L.A. – The L.A. Riots: Mental Fatality (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka September 17, 2011

After a few leaks and a video here and there, the Brooklyn-bred artist drops her latest project. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: L.A. – The L.A. Riots: Mental Fatality (Mixtape) | Mediafire

  • Syd


  • Thom

    She’s dope better than the majority of male rappers out. I dig her music.

  • EricDean

    Eh … it’s hard to get into. Not really feeling it

  • Riot Squad

    Nah The LA Riots was in its early stages back in 2010 so no Thurz here. Same titles happen from time to time. She fucks with Thurz though.

  • Don

    It’s hard to listen to. I just can’t get into it.

  • Don

    It’s hard to listen to. I just can’t get into it. Not feeling the cover either.

  • JT

    @EricDean & @Don

    Yall cant get with it cuz she’s actually dope…

  • ray

    rap van raps right here, cant wait to indulge.

  • Cole

    She’s one of the best out. So you should respect her. She speaks from her soul and tells the truth. She is not the “typical” female rapper. It’s time that you embrace change.

  • sam

    what leaks? i actually clicked thinking this mightve been a part 2 to Thurz’s tape. guess i’ll listen?

  • DJ Daz-One

    This looks like an interesting listen


    See thats the problem, everyone is so hell bent on being “Dope” that no one actually stands out upon being themselves anymore… L.A.. i’ve gave her a chance a while ago.. I seen her perform at some showcase in NY a few months my most unbiased–nothing special about her at all…honestly ..

  • GC

    Bank Rolls..could you be the same jaded person from twitter? cause this sounds familiar and I follow L.A. I think this is a solid project by her and I can see why it may be over peoples head cause its not on some commercial shit. I dig that though. I think she actually gives a shout out to Thurz in Clouds.

  • EricDean

    @JT & GC, everyone is not going to agree that this girl is “dope”. You have your opinion, let others have theirs.


    ^thank you EricDean … obviously must know L.A personally, or must be her…her music isn’t over my head at all..Im not big on commercial rap so at all..I’m actually lowering my music standards when I listen to her…Ive already said it was my unbiased opinion..not hate…P.S “bank Rolls” is just a fake alias for 2DBZ…

  • GC

    That’s not a problem EricDean. I didnt mention you in my comments because I agree everyone is entitled to their opinion, i’m fan/listeber as well so i’m entitled to mine. However there was someone here in the comments who mentioned the same on twitter debate earlier..which makes me think there’s more than just an opinion here.

  • Take it to the bank

    Thanks GC for supporting and all listeners for their opinions, good, bad and ugly. I do work with L.A. But Bank Rolls for someone with an unbiased opinion, how did you lower your standards? Sounds like you personally know her and yes we know that its just an alias cause we know who you are. But I least people are listening and that’s all we care about..for those that actually did. Peace, LF was here.

  • I was sold the first time I saw her live, which is saying something. She’s a dope MC period.

  • Esoteric

    Shit is dope !

  • tell it like it is

    i prefer nitty

  • Escobrooklyn

    Lyrically she goes hard, I’ve heard some people say that she just blacks without actually saying something & I totally disagree, there’s alot of overrated underground rappers that be on this site & yall fucks with them because they seem “Dope”. L.A. is one of the most unique female rappers out, she’s like a female J. Cole in my opinion. The project is very different. That’s MY Opinion but I respect the others

  • shit is crack yo


    @take it to the bank.. I say I lower my standards because I listen to far more complex music than hip hop all day..and you def don’t know who I am…I said what I said..and thats that…or maybe if I said she was “DOPE” this will end the ok..she’s THE DOPEST FEMALE MC..she will body Nicki , Jean Grae or any other female thats steps in her way…THE L.A TAKEOVER HAS BEGUN!!

  • reelspitt

    thurz’ l.a. riots > l.a.’s l.a. riots

  • twocents

    Didn’t like this, or her last project either. L.A. has one major problem with her music: she needs to learn how to form a song properly. Her hooks are atrocious. The last song was literally like having my ears be raped as far as the hook goes. The feature on that track sounded better over the beat than she did. Her voice IMO doesn’t complement tracks very well. It can be very annoying MOST of the time.

