Jay Electronica – Act II [Rough Demo]

blame it on Meka September 14, 2011

The very first picture we used of Jay Electronica.

Jay just let loose this rough cut that won’t appear on his near-mythical Act II: Patent Of Nobilty (the turn) project a few minutes ago. It’s safe to say that we need this project to see the light of day sooner than later.

DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica – Act II | Mediafire
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  • real talk

    sounds fucking DOPE.

  • i hate procrastinators in hip-hop!
    if youre gonna take your precious time working on an album or mixtape, then release a few songs to keep us hyped. not 1 song in a year.

  • what the fuck, this sounds like shit. yes I know it’s rough, but jesus, did he record this in a bathroom while taking a shit?

  • niggas better realise this REAL HIP HOP

  • Aloof

    he’s on a different level. This album will change the genre

  • thatrealshit

    yeah this honestly sounds like someone put a tape recorder in the medicine cabinet while jay elec spit some bars in the shower. quality is terrrrrrible, idk wat theyre doin with the hook either

  • NYdreams

    this nigga sound like he went to the mcdonalds bathroom and spit a freestyle off a beat from his cell phone…. i know this nigga had 1 song he got finished but instead he gives us this …. its not like we hear from him much

  • carl

    do you have a personal tumblr meka?

  • damn if this was cdq.

  • marty mcfly

    Seen all your magic tricks abracadabralous the crowd gathered around its the resurrection of Lazarus. DOPE !!!

  • undefeated

    the quality sucks ass but clearly it fucking says rough demo dumbass!!!! anyway good lord those verses are crazy!!!

  • LazyEyedWonder

    For all you morons who know nothing…These are songs sound like before the sound design/mixing/mastering take place…Its not what it seems. Thats why TiRon & Ayomari did all that by themselves.

  • This dude is crazy!

  • bobbychalkers

    Shitty quality aside, hes still got it. I’m still hyped for Act II. My zen-like patience will be rewarded.

  • hardy

    sorry jay you wont get the 1000 groupie thumbs up like cole and drake do.

  • stopfrontin

    @lazyeyed. lol.. so funny when people like you go outa your way to pretend you know what you’re talking about for what reason? because thats not even true at all. lol. your just talking shit like you think you know. and you don’t. kicks rocks kid

  • Is this a sign he might actually drop this shit. Him and Blu both got me starvin for some new.

  • LazyEyedWonder

    @Stopfrontin Oh so you just record a song and it just sounds perfect right after you’re done recording huh?…Oh Yeah I forgot man…Thanks for the industry tip…I bet your shift at Best Buy is 3:30 huh?

  • Max

    If you can’t see past the quality and appreciate the lyrics this dude is spittin ur crazy. When his album finally drop, its going to change the game.

  • obviously ruff but yea the verses were dope tho

  • Jay ElecYAWNica

    i bet he spent the last 3 years writing this and he just wants us to believe its a throwaway

    ..back to never getting act II

  • LazyEyedWonder

    I have to say I’m prolly the biggest JayElect stan out here..Lol And Damn proud! This guy is revolutionary. Act II will make all of us cry! Im super excited. Even if we don’t see it until Summer 2012

  • IKnowShit

    @lazyeyedwonder :

    that’s not quite true. Actually, prior to mixing/mastering songs. The overall quality is low (volume-wise) but NEVER this rough. When Drake’s camp 1st leaked “Headlines” it was not mastered, could tell by the levels (the re-release was). THIS SHIT ^^^^^ was poorly recorded. Of course they’ll clean it up, but don’t speak like u know it all. We’ve heard rough drafts before … this one is by far the roughest literally. Sounds like he used the macbook in-built mic’. That said : This nigga is too fuckin’ nice !

  • J-Walk

    At this point does anyone really give a shit? The album will come out sometime and until then I don’t give a fuck. Plus, I think dude super dope but a little over rated. He hasn’t put out enough quality material to say that he is the future of anything, or “real hip-hop,” or anything but a dude who has put out some dope tracks. Take your time and put out a dope album. No rush. Just make sure it’s quality material. But he is not revolutionary, or a leader, or a prophet, any other over hyped stupid bullshit. He is a guy who makes music, that’s all. Take it down a notch everyone. When this guy leads a Libyan revolt you can call him all that shit. Until then he is just a dope emcee who has yet to put out an album.

    P.S. No one in Hip-Hop is a “genius,” not Kanye, not Jay-Z, not the GZA, not anyone. Einstein was a genius, Beethoven was a genius, Mozart was a genius, these guys just make great music. When someone in hip-hop writes a song about a unified field theory then pull that word out, until then it just makes you sound stupid. (Just a personal gripe, sorry.)

  • J-Walk

    That wasn’t a personal shot at anyone who posted.

