J. Cole Interview w/ DJ Whoo Kid (Audio)

blame it on Shake September 19, 2011

This past weekend, J. Cole called into DJ Whoo Kid‘s Shade45 show to discuss the Jay-Z/Lil Wayne “beef”, the Rihanna sextape rumors, Jay’s verse on Mr. Nice Watch and more.

  • skyboy

    Sideline Story leakeddd bout muthafuckin time! big up to the UK



  • MANN

    @SKYboy link where did it leak

  • MANN

    @SKYboy where? link?

  • OrdinaryCelo

    No, the album did not leak. Stop lying. But, on the subject of the album, J. Cole twitpic’d the actual disk and case. Looks nice.

  • Cali760

    Can’t wait to get Cole’s and Evidence album on the same day

  • dmv

    its going to leak by tommorow cause in the uk it drops earlyer, in germany it drops the 23th so expect a leak.

  • Airborne

    Why niggas keep sayin it leaked when it didn’t? Is that fun to you?

  • Cole World about to leak. DJ Semtex gave copies to UK niggas who went to his small listening party.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    Damn. They could have been tagged up promo copies though.

  • ClapBack

    Gonna buy a copy, if its good (which looks like it will be) then imma cop another for support. I will admit i havent been a fan of his recent work ex “work out” “CGE” BUT i have been following dude for the longest, cant stop being a fan of an artist who has been putting out and giving us free shit and straight fire for the longest. and my expectations were never set high for his debut album to be a classic, i always said its going to be a solid good ass album 9/27 !

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    Does anyone else find it weird that this album is still not on iTunes for pre-order? Every other album is pre-order available on iTunes at least 2 weeks before the release. I have only seen a pre-order for the physical.

  • Drizzy

    @1dopePuertoRican Hov put a hold on dat bitch his connects with itunes is up there believe it or not ,nigga tryna fuck cole over lol smdh

  • J cole is definitly doin his thing out there

  • LawdyDawdy

    released 23rd in germany? wtf. seriously?

  • Frank

    “Why niggas keep sayin it leaked when it didn’t? Is that fun to you?”

    seriously… why do yall do that shit. like what do you get out of lying about silly shit.

  • Randy

    @SKYboy congratulations this is the most attention you’ll ever receive in your life.

  • forealy619

    skyboy wasnt playing…haha and cole wasnt either, the sideline song goes hard……

  • $lim_H*Town

    He not lying yo it really did leak lol im still buying a couple copies to show support to Cole he deserves it

  • OrdinaryCelo

    @forealy619 Link or irrelevant.

    On a side note though, i noticed that Cole only has the album up on amazon. God I hate amazon. itunes has a better pre-order service.

  • Airborne

    It really leaked? Throw that link nigga. Fuck you waitin for?



  • JeezyOverJesus
  • cole world no blanket

    it did leaked just finished DLing. I’ll post a link in an hr if people really can’t find it. google is your friend.

  • Told yall it leaked. FLAMES!!!!!!

  • Pauly Dee

    Download may or may not be legit. I’ll tell you when I’m able to play a track.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    Naw. I found a link. That shit’s legit. Damn.

  • TDE

    I just downloaded his ablum and it is fucking DOPE, im coppin 2 now fuck it. This shit may not be a classic but its CLOSE to one for sure got damn cole got em. Told yall niggas he wouldnt let his fans down, he knew what he was doin with work out and shit. SMDH support him sept 27 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cole world


  • bbs

    shit is fire

  • It’s not a classic but it’s the closest damn thing.

  • OrdinaryCelo
  • Pauly Dee

    This album…nah, it’s not classic…but I’ll be damned if you say it isn’t dope! Into track 3 and it’s already shaping up!

    Gonna go out and buy the CD when it drops. One copy for the whip and the house and another copy just for support and memorabilia.

  • j

    Dollar and a Dream 3 just gave me goose bumps.
    Damn Cole.