    Lyrically she’s on the right track, but her verses tend to sound like one big run on sentence. I couldn’t quote you a line from anything shes done because It’s damn near impossible to single her lyrics out. You can tell she came from a poetry background because her music sounds more like spoken word than rap, and YES that can be a bad thing. (in her case it is)

    Girl has potential, but she needs someone to work with to unlock that shit. Until then shes gonna keep making albums like this. Her friends need to stop gassing her the hell up too. That only hurts her career instead of help.

  • MadSin
    Remix to Rocoe Dash’s Good Fucking Night..Check It Out

  • Escobrooklyn

    You just can’t win with some people. Here’s a female that’s actually not spittin about her box or fuckin some nigga & people still don’t like it. She has the potential to be with Queen Latifah, MC Lyte or Missy with some guidance. She has the potential to be great. So as far as this project it’s solid. I hear wat @TwoCents is saying because we talked about her at my job & other dudes was saying the same thing about her. I don’t agree but I respect the opinion

  • twocents


    Sure shes not rapping about her box and other corny shit, and I applaud her for that, but you can’t be upset at other people for still not liking her. I may dislike an artist for the things they rap about, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna like an artist for the things they DON’T rap about. She has shortcomings that are beyond her subject matter… and to be honest that’s a far bigger handicap.

    But regardless I respect your opinion. If you like her music then you like it. I’ve seen this girl perform a few times, seen her record songs in the studio…and from that its obvious she’s got the drive and the raw talent for it, she just needs to hone that talent.

  • Escobrooklyn

    @TwoCents Nahh bro I’m not mad at u for ur opinion. I totally respect it bro & actually I agree with alot of what you’re saying. I feel she needs like a Kanye or Missy for someone to bring her full potential

  • RoccitLoc

    LA stop making up names and commenting on your own shit! Just do you and stop justifying why people don’t like your shit. its cool i can understand and get it but you need to really begin making some records. i get that you can rap and rap and rap and rap and make more rap. you are in fact a great lyricsist but you need to make a record! not a commercial record but study song composition structure and content as well as context and you will find out that if you try to stuff so much lyric in and you lose your audience. i topic at a time. other than that i think this is fire but you can tell that you need to get your fundamentals of music together study something other than hip hop and i guarantee in 3 months you will be ill don’t waste time worrying about what people feel about your music thats your first mistake! music is to be critiqued good and bad but if you don’t allow people or your fans which i actually am you will lose em because you feel we just posed to fuck with your shit because you took a long time and sweated to make it. we invest just as much time in it as you do because we have to listen to it and live our lives using you as a playlist. but i think your great keep up the good work. you just started so don’t be mad byyyyrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn (teyan taylor voice)

  • CooL-Like-That

    I love LA, raw natural talent, truthfully a work in progress
    LA.X, LA FIASCO ;)

  • hiphop

    just to clear one thing up, as a person close to L.A., she hasn’t commented at all in here. she actually avoids the comments and would rather just give the music and leave it at that. hell, even I’M only commenting on this because of the ruckus the comments have generated. if you love the music, it’s appreciated. if you don’t, cool. everybody’s music ain’t for everybody, which is fine. that’s what hip-hop (and any other genre of music or form of art) is about – opinions and how you interpret it personally. some will relate and fall in love with it. some won’t. the rest is pretty irrelevant. peace.

  • Thompson

    Its a good tape, only listened to it once. It does come off as something you cant just quote off the top of your head, but she’s the only female rapper out here truly doing it so props to her.



  • Dom O Briggs

    The project is dope. Shut the fuck up. L.A is a breath of fresh air. She’s not the typical emcee. Embrace change. Most of you will be bandwagon jumpers in the near future.

