 years since he was signed and that’s long enough to call him a bust.

  • I’ma Cole fan & for this to be a radio single, it’s not there. I don’t think Cole produces club bangas. Work out is hot but it sound just like workout plan using the same sample too. This beat is hot but it don’t bang. Cole is not mainstream kind of artist. Him trying to floss on his tracks aint workin out. I don’t like this flow. I’m pretty sure the album has better tracks than this.

  • kspell

    as a j.cole fan i have to say this is kinda wack

  • naledge

    ”Niggaz hatin’ and I don’t know why” – P. Diddy.

    Let’s be honest, this track isn’t that wack. The high expectations of y’all made it seem weaker than it really is. But that’s always the cause when you do shit like that. Same goes for when you set high expectations for a date or something, shit usually dissapoints. So you SHOULDNT set these high expectations. Be prepared for the worst but still think it could be dope. If this track just popped outta nowhere without Cole sayin he would have a Hov verse on his album I bet 90% of y’all wouldn’t say this shit. The thing is Cole’s album really WOULD have a boost if Coming Home was the single but aye that’s NOT the cause. + Cole probably didn’t want that himself cuz dude only want self-produced shit on it. But Coming Home was a smash, he had the formula with Alex The Kida and Skylar Grey. Cole been talkin bout sex, hoes and money too much for this album being a classic. I’m gonna give the album a couple good listens but it prolly won’t be that good. He should talk to Jay for some serious advise.

  • will

    snippets are crazy. just got mad hyped for this album!!!

  • Reel Talk

    This HAS to be a joke. This shit sucks…I know Jay-Z is regretting ever signing this nigga Cole

  • Frost

    straight garbage…

    especially Jays verse…

  • DaTruth

    Drake is better because he’s not 100 percent nigger like most of you fucking pieces of rat shit. Jay’s verse was somewhat decent, too bad his nigger-ass couldn’t save it for the album where he claims that the throne of fucking broken OE bottles, crack rocks and stolen welfare checks is his and his buttfucking minion of a producer/shitty rapper/embarrassment of all nigger-kind.

  • niggaumad?

    ^the dude above me is def black too and is made his fat momma couldn’t pay the bills so she had to shut down the internet for the upcoming month.

  • DaTruth

    Fuck that shit, I would’ve already done the world a huge favor by lynching myself if I was a dirty fucking nigger.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ You dont have to be black so go ahead and kill yourself cause telling by the way you just come outta no where with the worlds most oldest racial slur , we all know your real life is worthless trash. I hope your mother dies soon.

  • GR

    Not good, Cole. i’m rooting for you, but this was pretty shitty. no replay value either.

  • zachariah

    I regret listening to it and I wish cole didnt leak it early, as its the most anticipated track, so he shouldve waited, Roc Nation needs to pay up some stations and get Cant Get Enough rolling on radio. Haters gonna hate regardless u know how it is ,get over it Cole is gonna be a star, and the hiphop climate is very different to how it was in the 90’s with the last real classic albums so you cant really compare that shit at all. Its an evolving genre for sure, accept it. Cole is dope he got my money; vinyl, cd and itunes.

  • leftside

    what’s the point of buying 3 diff versions of a album? smh. I understand people want to support their artists but coppin 3 diff versions of a album or 5 copies or something is OD. Oh yeah and Hov and Rick Ross def gonna boost them Audemar/Hublot sales lol.

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    Racism is a mental disease.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    I was expecting better, especially with Jay on but fuck it. Hope his album does big numbers

  • #realfuckintalk

    Yall need to calm the fuck down cause honestly this song is aight. Pac is considered one of the greatest emcees ever and he had soo many wack songs. yall need to back off cole cause his mixtapes are dope. Friday Night Lights AND The Warm Up > Thank Me Later

  • Made

    Listened to the clean – The song was weak
    Listened to the dirty – The song was garbage
    Listened to the dirty again – Discovered the lyrics were average and the beat is pure shit.

    Niggas only saying this sounds like WTT because Jay is on it. This sounds like total shit Jay’s verse included. I can’t believe it.

    A Star is Born was corny as fuck but the beat was half decent and the verses on point. This sounds like such crap I can only think Jay recorded that on a plane and emailed the verse to J. Cole who stayed up for 36 hours waiting for that shit to finally pop up in his inbox.

    Cole’s been looking flaky ever since Work It came out. He’s being pushed harder for chart success than any other nigga in the game right now Who gets Rihanna cameos from a debut album, and he’s still fucking shit up.

    I was maybe hoping for an debut as good as Food & Liquor from him but with the quality of tracks he’s been releasing that’s just not gonna happen.