  • Rise and Shine production

  • LawdyDawdy

    So Cole should have a grammy in the bag. Forreal tho


    Dollar And A Dream III >

  • no worries

    now all u fags are hopping back on the bandwagon.. HAHA! COLE’S GOT A CLASSIC BITCHES!


    Nobody’s Perfect (ft. Missy Elliot) >>> goddamn!

  • j

    I don’t think anyone can now hate on Cole’s production.

  • dre

    the 1 i downloaded was itunes version & it was missing workout. anybody got mp3 version?

  • Ca all day

    Phonte and cats n dogs >>>>

  • Pauly Dee


    Yeah, Mines was missing Workout too. Not a real lose, but I still like to have a complete album.


    ^^^ That’s wassup. Ima check it out. ^^^

  • oVoXo


  • Frank

    im not a cole fan but if you want the complete album wait and then go buy it faggot. just proved that you have no intention of purchasing shit. asshole.

  • Pauly Dee


    The Clean Version of Mr. Nice Watch >>>>>>>>> The Dirty Version.

    I guess I just became accustomed to the first one.

  • ladifuckingda

    he leaked all the shit songs and kept all the bangers. gotdamn, cole world.


    This album shits on Big Sean’s and is better than Drake’s album.

  • JP

    I think this is as close to a classic album as you’re going to get. Real shit. All the other song’s seem so personal. Damn…. make sure you buy this shit Sept 27th. I know I am.

  • not threw the whole thing yet but its sounds really good so far.

  • ME

    is cheer up just not gonna be on this album, or what?

  • thatrealshit

    none of the links work. j cole’s team usually shuts that shit down quick. someone get a new link up

    @ frank

    i already pre ordered a copy and ima listen cuz everyone is saying the shit is incredible

  • Chris_Zurcher

    not listening til 9?27, but can somebody say how this compares to the warm up? that was a classic

  • yung

    link please? one that works


    Cole just shitted on Big sean and wiz’s debuts go cop sept 27th too boi!

  • OrdinaryCelo

    @Chris_Zurcher It’s a step above the Warm up, but I’m not totally through it yet. Takin time to repeat a couple songs and soak em in. But so far, its a 9/10.

  • A chick

    I only listened to Nobody’s Perfect and that one is INCREDIBLE> Tryna hold out for the rest and def copping a FEW copies on 9/27

  • Pauly Dee

    Cheer Up isn’t on the album. Or it may be. After all, my download didn’t have Workout.

    Even if it isn’t, there’s always next album, just like Kanye production and a Nas collab on Sean’s album

  • IhateIdiots
  • s

    album is not a classic.

    dollar and a dream III, lights please, sideline story, lost ones, rise and shine and god’s gift are classic songs. album is 9/10. not a classic though.

  • Pauly Dee

    Last post of the night for me but…

    I am REALLY anticipating a NYC/BK post right about now. Just to see what he’d say.

  • IhateIdiots

    It’s ok that this is not a classic. It’s pretty damn close though. Nice debut, I hope it sells well. NYC/Brooklyn you look like a fucking idiot right now. COLE WORLD

  • los angel


    Lost ones is FUCKING DOPE. Halfway through and its a pretty damn good album. Mr. Nice Watch seemed like it didn’t fit.

    Dollar and a Dream III was so ill. Excited for the second half.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    Damn. Even Phonte’s album leaked? That’s enough leaking now. I’m good.

  • marty mcfly


    His fans werent saying the album was gonna be “close” they said it was gonna be a straight up classic. @ Jay DEEEEEZY a album with six classic songs on it would be incredible but I dont think that this is it. If 95% of this shit sounded like Rise and Shine that wouldve fucked alot of industry heads up just to see somebody win with uncut raw shit but oh well.

  • Chris_Zurcher

    I know you have been a little critical of Cole. but always said you would wait for the album and judge it. what do you think of it?

  • prk

    Whoo Kidd was the best thing about this interview.