  • sam

    funny how every person who comments standing up for her is either L.A. or her manager or her friends. how did this end up on the dopehouse again? even the person commenting sayin L.A. doesn’t comment on here, they all sound like the same person. Her twitter talks the same as the people on this thread.

    notice “take it to the bank” said, “but i digress” and then look at L.A. tweet!/UCanCallmeLA/status/115540868055834624

    anyhow, i gave it a listen on bandcamp and it’s not bad at all. just not something i’d personally listen to.

  • hiphop

    well, need be, you can have Meka and Shake check my IP to show that i am not L.A. at all, but just a supporter of hers. people that make music tend to end up with fans and supporters…why WOULDN’T they comment on the site if an artist they like is posted? that’s just logic. -shrug- and the “but i digress” thing is a reach, since plenty of people use the term, even in my own circle, but so be it.

  • SnL

    WOW at this BS…. [email protected]….. You L.A. fans are so sensitize and hell bent bitchy when people speak their opinions on her music. There really is nothing special about her. I’ve seen her perform, heard her 1st mixtape and she just isn’t nothing to be arguing on a discussion board about. Let people have their opinion. Dom O, your music is subpar as shit & your opinion is totally biased. Sit that azz down. Everyone isn’t going to like everything.

    She went from jacked up poet-delivery to anti-Nicki, to semi-Nicki to her own little thing. The industry aint for everyone but I don’t think it’s for her. The cover is misleading but hey I don’t knock her effort AT ALL. idk..

    “Every pie has someone who loves it”..

  • Don

    Instead of all her friends coming on here protecting here why don’t you let her read some of the constructive criticism and help her get better? She has had no progression in her music. She’s a hell of a performer but I just can’t get into her music at all and I continuously give her chances to impress.

  • Dom O Briggs

    @SnL Thank you for the shout out. You can’t even spell sensitive right. Its quiet for you.

    You don’t gotta like it but you gotta respect it. Or just shut the fuck up.

  • EricDean

    If she or her supporters are unable to handle constructive criticism or differing opinions in a professional way, the hip-hop industry is definitely not for her.

    I understand that this may be a personal record, but that’s the risk you take when putting music out there. If you want to grow and get better at this, take the good with the bad. You will not get cool points just because you are female. You’ll be graded on the same level as these other rappers out here. And @twocents was on point with the voice comment. It’s almost like she’s trying too hard to be hard.

  • EricDean

    But I do respect her grind. I’d rather end with something positive. She has a lot of potential, reminds me of Queen Latifah. She just needs to work on her song-formatting skills and controlling her voice more. I definitely look forward to seeing the improvement in her future work.

  • Yendi

    wow. you people are disgusting.
    the problem with hip-hop now, especially NYC hip-hop is that no one can support anyone who’s trying to step out the box.
    i think her tape is great and to say thurz’ shit is better is stupid as fuck cause yall just comparing them because of the titles.
    its only her second project so she has time to grow.
    at the end of the day, all of you “critics” still downloaded the shit. so big-ups to L.A.

  • STFU Yendi.

  • this whole shit is an epic fail. you never fight in the comment section. ever. niggas will ROOOOAAASSST you.
    L.A is hella subpar as an emcee. gabbige.
    her live performance is wack. gabbige.
    her music has so many reference points from other rappers.
    I don’t fuck with it. I’m baffled how she’s gotten any accolades at all. (Invincible and Jean, please put out music more regularly)
    I think she’s a nice young lady though from our interactions, so go Brooklyn.

    but that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. The same way she can have music posted here for free, we’re entitled to express ourselves about how her music makes us feel. There are way too many talented individuals now putting out FREE music for us to accept subpar musicians despite the gap of females emcees in the rap “game”. Imagine if you had to pay for this drivel!
    This influx of brand new rappers, watching the blogs and videos online and “getting inspired” and working up the courage to feel that THEY TOO can be creators is a ginormous issue. The quality control is watering down the brand of the genre, but enough pontfication. I aint downloading this shit cuz everything I’ve heard from ol’ gal was basura, b. Can she grow like dude said in one comment? Sure, but til then, I aint wasting my hard drive space.

  • twocents

    Funny thing is too… she’s dismissing all this criticism as “hate.”