  • This is fucking horrible. I usually say “in my opinion” but, no, this REALLY is just bad. Anyone that thinks this is good is JUST WRONG! ha-ha. I wish cats like Cole would just leave the producing to the pros.

  • Micah

    Man yall kids are trippin. Why yall always overdue shit. the song is not that bad. Its a different sound from J cole you should applause the nigga for tryna grow as a artist. atleast he changes his subject matter/flow/beat selection unlike another of you guys fav artist yall knw who im talkin bout.

    4/5 he sound like kanye a lil so it dont get a 5. the bass rattles whenever yall get a car with a set 2


    all these ppl critiquing wouldnt buy an album if it was 2 bucks… quit crying

  • u2huif2

    Yo, you fucking idiots need to stop saying classic. Do you stupid fucks even know what that word means? Cole’s album will not be a classic. It’ll be GREAT in the very best case, and GOOD in the very worst one. Cole just isn’t capable of making HORRIBLE songs, so nobody needs to worry about the album being bad, but he also isn’t capable of making GAME CHANGING/CLASSIC songs either. This dudes album will be good. That’s it. Just good. How the fuck can you morons not be satisfied with GOOD MUSIC? Are you shitting me? Carter 4 was fucking horrendous and sold a shit load of copies. That’s where I’m holding Cole. Will Cole sell as much as C4? Hell no lmao not even close. Will his album be better than C4? Well I fucking hope so, I know he can definitely do that. Will his album be classic? No, not all. Cole’s fans are the WORST part of J. Cole. People hate Cole because of YOU PEOPLE. People who DO like him, hold him to the highest expectations because of YOU PEOPLE. Expectations that he never ever meets and never ever will. This dudes under more pressure than anybody else in the rap game right now because of YOU PEOPLE and if he doesn’t succeed there’s nobody else to blame except for YOU FUCKING PEOPLE. In terms of the internet world, Cole’s album is going to fail. It will flop. People are going to TEAR it to fucking pieces. Why? Because a bunch of fucking morons got it into their heads(somehow)that this dude was somehow the living fucking reincarnation of Tupac Shakur, birthed by Mr. Nasir Jones himself. He isn’t that. Ya’ll set the bar WAY too high for this nigga. NOBODY could reach the expectations his fans have set for him. Nobody.

    A huge J. Cole fan; believe it or not.

    /rant over

  • burphy
  • IhateIdiots

    haters are talking shit thinking they are right about everything related to cole dropping off and not making quality music.

    “you have to play the game to change the game” j cole has learned.

    don’t talk shit until you at least listen to the album snipplets. Just based on those alone, Cole World > C4 > the Red Album > and possible > WTT

    if you deny that this album isn’t sound good then you’re a fucking moron who doesn’t have good taste in hip-hop

  • IhateIdiots

    “This game you could never win/Cause they love you then they hate you then they love you again”-Kanye West


    not going to lie i was slightly and i mean slightly disappointed at first. but now the song has been on repeat so cole ftw. cole world cant wait.

  • Zulu from South Africa

    Been visiting this site for a while and i have never commented until now, but this is honestly a huge let down. People accept the fact that the Warm up Cole is never coming back. Past his prime it seems.

  • Chamillitary Mayne

    Cubano said: when was the last PERFECT album you actually heard?

    Chamillionaire – Ultimate Victory – 2007
    That should’ve been the album of the year IMO

  • Chamillitary Mayne

    Cubano said: when was the last PERFECT album you actually heard?

    Chamillionaire – Ultimate Victory – 2007
    That should’ve been the album of the year IMO

    @Jay Cole: Wayne only sold 900,000 copies in the 1st week because Birdman bought 800,000 copies. No one was talking about C4 before it dropped & people are even more quiet about C4 now. The only reason people even mention C4 is when they mention WTT & The R.E.D. Album to compare them… and that’s only because they all came out around the same time.

  • Turtle

    Gotta say, this sucks. But the snippets actually sound great. The production especially. Dollar and a Dream III sounds crazy.

  • $lim_H*Town

    Yall trippin i was at the listening session in houston last nite an his whole album is great, production, concepts, lyrics, an cohesion of all the records is dope they all fit in to the scheme of the album, most of yall hating right now but i guarantee when u hear the album in its entirety, yall gon regret that hate, this was probably one of the best albums i heard in awhile

  • Not what i expected, but the song is okay it doesn’t suck, it’ll still get banged in the trunk definitely, I agree that Cole has in deed thrown away better songs than this though.. for a Jay Feature i expected the chemistry they had on “A Star is Born”… it sound like he should’ve had Kanye on this track instead of Jay, I was looking for the Lupe Pressure, Kanye Diamonds, Drake Light up Jay.