    *not sarcasm*

  • Factsz

    Cole won, NYC/BROOKLYN lost, you cant hate on this, if you do your just hating just to hate, prolly cause he richer ? i dunno im buying for support still tho cole!

  • Frank Ocean
  • SWK
  • (l,k)

    despite awful promotion he’s got a good one here. cole world= 4-4.5/5. much better debut than thank me later and all the songs we hadn’t heard yet were good. not a classic but it’s the next best thing. and i wouldve liked it even more if i was hearing every song for the first time so i think the hip hop noobs are gonna love this

  • ER

    theres more emotion on gods gift live tbh

  • los angel

    Dollar And A Dream III
    Cole World
    Lost Ones
    Rise And Shine
    God’s Gift

    those are the best songs. Jesus that Jay-Z track was so underwhelming. If Jay was on a better track and he got a Nas or something like that feature on God’s Gift this album would be damn near classic. Its pretty damn good. If I heard all these songs for the first time I would be very impressed.

  • BounceB

    cole world leakeedddd “cole world no muthafukin coat negro”!!!!!

    still gon buy it doe just ta have da case n official shyt n all dat support cole

  • ER

    But Gods Gift is still a good nice track


    @marty mcfly – maybe all those songs aren’t classics (god’s gift, rise and shine and lost ones def are tho, and lights please has BEEN a classic) but at least you can agree Cole World >>> FF, Rolling Papers, or even TML, no?

  • awillab

    The album has a nice feel to it man. Nice Transition through the album. It just flows…The beats are on point. I’m satisfied with a solid J. Cole debut…I’ll be playing this for a long time.

  • hahaha

    nyc/brooklyn you fucked yourself!!!©

  • marty mcfly

    @Chris Zurcher

    I think the overall messages of what he’s saying on the album are good. Lyrically I think he touches on alot of things that other MCs have spoke on before but just didnt have the mainstream position like Cole does. Which is the main reason why I was so critical of him because his position being next to Jayz and Kanye and being compared to drake all the time comes with alot of influence and opportunity to change the game. The album is gonna be hard to judge because people are gonna have alot of different opinions based on what they feel musically. I like a harder more underground sound 1st and then 2ndly I also like a way bigger sometimes more commercial type sound so when I listen to something and the pace is a little turned down with a more chill type of vibe I just cant get into it that much. This album is gonna hit people the most if they personally experienced the issues he’s talking about. Theres also alot of bragging about getting pussy and money on it but people aint gonna be as judgmental as they were with the WTT album and I also can acknowledge there is also alot of substance on it. BUT its really hard to call something a classic but the 2nd song on it is Cant Get Enough and theres alot of material for girls on it which isnt a crime but if you gonna do that at least give them something they can dance too IMO. However there is other songs like Sidelines, Never told, Gods gift and Breakdown that deal with some issues that are real serious so thats dope. I relate more to shit like the last Phonte song on here -The Good Fight because im closer to that perspective in life but Cole did his thing. I cant say I really feel this and @ Jay DEEEEZY NO I cant say this album is better then the albums you named because what those albums lack in subject matter they make up for over Cole World in hooks and banging beats but for his fans that can relate to Coles subject matter they gonna be feeling this shit. I give it a 3 outta 5 mics honestly.

  • real talk


  • rell


    dis shit WAYYYYYY better than FF & ROLLING PAPERS. Better than TML NAhhh

  • rell

    i dont give a fuck what nobody say tho. cudi man on the moon album better than any of these new niggas album.

  • DreamsFF

    @Martymcfly that was real, u didnt hate just being real, Coles album touched me cause i grew up without a father and breakdown made a nigga wanna break down, idc how it looks im being honest man, cole be making that shit i can relate too, and he changed my life.

