Add-2 – One Missed Call (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka September 16, 2011

As promised, Chicago’s Add-2 drops his anticipated mixtape. Tracklist and link down bottom. SHAKE EDIT: Oh man… if this is just a warm up, Save.Our.Souls is gonna be a serious problem.

1. Intro
2. Introspective Of A Young Black Male (prod by Mydus)
3. Gotdamn (prod by J-Rell)
4. Save Our Souls Coming Soon Freestyle
5. Chicago Blues (prod by Intl MC)
6. She’s A Groupie (prod by IIL Meel)
7. The Assassination Of Add-2 (prod by J-Rell)
8. Life Is What You Make It (prod by CRZ Beats)
9. Maybe Its Me (prod by Ken B)
10. Mrs Jones (prod by BeRight)
11. More Missed Calls
12. Iron Mic (prod by Sundown Of Actual Proof)
13. MC Fabio – Cant Believe I’m Gon Bust
14. Diary Of A Broke Emcee (prod by Sinitus)
15. One Missed Call (prod by Sinitus)
16. Far Away (prod by The Jake)
17. Dont Trip (prod by Aaron & Slot-A)
18. No More Missed Calls

DOWNLOAD: Add-2 – One Missed Call (Mixtape)

  • xnyles

    Good, real music

  • Ducci

    Big shout out to the homie Add-2! Chi City ALL DAY!

  • Tobias Funke

    Introspective of a young black Male is fresh as hell. This is already set as my music for the weekend. #THANKYOUADD2GOD

  • godemcee

    This is supposed to be a warmup to the album?? he sound like he stretched and 2 quarters in already.

  • :P

    Add-2’s tha man! yeahhh boiii!

  • Jucee

    GotDamn was just playing on the ipod the other day. Downloading NOW!

  • SteveAriza

    This has me soooooo hyped up for Save.Our.Souls now. GOTDAMN, Iron Mic, Maybe Its Me, Assassination of Add-2, Chicago Blues hell the whole tape is like an album. All of his projects are great and he’s consistent. All he has to do is graduate to the next level and I think SOS is gonna do it. If Common says your dope then its only a matter of time

  • brooks

    as fuck!

    Just in time for my road trip up to MUNICH! TIME TO GET WASTED!

  • DahStoryTella


  • undefeated

    S.o.S is gonna be his coming out party..SUCCESS IS CERTAIN LETS GO!!

  • Tobias Funke

    S.O.S is going to be fucking epic dude. LOL at the “coming out party” tho you may wanna rephrase that bro. Definitely agree that Success is Certain he’s too dope to be slept on for long then watch all the bandwagon people jump on board

  • SteveAriza

    Can someone please get me the lyrics for that 2nd verse in Gotdamn!!! all i heard was ‘prepare whoever you send me…’ then i get lost lol

  • AceKing

    Maybe its Me…wow. Realest joint Ive heard in a minute, beat and lyrics. Whole tape is pure dope. Solid project, I’m fearing for whats next lol.

  • DustyRhodes90

    This tape is something special I wish I would of called in and left a voicemail when I seen he posted the number for people to call. Save.Our.Souls is going to be the one cuz if this one was a warm up Lord knows what he has planned. Gotdamn & Maybe Its Me and mrs Jones are my favoirtes. One Missed Call is solid

  • Daniel

    LMAO @ Can’t believe I’m Gon Bust. The mixtape is nice. This a quality project. Introspective of a young black male is tight. Maybe its me is nice!!! Gotdamn is a banger

  • b

    automatic download, didn’t hesitate one second

  • SteveAriza

    “I’ll never fully understand Gods reasoning/for taking who he takes but thats why i am me and he is him/ thought i was strong as steel still see im paper thin/ was a wrong for nights i prayed to never breathe again?/” and “Is my fear of God greater than my fear of hell?”…Maybe Its Me is crazy deep. The 1st part really hit home. Just lost my grandma

  • real swag

    this is real nice.