    I just Feel like (Drake JAY-Z Feature > J. Cole JAY-Z Feature)

  • YoungCosby

    @ Cubano – Perfect album? Skyzoo – The Salvation.

  • IhateIdiots

    $slim_H*Town, your honest comments will get lost in this sea of bullshit.

    Based off the sniplets, I think it will sound great. Songs released for promotion always seem to be some of the worst songs here, yet motherfuckas can’t understand that.

  • More DragonBalls Than Piccolo

    Niggas judging albums off of snippets now? Where they do that at?

  • mannnn

    Overall I like it. But the chorus sucks. I like the beat but it sounds a bit unfinished. Yall niggas are just haters.

  • mannnn

    Also I like that cole and sticking with the same sound on every song cause that shit gets boring. Ya’ll hardcore fans need to stop hating on everything that doesn’t sound like the warm up.

  • mannn

    I meant *ain’t sticking*

  • Sky High

    is it just a coicidence that Hov hopped on the worst track J. Cole has made lyrically? Yes it is a hit record so it doesnt require much lyrical ability, but i feel Hov tried to watch his own back. This track makes sure no one can say J. Cole killed that nigga like they did when Drake and him colaborated

  • icardi

    This song sucks…sounds like a remix to “Niggas in Paris”. Pretty much the same tempo. and Jay uses the same flow. Gay.

  • icardi

    hahahhaha @Chamilltary Mayne…Perfect album…”Ultimate Victory”. Even if all of the songs were at all good, the album wouldnt be perfect due to that fucking awful album title. Go smack your mother and pop in some freddie gibbs.

  • negroZ

    I was looking for the Lupe Pressure, Kanye Diamonds, Drake Light up Jay.

    “everybody got a bad side, lemme see dat shit
    “what you say ‘Cole ain’t hot?’, what! where u read dat shit?
    you believe that shit?
    all cuz some lame nigga tweet dat shit?”

  • the realest

    this song is formatted the same as marvin gaye and chardonnay. exactly the same cept no feature on the hook. this was a rocnation move.

  • honestly?

    Y’all need to understand that this dude is not a mainstream artist. As soon as he started forcing shit so it could be a hit, that’s when the trash music started to come out. I knew as soon as I heard the title it probably wasn’t going to be good. “Mr. Nice Watch” really? Sounds more like a Big Sean song than Cole. I blame the industry customer his mixtapes went hard but as soon as he goes mainstream shit went down the drain. RIP Good Music

  • nah i just listened to the album in previews on shit is nice this the only song that sounds “out there” watch when it drops Dollar & a dream 3 is classic Rise & shine, Never Told , Sideline Story all CLASSIC cole…

  • food 4 thought

    Are You serious??? This song is a major let down from both cole and Jay, and I have been an avid Jay fan for years but when someone is slipping you have to be honest with yourselves come on guys Jay has nothing more to prove/talk about. And this is not outside the box, the beat mabey but the lyrics are typical to me smh

  • shutupahyouface

    This is great. Nice beat. Nice raps. Nice radio joint.

  • DaTruth

    @marty mcfly

    I swear to fucking White Jesus that if one nigger were to get hit by a bat for every time you made a shitty-ass post on this shitty-ass, biased website, the USA would not have a welfare system that is ridden with such filthy, leeching animals. And the word “nigger” is clearly still a strong one if your tiny-ass balls are willing enough to make a stupid-ass remark about it being “the oldest slur”. Seriously? Are you that fucking stupid? Oh wait, almost forgot that you are a dumb fucking nigger.

  • TonyStarks

    yeaaa, this is whack… your lying to both J cole & Jay Z if you disagree

  • will

    I don’t understand the hate at all… from the name of ‘MR NICE WATCH’ what the fuck were you guys expecting? I think this song is…….


    True story.

  • I’m laughing… niggas actually think curse words made this shitty song better. It’s still one of Cole’s worst… little nigga should have gave this beat to Nicki Minaj. This production is feminine as fuck…

    Fuck all y’all dickriders. This song is SHIT. COAL WORLD SEPT 27th

  • marty mcfly


    At least when I do make comment I actually talk about something. Your only purpose every time you’ve made a comment this year is to say nigger this and nigger that in all your posts. If you make a hundred more comments dropping the N bomb what are you getting from that? Like what is that even about? Nothing so shut up cause anybody still throwing that word around 50 years after its was a really a issue in america is a fucking clown. Your own race is ashamed of you.