  • (l,k)

    @martymcfly. i disagree on the 3 out of 5 but much props for being real abut it. my only hope is for his next album i haven’t already heard almost half of the songs and that he goes more aggressive with his production and flow. im gonna support him regardless as long as its dope but i hope thats the direction he takes

  • DMV

    lol actually, its the same peaople posting the same comments as different names lol. this album is 7.8/10 50% OF THE ALBUM IS FILLLER but the rest will do fine. definitively not a classic. and its definitively not a 9/10.

  • why hello there, nice to meet you

    @marty mcfly – that is honestly like the least biased thing i have ever seen come from that username. truth.

  • Dave Chappelle

    Phenomenal album. Only thing stopping it from being a classic IMO is Sideline story, nice watch, and cole world….to me they just didnt fit the album. I woulda liked to see Lights please interlude and then in the morning…

    I mean that seems to make sense but I understand the need for new material and what not. Lets be honest though…thats getting pretty damn picky. Fucking great album. pre order that shit bitches.

  • Irvin

    O.O album was so good, i preordered it on amazon for me and my lil brother. COLE WORLD

  • Lamesthesedays

    marty be running the c-sections and you lames lol



  • T

    “Rise and Shine” FTW that shit bangs

  • Actual/Factual

    It’s an alright album. Not bad, better than a lot of the shit out there. Never really bought to the hype for this first album because through it all he’s really not bringing anything new to the table, just young and doing it a little better than the rest right now. Has his moments of dope shit, and moments that are questionable. Well glad that’s over who’s the next “chosen one” dropping some shit

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    I still think Drake sounds like SHIT on “In The Morning”. Considering it ended up being an album feature Drake couldn’t just record his verse over again? The song would be good if it was done over, but it’s skippable the way it was left. I like Mr. Nice Watch more than I did at first. I don’t like Work Out, In The Morning, and Cole World. The rest of the songs are good-very good. Overall the album gets 3.5/5 from me.

  • (l,k)


    lmao i know right

  • wordtobigbird

    EASILY better than finally famous, thank me later, and rolling papers, attention deficit..

  • dmv

    to me i listened to it striaght throught about twice right now. and i can only really embrace between 7-8 songs. thats it, it still has a mixtape feel rather than ana lbum you knmow. the album is suppose to establish you. this doesn’t do that exacly but it almost does. 7.5/10. 7 out of 18 songs i felt were musical overall.

  • dream

    naww, this is not better than thank me later. ittt comess close thouuugh, i just can’t decide. he really DIDNT try on the BONUS TRACKS. they were just throwaway filler songs.

  • wordtobigbird

    you felt were musical overall? what the fuck does that even mean..

  • dmv

    its a fucking opinion dickwad. don’t take it up the ass. musical as in he the instrumentals, the baseline, the chords fit in, and his lyrics to the subject matter, meaning he didn’t under do it.

  • Rezo

    It will take a real STAN to think this album is better than average. Thank Me Later blows this album away and Thank Me Later was barely good in my opinion. Listening to the album sounded like I was listening to a mixtape. It’s ironic out of The Warm Up, Friday Night Lights, and this I have to say this sounds more like a mixtape than either one of those projects. The fact that Cole has called this album “timeless” and “incredible” is a slap in the face to his fans and artists who have actually released “incredible” albums. It’s like your parents handing you a dollar and trying to tell you how much you should appreciate it when they know damn well it’s just a dollar. Cole either has no taste for incredible music or he is trying to say that he thinks his fans are just sheep that will hang onto anything he releases. The album alone is subpar, but Cole’s arrogance makes it A LOT worse.

  • Chicago

    dmv’s annoying as shit. Who uses the word “dickwad” really? On this post you toned yourself down a little bit until that last comment though, ill give you that.

    Anyways, im fan of the album, it has the makings of a classic (for me) so far, but ill give it a few weeks to see if im still feeling it like that before I call it.

