• Cupcakesss

    al green - call me sample?
    dope song .. joell ortiz's call me using the same sample is sick too

  • http://gtfoh.com Starks

    You niggas ain't gonna post the swim good vid? DAMN.

  • http://www.twitter.com/kgb860 kGb

    it's been posted hours ago my G lol, you just didn't look back far enough, probably got bumped back a couple pages

  • http://fuckyallhoez Back the fuck up or get smack the fuck up

    ^^aaaaaaaand here's more Odd Future fan boys wetting themselves over a "beef" that doesn't concern them.

    The funny thing is, that video was posted this morning.

  • ric

    Shi*s HOT. Sick vid

  • KOP

    It wasn't worth the time...more political raps? Cool.

  • Daroi

    sick of these white rappers trying too hard to be weird.

  • not white

    ^^^^^White rappers trying to be weird? Your mother should have swallowed you! What about your boy lil Wayne? All of sudden he is a skater? Yeah thats weird...do I need to mention the obvious Wolf gang, how weird and fucked up they are?? Whats good with your boy Rick Ross, a cop trying to be gangster? Thats not weird...you need to think before you type...fucktard

  • fraok

    going by the name homeless is like going by the name loser please dont buy my album. that's WEIRD.

  • dr. seuss

    Wiz Khalifa's name is weird? The Game isn't a weird name? Cassie Veggies isn't weird? SMH come'n son*ed lover voice*

  • uncle ruckus

    mf doom is the weirdest of weird, kool keith what the fuck planet is he from, kanye west GTFOH king weirdo, the D12 crew....GFTOH I hate ignorant black people who judge on skin color...hahaha

  • And Won

    that swim good video is so random but kinda cool. haha

    this song is good, he needs to get some more skills on them clippers though.

  • And Won

    oh, don't forget the name kid cudi. Before Scott, I only used the tearm cudi when referring to a crack/dope addict.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/newteradub?feature=mhee New Tera

    I just like the beat