  • LawdyDawdy

    I’m in the Dope Song camp but: Just thought I’d put this out there. Since this has some dub step influence wonder if Cole thought of collaborating with Chase & Status for this track. I mean they are managed by RocNation it would have been a perfect fit and they did a real nice remix to DOA.

    Maybe there is a remix in the pipelines we don’t know about.

  • It’s obvious Hov knew he would’ve gotten murked on God’s Gift. This track does have more commercial appeal do. like what cole said, you gotta play the game to change it

  • ThaTruth

    J Cole verses was elementary and he didnt deliver at all, Jay Z killed him on this . Overall the concept is good and the song itself is catchy and may grow on you.

  • Datruth

    @marty mcfly

    How many dumb fucking niggers does it take to embarrass the universal African community? Two: You and Jay-Z, due to the copious amounts of dickriding on your part and his shitty, out-of-date bars.

    Also, you really think that saying the word “nigger” is not a big issue anymore? Reality Check, motherfucker, it is. Don’t fucking tell me that you or your dumb monkey herd would not throw a nigger-driven tantrum if an honest, bold white man were to call you what you are. Read a damn newspaper or some shit to educate yourself; be glad that a school system fabricated by white people was gracious enough to teach your monkey-ass how to read.

    To wrap my valid agrument up, I shall speak for myself as well as every other 2dopeboyz commenter and viewer: Get the fuck out, nigger.

  • JA

    Damn….I’m a self admitted Cole stan, but this track kinda blows

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Meanwhile your president is black. LOL I know you and the rest of your kind gotta be mad as hell still. Go ask a white girl who she’d rather be fucked by?

  • DaTruth

    Typical nigger defense, always pulling the President into their argument. Tell me what he has done to help this country and then say that again, you dumbfuck. And any white girl that I would associate myself with would never want to resort to bestiality because it is fucking disgusting. Try harder.

  • ColeWorld927

    Cole’s verses: 4.5/10
    Chorus: 7/10
    Jay’s verse: 7/10
    Beat: 6/10

    Coming from a J. Cole “stan”

  • marty mcfly

    I could give you a long list of things he’s done to help this country but being that you had to ask lets me know you only value the opinion of other stupid rednecks such as yourself. Even though you swagger jack the whole style of anything that black people do LOL. What have YOU done to help anybody even on the same street you live on? Exactly so keep throwing nigger around like its 1955 but what you dont know is at some point in life both your mom/girlfriend and lil sister have both had a black dick in their mouth and since then they look at you like a nerdy non athletic no game havin pussy. So next time you call me a nigger put “with alot of money behind it”. Now go fuck one of your own family members in that dirty little trailer you live in with that horrendous smell. The fact a black man is giving out orders in the white house is just further proof that your kinds reign is over.

  • lolatmarty

    lol, wow dude. You’re pathetic. Get fucking trolled harder.

  • marty mcfly

    Im done but let me help you out before you come back: Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger…. >>>>>

  • Cole’s verses: SHIT
    Chorus: So-So
    Jay-Z’s verse: Average
    Beat: GAY
    Concept: WASTED

    If this track is any indication of what’s to come… COAL WORLD September 27th

  • stack.

    I’m a fan, but Cole got everybody hyped up for nothing. He shouldn’t have used the word “perfect” after he went on and on about finding the right record for Jay. This track APPEALS to the style Jay’s been using on his last couple projects, but it wasn’t perfect for Jay. Cole was talking about wanting people to hear the album and hearing every track for the first time would be a special moment, but the Jay feature would have been one of the biggest moments if it wasn’t a pop song. It still baffles me why people like these type of beats. I hated “We Off That” and “Hate” from Blueprint 3, I hated how the beat switched up on “Who Gon Stop Me” on Watch The Throne. Call me closed minded or whatever, but these beats with heavy techno, elctro, dubstep and/or pop influences usually don’t appeal to me at all.

    Unless you’re a producer or a musician that can appreciate all the intricacies and work that went into the beat, how can you fuck with this? It’s not a club record, I can’t see me riding around to this, and I’m not throwing this on when I just want to zone out or chill, or when I’m looking for something deep or thought-provoking. Jay’s verse was dope, but I’m tired of that flow. This sounds like Cole’s attempt at a “Look At Me Now” type radio record. I honestly think that’s the only reason niggas think this is a passable song, because it sounds a little bit like some shit that they hear all the time and sold a bunch of records.

  • ThaTruth

    Lmao @ Marty Mcfly,

    what you dont know is at some point in life both your mom/girlfriend and lil sister have both had a black dick in their mouth

    marty mcfly said this on September 15th, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    @ DaTruth , You are a True Hater , for hating for no reason.