  • DG

    im feelin it. i think the big thing tht he did better for his debut was he didnt stary too far from what hes best at. i feel like with tml drake tried to put on too grand of a show and rolling papers, wiz threw together a white girl/teeny bopper/mtv album. cole put down the lyrics and the mellow music. he knows his lane and drives it well. is it classic? negative. is it really fucking good for a debut? of course. ive been a cole fan for a hot minute. im pleased with how it came out, but it couldve used hova on gods gift. jst sayin. i give it an 8/10. cole did him if youve been a fan you gotta feel it

  • Chicago


    back in the Friday Night Lights days I used to see you commenting all the time loving Cole’s shit. What happened man?

  • dmv

    lol @chicago, here we go again, you took something irrelevent to what i was talking about and knocked me for it. oh please i know 30 year olds who say dickwad, slang and curse if a very huge part of the american language, and my first language was spanish. so how bout i just curse you out in spanish? i mean we really don’t need to go into that. and my honest opinion i give this album a good solid 7.5-8/10. its just i feel empty on some tracks.

  • IhateIdiots

    ok rezo’s definitely trolling. stop trying to get attention nigga. The production on this album is insane. The lyrics are good, but not cole’s best. For a mainstream release this is a great album. For hip-hop this is a great album.

  • Chicago


    I respect your opinion on the album. Thank you for not claiming everybody who disagrees with you is stupid and doesn’t know anything about music.

  • Chicago


    This whole tape is INCREDIBLE minus “You Got It”, I just can’t get into the song. The rest of the mixtape is just a breath of fresh air and it’s nice to see actual hip hop getting love from all over the world on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and all the blog sites. Who would have thought a few months ago that Cole would ever be the #1 TT on Twitter? This is his moment in life where he can actually say he made it and hopefully we get an actual album in the next few months. I don’t really trust Jay-Z or Rocnation with Cole’s career but that is just my opinion. I have a strong feeling they are going to shelve Cole for other artist on the label and Cole will have to end up leaving Rocnation in order to release an album.

    Rezo said this on November 13th, 2010 at 2:41 am

    …..Come on man.

  • LawdyDawdy

    I’m glad the dude and his label trusted his ability to produce, it just makes for a cohesive project when your in control of your sound.

  • Rezo

    Cole is wack now, that is what happened. Dude got full of himself, lost the hunger, and now his music average. That’s just the truth.

  • real talk


    If you listen to songs like Breakdown and think he lost the hunger you’re either deaf or just out of your mind.

  • ROC

    rezo u didn’t listen to the album, shut the fuck up. you can’t be sane and say this shit is “average”. at least admit it’s good cause it’s league above most releases this year

  • thatrealshit

    album absolutely bangssss man. anyone who had questions about cole (i did for a lil bit), will not when they hear this shit. classic or not, doesnt matter, dude shows he’s got the production skills and skills on the mic to be a staple in the game for a long ass time. very good album after one listen

    and @ rezo

    i’m gonna assume u didnt listen yet….if u were a cole fan at any point in ur life u will enjoy this album a lot man

  • LupeFacosf

    guess 50 percent still hate em , the other 50 loves em lol
    who knows next week everyone mite jus forget it
    heres 2 tracks from a casey veggies new cd

  • Rezo

    I will say it again, the album is average. Yes, I listened to the album minus the songs that we have all heard before. The only songs on the album I fully enjoy is God’s Gift and Breakdown. The rest off the album sounds like mixtape songs or songs that had potential with a terrible hook.

  • realness

    you can’t even compare this album with Thank Me Later, two completely different sounds and concepts, however i will say as a fan of both that Cole fans will be more satisfied with thi album than Drake fans were with Thank Me Later.

  • realness


    @ Rezo

    you lost all credibility saying that this album is 50% filler and sound like mixtape songs. I room with die hard drake fans than argue with me ALL the time about cole and even they say this is gonna go down as one of the great debuts of all time… why? cuz there not bitter they just have ahigh hip hop IQ which you clearly dont have.

    fuck outta here

  • gokings
  • RealRap

    YEAHHH! Album leaked on

  • bringthe707out

    people who say this isn’t better than Thank Me Later are clearly irrelevant. drake fans didn’t even like that shit HAHAHA. Unforgettable>every other song on TML. I couldn’t even DREAM of skipping a song on this album. Cole don’ did it.

