• xastey

    Tab-one is a beast

  • http://www.igniteandimagery.com Ignite Mindz

    Hell yeah, so dope. Directed by Kent Willard of Depth of Sound. Who also did the Medicine Man video for Rapper Big Pooh

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  • Lilpenny

    THIS IS SWEET!!!!!!!!....

  • lil_penny1

    THIS IS SWEET!!!!!!!!....

  • egriff91

    Turn that sample down just a tad bit and you got yourself a sweet track

  • Majestic

    @egriff91 It was meant to be that way I wanted the kick and snare to blend with the sample as if i just looped it thanks for your 2 cents though...

  • Rex

    Sounds like somebody studies 9th wonder a little too much.

  • James D


  • http://www.youtube.com/depthofsoundtv @depthofsoundTV