  • colepoop

    gay…im not pumped for this album at all

  • ThaTruth

    @ Stack, I feel the same exact way especially on WTT , These Techno beats don’t have a feel or appeal to me. Kanye need to get back to his soulful shit and stop with these beats thats sound like fruity loops Samples. But On Cole’s album, he went back to the shit that his fans liked him for. Mr Nice Watch is the only techno song on the album. everything else is live instrumentation, Real HIP HOP music

  • I actually like the beats on WTT… it’s just that Cole isn’t a good enough producer to produce/co-produce a good dubstep track like Kanye. This shit… is just fucking feminine.

  • JROY

    dope. cole has more dislikes than likes for once, which = certified radio hit! GET AT ME HATERS!

  • David

    Cole didnt want Jay on this track. Jay jumped on this track while mastering was being completed. Regardless its a good commercial song so i see why Jay jumped on it.

  • Kristian

    No denying that J.Cole is doing his thing. His production is tight too. For Jay to rap over his beat is a massive sign of his approval. Signing to Roc is one thing, but getting this type of approval elevates Cole from a commercial point of view.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    DAMN! 1733 Ups and 1911 downs!? This site gets that much traffic on one song!? That shit CRAY!

    Oh, and yeah. Cole World won’t be a classic. Stop hoping


    It got what seems like 1000 downs in 12 hrs. Wow! “Hater niggas, marry haters bitches and have hater kids” I guess?

  • Sawyer

    If artists like Cole have people who are paying attention to websites/blogs like this I hope they realize that 2,000 thumbs down to some 1,700 thumbs up is bad news. I’ve pretty much came to terms that J cole is probably going to have like 4 or 5 songs on this album that he proclaimed a couple years back were some of the most powerful things he’s written (ex. lost ones) Fucking Roc Nation seems like they are butchering any hope for this album.

  • Mike J

    I’m an admitted cole stan but this record is terrible. Waste of a feature but Jay-z hasn’t been a world beater lately anyway. If he hopped on god’s gift his verse probably would seem pathetic in comparison.With that said, I don’t know how many of ya’ll have heard the album snippets but I did. And it’s definently gonna be a COLE WORLD on 9/27. The rest of the album will easily pick up the slack from this track

  • ……. no one actually is a FAN any more. Your not supposed to buy an album based on how many songs you’ve heard but because you support the artist. If you don’t support the artist and what they stand for STFU and find one you do support instead dick riding and hating on blogs. But no, most of your d*** heads are gonna say his album isn’t “classic” because you’ve already 5-7 AMAZING songs already. Think about how silly that sounds on the real… F***, now I’m blog hating like you guys. I guess we’re all stupid… ENJOY hip-hop, don’t EXPLOIT it… done.

  • pawnshop


    you’re an idiot.

  • Rezo

    Did this faggot really say we heard 5-7 AMAZING songs already? What fucking songs off the album have you heard? I have heard Work Out (wack), In The Morning (average), Mr. Nice Watch (wack), Lights Please (good, but OLD), Can’t Get Enough (average), Who Dat (wack), and Lost Ones (very good). Almost half of his album has been proven to be either wack or average! STFU!

  • EscobarSeason

    @Rezo I heard the album snippets and the besides workout, and mr. nice watch, sound pretty legit…

    Can’t get enough is a hit.. who dat isnt on the album, lights please is old haha,


    I think this is the most traffic on one song that 2dopeboyz has ever gotten. Almost 4k thumbs up or down combined? Thats absurd. J. Cole’s internet following is insane. Not sure that many people know of him outside of the internet thhough. Didn’t listen to the song w/ Jay or the snippets. Waiting for the album to drop. Hype is ridiculous for Cole, I don’t remember an artist who doesn’t have a debut album already with this high of expectations. Pretty ridiculous/absurd. I swear once the album drops, 2dopeboyz should have just a separate forum for people to discuss the whole thing. haha fuckin ridiculous (rza voice)

  • MyFiddyCents

    Having listened to this song a lot now, Cole’s verse’s is very standard yet catchy. But he really shines on the chorus. The whole subject of “they say time is money but really it’s not” is dope and the simple way he discusses it is cool. Beat is an 8 and Hov sonn’s Cole but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Calm Down…

    Album might not be a classic but tracks 10 to 16 are fire!!! Hater’s can relax. Stan’s can Curb Their Enthusiasm. Easy

  • streetness

    Fuckin Legendary. Cole World

  • Smokeguud

    Cole #1 album on itunes,Coles EATIN!!!!! Where the bitchmade hatin ass doubters at ?!?!?!? Cant wait to see the 1st week numbers, Album is a BANGER!!! Go cop that SideLine Album !!!!!!!!