  • QBridge

    Sideline Story > Watch The Throne > Thank Me Later

    unfortunately we live in a world where the Sales will be the opposite of that.

    Cole fans…. 150k+ first week or die tryinn

  • QBridge

    Sideline Story > WTT > TML > The DeAndre Way hahaha> Carter 4

  • MyFiddyCents

    RIP Rezo

    Chicago just ether’d

  • Show me a artist that can make a song without mentioning anything related to sex and I show you a artist that will make classic, and timeless music. You can’t deem a album classic in a matter of days, nights, weeks, even a year unless it is something truly distinctive that causes mass influence. Does this album have mass influence to you? Not on a commercial level but a hip-hop level. Be honest with yourself, DO you ever listen to the classic after you listen to all this new stuff. You can’t compare it because the new stuff you like don’t have that substance or experience that the real classic have. Have a good one.

  • whatupsucka

    J Cole’s favorite topic is pussy and people like to say he has this incredible amount of substance. Nah, he’s just a rapper. Talented, but not much personality.

  • geechy

    classic tracks on this album are dollar and a dream 3, lights please, sideline story, in the morning, lost ones, rise and shine, gods gift, and breakdown. If you never heard lights please or in the morning before you’d be bugging over that shit. Rise and Shine is out of control though for real. Best release we’ve had this year from a mainstream artist, one can only hope this is the direction we can expect more artists to follow.

  • hardy

    after hearing it one time: Album of the Year.

  • naledge

    Cole World. It’s a Cole mothafucking World. Damn tho, album is pretty dope. Doper than I expected. Got some real dope ass tracks right there. Cole delivered. The production over is hella good. Couple tracks don’t fit tho (Can’t Get Enough and suprinsingly, Cole World) He actually already gave away the Cole World lyrics on that freestyle over the Meek Mill beat. Cole on some real lyrical shit on the album though I like it, def gonna cop. And whoever says this is worse than TML needs to shut the FUCK up. This album shits on any aspect of Thank Me Later. I will give this more spins than WTT probably too but it are 2 diff albums. Happy Cole made it doe, good shit.

  • the Truth

    Everybody are just foolish, do you seriously think that rappers who got famous through fantastic mixtapes have a chance of making music they would like to through a record company? It is all about compromising and listening to A&R’s, bosses, fake executive producers who only wants a piece of the cake and agents. They begin with total control of their projects to be a puppet with barely any sayings. You can’t use all the samples you like anymore, you can’t state what you like, your freedom of expression is so limited. I think Cole did good, really good.

  • hardy

    The world isn’t that sad.

  • Airborne

    @the Truth

    That’s true. They do tell you what you can and can’t have on your album. But like Waka Flocka said, “nobody can make you write a bad song”. Biggie didn’t wanna make Juicy and thought rapping over that sample was lame, but that went on to become his most popular record.

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    The album is good, but album of the year? C’mon son! The album isn’t even better than the RED album. It’s top 5 of the year, that I will agree with. I’m more excited about J. Cole’s second album because this as much as I like this album it just feels like he is capable of delivering an even better album. This album had some real hits with a few misses. It’s like he was still searching for that consistency and I think this album was just a warm up (no pun) for what is to come a year or so from now.

  • Airborne

    Btw niggas saying this is album of the year has a dick in their mouth. This album was alright at best. We say that y’all always riding someone else every new year, but it ain’t true. Y’all never stopped riding Cole. Cole will have to get successful before you toss him to the side. So I know, as long as y’all keep stanning, he ain’t doing too good in the game. Dudes in here that was hating on WTT but now saying that this is album of the year. So this is better than Section.80?


