Frank Ocean – Thinking About You (Video)

blame it on Meka September 15, 2011

Directed by High5Collective

Frank’s tune originally meant for Bridget Kelly gets a weird set of visuals. Props to Looseneck.

  • Much gifted dude, is he still runnin with that fuckboi tyler?

  • Rozko

    That “fuckboi” has alot to do with you knowin who he is….

  • quithatinsouth

    lol @ 2dbz supporting Frank

  • Aremac

    how is that funny that 2dbz is supporting Frank Ocean? i don’t get it.

  • Zero Kool

    this shit is incredible. I dont listen to much r&b at all but for some reason his music always captivates me. I also enjoy the concept and quality of this video cause most would have shot this video with the singer standing on a rooftop looking over a city or some shit like that. I guess being a big fan of Stanley Kubrick has paid off for Frank

  • DK

    People find it funny because they usually don’t post anyone in Odd Future, but I think there problem is mostly with Tyler not all of OF. Glad there at least posting Frank Ocean though dope stuff. And btw Meka I think the name is “Thinking About You” at least that’s how he titled it on the mp3 download. Between Frank Ocean, Miguel & The Weeknd I’m likin the RnB artists getting attention this year

  • Guillermo

    of ftw. frank is a beast

  • Derek From Staten Island

    i never fuck with odd future but frank ocean is my nigga. i hope he stays away from odd future but i doubt he would.

  • Thank Me

    I love this song but this video is fuggin weird

  • Willie P

    So he strong armed Bridget Kelly to get his song back? Lol

  • Kushington

    This shit is brilliant

  • zbMrOG

    Big ups to 2dbz for reppin Frank Ocean and squashing their own “beef” haha

  • rell

    Shout out to shake & meka suppourting frank. i fuck with ya’ll niggas. Respect.

  • @zbMrOG: They ain’t squash no “beef”, these two bitches still salty as hell where it concerns Tyler. These honkies were mad as fuck Wiz lost. LOL

  • This shit is beyond dope….visuals are great

  • TkDk

    Frank Ocean is a breath of fresh air for the game!!! This video is dope too.

  • hiphopcritic

    idk why ppl hate on the fact that frank ocean is a part of OF… he speaks with a message in his music. so does tyler. but his message is just in a more darker theme. for example “yonkers” was tyler talking to his evil self conscious “wolf haley”. reason why he goes “ima fucking walking paradox, no im not” thats tyler talking back to wolf haley. (paradox means contradicter). the whole song they’re kinda going back and forth in a way. and when tyler goes “green paper, gold teeth and pregnant gold retrievers, all i want, fuck money, diamonds and bitches dont need em” notice how he completely contradicts himself right there… hate on the “fuckboi” all you want but OF is a bunch of talented young kids making music creatively in their OWN way

  • k3

    ^ +1

  • Dutchboi

    this is my favorite Frank Ocean song. such a great song. #OFWGKTA

  • QBB

    yall tyler the monkey stans are funny.. say one thing about ur monkey and they start goin into a rage.. who gives a fuck get over yourself and get a life

  • QBB

    yall tyler the monkey stans are funny.. say one thing about ur monkey and they start goin into a rage.. who gives a fuck get over yourself and get a life.

  • anyone have this audio version, sounds like this is a more mastered version verses the version i have