  • GeeZuP

    I needed this in my life this is one of the dopest mixtapes to drop this year definitly in my top 5

  • swagonmydick

    gaaaaaay hipster blog rappers

  • brooks


    Since when on god’s green earth did Add-2 become a hipster? Let alone a blog rapper?


    I think you need to re-introduce yourself to Add-2’s catalogue, you might find yourself to be insanely wrong in your statement.

  • Стани D

    Great fucking mixtape! I listened to it without skipping a single song. Maybe Its Me, One Missed Call, Diary Of A Broke EMccee and Chicago Blues are my favorites

    I see the trolls have invaded huh cause if you REALLY took ONE listen to ANY SINGLE Add-2 song you’d realize how far away from the truth it is. Finding an Add-2 Hipster song is like finding a black man in the KKK gtfoh

  • grana

    You can’t possibly hate on this man. All he does is make true, quality music, and he seems like a real down to earth, humble guy.

  • prince17

    Mixtape is average. Yall need to get off his dick, blogs make him sound incredible but he’s average at best

  • Lord Frieza

    @prince17 your average and probably never listened to sum real shit b4 go put on your carter 4 fag

  • DustyRhodes

    Add-2 is raw as fuck. GotDamn & The Assassination Of Add-2 are just flat out mean. Maybe Its Me & Introspective Of A Young Black Male are real. And Mc Fabio is funny as shit. Waiting for Save.Our.Souls now!!!

  • Master chief nigga

    Add2 did it again. Solid tape. Props

  • and it starts

    And I see the hate has begun…thats how you know Add is dope. When clearly he got mad skills but jealous c-section mainstays try to argue against it. smh

    Add-2 you going places my dude.

  • brooks

    If anything, I admire Add-2’s persistence more than anything. I’d imaging it’s hard to get signed with all of the fuckery being put out nowadays, but in the last several years, Add-2 is easily in my Top-10 signed and un-signed artist. Period.

    I wouldn’t say this is his BEST work, but it is nice to get some new music that is of substance. And for any non-believers, just go and give Vol. 3 a complete, thorough listen then tell me what you think. Honestly. I really don’t think you will be disappointed!

  • Tobias Funke

    Vol.3 was the best overall, lyrically vol2 was the most hungry, vol4 was a great album structure wise. Whatever he does I will say he puts alot of thought into the verses. ‘HER Story’ was genius the way used all the rappers names to tell a story about hip hop and it made perfect sense. Question DOES ANYBODY HAVE VOL1???? Im starting to think that shit doesnt exist haha

  • actually

    Vol. 1 does in fact exist but it wasn’t introduced on a large scale to the internet world. There were some physical copies distributed but it’s very rare to find someone who still has it in possession.

  • prince17

    @Lord Frieza LOL you just made my point. Get his dick out ya ass and turn off the Tyler Perry movies simp ass dick ridin nigga. Don’t be mad cuz the nigga put out 18 average ass tracks and all the homos come cheerleading like this nigga is Kendrick Lamar on the mic. Fuck outta here.

  • SteveAriza

    prince17 U MAD??? haha you sound like a hurting ass rapper. Is this cd the next coming of christ no lol but why you so hurt cause people like Add-2. Plus homey was on a song with Kendrick and imo his verse was up there with Kdot

  • Lord Freiza

    @prince17 nigga yo gay ass probably on sum soulja boy wacka flacka shit u hating ass ho how about u stfu and go play in traffic u troll

  • Tobias Funke

    It would be the guy named “Prince” talking about dick riding!!! lmao Go home homey, hit the reset button

  • swk

    first time really listening to this guy. this tape is fucking dope!

  • zig

    This shit right here… Honestly, this guy keeps upping the ante with every joint he puts out. Great job on choosing his production too. This is very dope.

    Not trying to troll, but I’ll take this all day, every day over that Maybach rapping WTT album.

  • Daniel

    Great tape again. Vol. 3 Will still be my favorite because that was just too well put together. Probably one of the greatest mixtapes/albums I ever heard. all of his mixtapes sound like great albums that he should be getting PAID for because they don’t lack quality. AND HE NEEDS TO STICK TO HIS PRODUCERS!!! DON’T GET TOO OUT THE BOX!!!