    ….I don’t know what worse, this cup of coffee this morning, or hearing this below average sideline story leak. yall dickriders need to chill with the pre-ejaculation with the term classic for this nigga’z album. I’m not gonna front, he got two or three joints that he dressed up nicely, but it’s so easy to spot them, because the other 90% of this nigga’z songs on the album are garbage. I give the brother credit for staying in his proper lane and not trying to use gangsterism as an outlet for his rhymes. It’s hard enough for this nigga to front like he’s actually has an original style and original flow. He just replaces gun talk in the album with his made up wacky world of sex, drugs and alcohol. too many unnecessary repetitiveness is going on with the album. if you listen closely to the album you will get a sense of the two song formats this nigga can only create with. every radio friendly song sounds the same, and every non radio friendly song sounds the same. the problem with yall niggaz… yall waste too much time HEARING music when you should be LISTENING to music. the intro and interludes are a embarrassing, they don’t build up any anticipation for any song. There are numerous forced songs that lose momentum after a few bars into the song due to weak wordplay and continuously repeated subject matter. Some songs seem out of placed for the album, falsely used to make the listener think the songs are the pivotal foundation for the theme and title. Overall, the album is just a mixtape in disguise; there are no groundbreaking songs, just a bunch of reinventing attempts to make A. Hole a commercial success. His production still needs professional help. He’s trying too hard to replicate other producer’s style, and his beat comes off sounding like a poor man’s Kanye West. You dickriders have my permission to dizzy yourselves and keep running in circles to convince yourselves this is a classic. This is a letdown mediocre release from a below average routine rapper with an over-rated fan following. A bunch of sheep who magnetize themselves to the gimmicks and novelties of today’s wannabe rappers.



    Can we all just accept the fact that this is a GOOD ASS DEBUT ? he had lil features not a whole bunch everywhere, and he gets props for that. Classics take time, so im not saying it is im just saying it is very solid at this point. ONE THING THOUGH, COLE DID NOT DISAPPOINT. 9/27 go SUPPORT IT

  • Fredo

    I made it a policy with j.cole fans a long time ago to wait a week before I ask them what they think of j.coles work. Just look at half these comments if you want to know why. They think with their boners instead of using objectivity to listen to j.coles music. I read one comment which said “after one listen album of the year”. smh this is why people dont fuck with j.cole as much as they could. because his obnoxious fans appreciation of his music is borderline homosexual. I’ma wait a weak and then ima ask what you really think of the album, because right now yall are just emotional about the fact that it leaked and are not really listening to the music.. I sometimes think that some of yall actually masturbate to j.cole pictures. or in the shower when he comes into yall minds. not kidding. Anyway cole is dope but alll his hooks sounds the same.


    Nope Nope, not listening to the leak. If you’re a true J Cole fan your gonna supoort him by waiting and coping a original copy.

  • Made

    He has so many straight up shit beats on there I can’t believe he underused No ID so much.

    Absolute insanity.

    That said it’s about worth a 6.8/10. Too many old songs and crappy beats. About 10 good tracks so half the album’s trash, but the good half is pretty good.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    Well. Ya’ll wanted to hear NYC/BROOKLYN©’s point of view and he gave it a well thought out explanation, no matter if its hatin or not. Round of applause.

  • Rezo

    #FUCKYM ill features? Drake sounds like he woke up, recorded his verse, and went back to sleep. Jay sounded like he thought out his verse for about 8 minutes and said fuck it good enough. I won’t get started on the Trey hook because I am not a fan of anything he does. The Missy feature surprisingly is the best feature on the album and that’s pretty sad.

  • HAHA

    Cole >>>>>>>>

  • hardy

    NYC/BROOKLYN is the greatest J.Cole Hater. After seeing that he made like 100 comments just containing “A. HOLE YOU PAPOOSED YOURSELF!!!©” on youtube I wont read anymore of the shit he’s writing here.

  • Airborne


    Cosign. And he wasn’t even hating in that post, that’s what’s really sad. He was just telling the truth.


