Homeless – Epic Meal Time (Video)

blame it on Shake September 16, 2011

A sucker for all things coming out of Minneapolis (and an appreciation for well written/humble emails), I pushed play on this new video from upstart Homeless without hesitation. And just as I expected, the music is worth the time.

Ater playing almost 100 shows, with the likes of Prof, Toki Wright, Doomtree (P.O.S, Mike Mictlan, Cecil Otter, etc.) and more, Homeless is releasing a new official music video and single, entitled Epic Meal Time (sarcastically titled after the popular albeit gluttonous YouTube show). Minneapolis hip hop through and through, and informed by the grind that only 30 degrees below zero temperatures can put in your bones, Homeless is introspective, engaging, and having a hell of a good time. Coming up with the Likes of Truth Be Told, Mally, Big Cats, and more, Homeless is part of a new school of midwestern sound. Recently transplanted to LA, he is trying to make a name and save the world in the process.

DOWNLOAD: Homeless – Epic Meal Time

  • Cupcakesss

    al green – call me sample?
    dope song .. joell ortiz’s call me using the same sample is sick too

  • You niggas ain’t gonna post the swim good vid? DAMN.

  • kGb

    it’s been posted hours ago my G lol, you just didn’t look back far enough, probably got bumped back a couple pages

  • ^^aaaaaaaand here’s more Odd Future fan boys wetting themselves over a “beef” that doesn’t concern them.

    The funny thing is, that video was posted this morning.

  • ric

    Shi*s HOT. Sick vid

  • KOP

    It wasn’t worth the time…more political raps? Cool.

  • Daroi

    sick of these white rappers trying too hard to be weird.

  • not white

    ^^^^^White rappers trying to be weird? Your mother should have swallowed you! What about your boy lil Wayne? All of sudden he is a skater? Yeah thats weird…do I need to mention the obvious Wolf gang, how weird and fucked up they are?? Whats good with your boy Rick Ross, a cop trying to be gangster? Thats not weird…you need to think before you type…fucktard

  • fraok

    going by the name homeless is like going by the name loser please dont buy my album. that’s WEIRD.

  • dr. seuss

    Wiz Khalifa’s name is weird? The Game isn’t a weird name? Cassie Veggies isn’t weird? SMH come’n son*ed lover voice*

  • uncle ruckus

    mf doom is the weirdest of weird, kool keith what the fuck planet is he from, kanye west GTFOH king weirdo, the D12 crew….GFTOH I hate ignorant black people who judge on skin color…hahaha

  • And Won

    that swim good video is so random but kinda cool. haha

    this song is good, he needs to get some more skills on them clippers though.

  • And Won

    oh, don’t forget the name kid cudi. Before Scott, I only used the tearm cudi when referring to a crack/dope addict.

  • I just like the beat