  • marty mcfly

    A artist like Jay Elect shouldnt follow any played out marketing strategy that these other rappers use. So if he’s not dropping full studio mixed down songs months before his album then thats cool with me. I hope he doesnt drop no mixtapes because then people get the feel of what a full album would be like before the official album drops. I hope he just shoots an official video and then goes in with very little warning. If you expect Jay Elect to follow the traditional patterns of the rappers you dont even give a fuck about anyway , I dont know what to tell you. Im really hoping that his music is promoted the right way cause doing shit too early just doesnt serve a purpose to me. Like doing the Shinny Suit Theory with Jayz before anybody really knew who he was cause moves like that should’ve been pulled at the right time. Hip hop aint seen a artist like this ever, not since “maybe” 94 Method Man and illmatic Nas so I hope they dont fuck it up cause this fool is the truth.

  • Eloheem

    The quality isnt even that bad.. stop complaining. Blu put out way worse quality shit and we put up with it.

  • Boone

    This shit is crazy. He will definitely change the genre.

  • G-Ryder

    Joint sounds dope. looking 4ward to the cdq. It feels like its been 4ever since he dropped an actual project

    twitter @G_Ryder361

  • marty mcfly

    Or if he does do a mixtape I hope its put together differently then these other rappers corny tapes. @ J walk 2DBZ is for fans of hip hop so nobody here is comparing Jay Elec to Beethoven and Mozart and the fact that you listed specifically things that you think he is not only reveals that those are things you really feel he is or could be.

  • Actual/Factual

    Whenever he does drop, I wonder how this cat is going to be received. Though he’s conceptually deeper than other rappers out there, I wonder what’s really going to be his impact on the musical landscape in this day and age. I think Rocnation will put together a good marketing plan behind him, one that will probably be unlike other hip-hop artists, but I don’t think he can do what people are expecting him/hyping him to do, and he’s not at fault for that.

  • dunk


  • DK

    What does he do with his life? Serious question…

  • I love you Jay-E but you’re killing me man!

    how’s he make money?

  • this is going to be a really special piece of art.

  • ThaTruth

    Jay Electronica is a true artist like common, Jay Z, and Nas. Real Artists have longevity in The game. Entertainers and rappers that portray or carry a image dont last long. Jay Electronica might not be global or appeal to the young generation, but I’m sure he have a loyal fanbase. Common was a known rapper but it took him years to become mainstream, thanks to Kanye. Jay Elextronica is a hard rock that need to be shined up to a diamond, Only if rocnation promote him right.

  • jay

    jay electronica gonna make act 2 all one track like act 1 i hope so i loved that idea and concept jay electronica bringing that real hip hop back

  • Boom-Bap


    We’ll see a new Mountain Dew commercial before a new album, especially since he got with Jay

  • the realest

    idk why ppl are saying its on rocnation and they gotta promote jayelec right. are you serious? ppl act like jayelec did rocnation a favor. this nigga has a major deal. yes everyone wanted him, but he obviously made the right move. rocnation handles the careers of jay-z kanye west beyonce and rihanna. his name is almost instantly gonna be inserted in there. and no j cole fans, cole aint in that mix. he CAN be after this album, but jay elec has the message, music and bars to jump right in there. and i heard somewhere i cant remember where, i think it was that jumpofftv, but that jay elec is gonna be the first rap artist to perform on oprah’s show. smh. the amount of intrest that will come with an event like that considering all the hate oprah showed towards hiphop. but jay made that move. he wouldnt have gotten that without jay. not even wit puff. rocnation is gonna do the best they can with jayelec but its on him. it seems, and i mean it only seems, like he just been taking trips to africa and shit and just been not givin a fuck about music for the fans. but thats just what it looks like to me. he could be making music but “when you gon drop that first, nigga you takin long.” you aint andre 3k. not yet. you cant just stalling. but in all honesty idont think he cares when he drops it. i think he one of those “i do what i want when i want.” type of niggaz. Or roc just tryna push WTT then Cold World then ACT II then or at sametime jay new album. but idk.

  • “At this point does anyone really give a shit? The album will come out sometime and until then I don’t give a fuck….. Take your time and put out a dope album. No rush. Just make sure it’s quality material.”


    …its annoyin tho that hes crazy nice n got no material…

  • marty mcfly

    @ zany blunts


  • Boom-Bap

    He’s overrated anyway, people just think he’s deep because of the hat. You could put a Kufi on Waka Flocka and people would call him the second coming of KRS. Pyramids are gay.

  • Fifth ear

    @Boom-Bap thats gotta be the most ignorant comment Ive ever seen..people say he’s deep because they actually pay attention to the lyrics, they listen to music with their ears not their eyes

  • iLL

    fucking wack and not deep at all …

  • marcus


  • Jay Electronica has affected so many people with just a few official tracks and performances. He’s done more with his lack of official album than 90% of musicians do in their entire career. fact.

    Let an artist be an artist. I thought we wanted art back. Not this commercial droll. And yet people want a conventionally commercial release with a conventional commercial build up and timescale.

  • TorontoXO

    It says Rough in the fuckin title, why’s anybody bitchin about quality?

    This shit sounds dope as fuck

  • ctown

    marty mcfag stop commenting on every single 2db post, you sound like an attention seeker. nobody wants to see you on every post. Don’t you have anything else to do except be on the computer every minute?

  • sdmoney

    quality might suck but this song is the shit. I haven’t heard anything anything this good in a few years, longer than this sites been up.