Bring It Back: Dilated Peoples & Eminem – Wake Up Show Freestyle

blame it on Shake September 15, 2011

Man, I really gotta run more segments of this series. Anyways, while plunging through some old CDs RTC came across a super dope cipher between Rakaa, Evidence, Em and Aristotle. His words…

So, there are a few reasons why I’m posting this old Wake Up Show Freestlye today… Firstly, it’s just dope. Dilated Peoples and Eminem in the same cipher is Hip Hop history, especially given their small beef in the early 2000’s (SHAKE EDIT: Searching For Bobby Ficher is still one of the best disses towards Em to this day IMO). I also remember when I found this probably 12 or 13 years ago, and was just blown away by some of what Eminem was spitting. Listening to it now, and it’s still incredible. Also, Evidence has a new LP on the way, and we’re bring DJ Babu to town for Digital Freshness on 9/29. Not to be overlooked, Aristotle sshines here too. I’m not sure what happened to him, but he was bubbling on the underground for a minute. And did I mentioned Eminem goes off?

DOWNLOAD: Bring It Back: Dilated Peoples, Eminem & Aristotle – Wake Up Show Freestyle

  • Matt

    I was just listening to old eminem this morning..this shit goes hard..
    check out my shit all original
    youtube d1nonlymattb

  • Let’s Be Frank

    whats the freestyle where he’s like I broke the rubber busted a nut up in your mother so how do you feel about having another little brother. lmao

  • who cares

    Ill! I miss this Em. Not the raspy, trying to hard to be dope, new Em

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    Em is fucking sick, he has always been the man since he step in the industry. Nothing but respect for him and dilated, I miss shit like this, can’t find niggas doing cyphers this dope no more. Damn shame

  • Eminem2012

    Eminem made the Dialated Peoples & Aristotle sound wack and boring lol. He went in!

  • Em bodies the whole thing with that last verse

  • fucktyler

    Damn Shame Eminem isnt tha same anymore the pre relapse eminem was untouchable 2011 is screaming im not afraid to take a stand….Such bullshit

  • marty mcfly


    Only difference is Ev is still dropping hardcore real shit like Where You Come From and Let The Beat Flip. While Em has switched his style up and been screaming like crazy on everything he does. He stopped being actually funny and is now leaning on songs like Lighters to sell his other BME songs trying to resurrect his old style from 10 years ago.

  • SlimShady

    Something tells me they were smoking…. lmao Eminem of course murdered it but Aristotle went in hard too.

  • this is ems best freestyle… i never knew it was from this cipher tho… em still got it , rap changed and he had too change with it too stay relevant, but i still think he will go back to slim shady again next album

  • SwagAdiddleDo

    this is incredible!!!! These old eminem freestyles crack me up. No ones iller at it than him!

  • sigh

    Damn I miss this type of isht… A lot…



  • em killed it. that ending is kinda ewww lol.

  • therecanonlyb1

    em killed this! i miss slim shady

  • califreshness

    damn i remember listenin to this live…AAAHHH THE GOOD OL DAYS!!

  • John Public

    i remember reading somewhere post-eminem show that he didn’t like his flow on TSSLP, something about it being too rushed or offbeat… i wonder what he thinks of these old freestyles tho. shit goes regardless of what era we’re in.

  • yeah

    This type of shit is why Em is the greatest.

    @marty. you mad still?

  • Guerilla J

    true hip-hop!!! #Bring Back the real FReestyle#

  • nyc22

    Eminem’s best freestyle is this one… No question.

    Eminem – It’s only fair to warn

    Youtube .com/ watch?v=5G9CZpINyGc&feature=related

  • pILLpusha

    Thats the em I miss tpp, the crazy hilarious as [email protected] em! The last part though i thought was a verse to a song. . . I remember the wake up show can-i-bus freestyle, that man went off!!!

  • Rappy Kilmore

    I’m amazed nobody else commented on this, I guess it’s not a well-known fact, but it IS a fact! Aristotle is the real-life Ken Kaniff! The Ken Kaniff persona was based on him and was later embraced by him and he released The Ken Kaniff Show under that title. I swear I’m not making this up.

  • Ken

    At rappy kilmore, any Eminem fan knows that, Aristotle was the one who did the Ken Kaniff Skit on the Slim Shady Lp…

    but they had a fall out and Em started doing it himself….Funnier I might add…

  • Am I the only one who noticed Ev’s first verse used somewhere else. I believe it was used in LOOTPACKS “LONG AWAITED” Single with Dilated Peoples as a feature. If you guys haven’t heard it, check it out. Madlib on production – What!! Real HIP HOP… Imagine this em now. WOW!

  • Pauly Dee

    When people say that Em fell off, it kind of makes them look stupid.

    1. So what if he isn’t the same Em from ’99, making jokes and bashing everyone. He’s evolved as an artist and has gotten a bigger fanbase, combined with the fact that he’s not some dude in his twenties anymore. Man is damn near 40 years old. What would it look like, him still doing that shit?

    2. Lyrically, dude sounds hungry. If you actually listened and/or read his lyrics on Recovery and Hell (shit, even some of Relapse), he been shitting on 95% of the people in the game.

    He may have fallen off to you Hip Hop Heads, but to the rest of the world, he’s droppin’ heat like he never left.

    3. The “pop artist” argument is played out. So he has songs with Rihanna, Pink, and Bruno Mars? So what? Jay-Z has worked with those same type of artists, as have Kanye West, and Lil Wayne.

    That said, this cypher is dope and not just Em went in!

  • dont get it twisted

    @Rappy Kilmore
    he came up w ken kaniff when he used to drive around detroit stringing words together that started with the same sound. he used to read words off street signs & billboards n shit. its in his bio The Way i Am. you should check it out it’s ridic. he originally came up with “i’d like to place a collect call from ken kaniff from conneticuit can you connect?”