Darrelle Revis x Jesse Boykins III x Nike (Preview)

blame it on Meka September 16, 2011

In Darrelle Revis’ new ALWAYS ON video, we witness the work ethic that has made him football’s most dominant cornerback. But this behind-the-scenes footage supplies further depth, especially about his interests in music. “The stereotypical athlete lives and dies sports,” says Jesse Boykins III, who provided the backing song “Island of Greatness.” “It’s good to know a cat like Darrelle is passionate about other things.” Before writing the track, Darrelle supplied a list of his favorite artists and influences, from which Boykins created a musical “gumbo.” Of course, we see Darrelle mixing it up on the field too. “They’re working me out a little bit,” he says during the shoot, his sweaty brow glistening under the beaming sun. And opposing receivers will be singing a sad song all season long.

The full video debuts this Sunday at Nike Sportswear.

  • Real

    Ima big Revis fan but that song is FIRE… Jesse is a true artist, keeping that neo-soul alive……..Oh ya… Steelers gunna get in that ass when we hit the field together

  • Making your mom moan

    ^^^LMAO you must didn’t see the BMore game week one, the Steelers are done bro, that steel curtain has turned softer than baby shit. I doubt it. But that song is fire, can’t wait till it drops.