    It wasn’t a “good ass debut”. It was barely even an alright debut.

    Somewhere along the line y’all convinced yourselves that if a player is good in the d-league he’ll kill in the NBA. Fact of the matter is, Cole wasn’t ready to make the jump. He needed to hone his craft and find himself, before he even got signed and planned his album. Krit knows who he is and what his music is about, Cole doesn’t. He tried to generically appease everyone. Look artists who are still going strong nowadays. Look at their debuts. Jay’s RD, Nas’ Illmatic, T.I.’s I’m Serious. They were good foundations for those artists to find themselves to be what they are today. This dude tried to build a skyscraper. And it’s you stans fault for hyping it. I remember 2 years ago when EVERYONE was on dude’s dick calling him Drake-Killer and how he was so much better than Drake at what Drake does. Look now. He was the SAVIOR of hip hop…and Big Sean and Wiz surpassed him. Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. Sean and Wiz, for whatever you take them for, had better production, better sounding, more cohesive albums than what Cole put out. You can deny it but you know it’s true. Let that sink in now. Kendrick Lamar did too. Even with the hype you put on Kendrick, even tho I’m not a faggot who believes his album is better than WTT, I have to admit he def delivered with Section.80. And I think we know by now Jay doesn’t make good business decisions. He signed Pittsburgh Slim over Asher Roth. I know it hurts as fans/stans, but this J.Cole fell on his face with this album, not saying his career is over, cause it’s not, but he definitely fell on his face.

  • Made

    So basically in 2011.

    Kanye & Jay – Delivered
    Kendrick – Delivered
    Big Sean – Delivered even when expected to fail
    Game – Delivered
    J. Cole – put out an album weaker than all of those.

    Weaker than his mixtapes. I really do wonder what the non-stan reviews will be like.

  • HipHop

    All I know is Take Care will be MUCH better than Cole World. Club Paradise is a throwaway track and it’s dope! Headlines is all around better than anything on Cole World and Drake said it’s not even the best song on the album. When Take Care drops next month people will forget Cole World even released. Call me a hater, loser, faggot, or whatever else you want. That’s my opinion and by looking at my Twitter TL I am NOT the only one who views Cole World as a shitty album.

  • frank

    do yall think nothing last forever was about his girlfriend who he was with since college?

  • Rezo

    Btw Cole World has already been downloaded 47k times since yesterday according to that Elliott dude from RapRadar. That was just a couple of the main links, I think ya boy Cole is about to do 20k his first week. lol

  • OrdinaryCelo

    SAME shit for both Wiz and Big Sean’s albums. They both got downloaded thousands of times before the week of release and they still did within the 100k range.

  • Kendir

    Cole got a classic.

  • FourTwenty

    i really dont know what the fuck peoples problem is with hip hop today everyone was ridin with cole and now he puts his debut out and alot of people think its trash, did you even listen to it? dollar and a dream 3, cant get enough, sideline story, lost ones, nobodys perfect, rise and shine, gods gift, breakdown, nothin lasts forever, daddys little girl, all those songs are sooooooo good, conetent wise, flow, everything. i swear yall hate just to hate its sad

  • yezzv

    Rise and Shine is my fav track. I think the album is great. Still gonna buy 2 copies on the 27th

  • Empire

    I had pretty much given up on Cole World, but I’m blown away. This is a seriously good album, best debut I’ve heard for a long while. As far as I’m concerned, album of the year is Section 80 > Cole World > ReturnOf4Eva > WTT > the rest.

    (DISCLAIMER: I haven’t listened to Phonte’s yet, I was gonna do it after Sideline Story, but now I’m gonna give it a day. So it’s not factored into the list)

  • Airborne

    ^LMFAO DO YOU SEE THIS SHIT? Stans > “Haters”

  • Public

    If this was a Kanye album people would be shitting themselves. The only reason Cole World can’t be a classic is because these bitter c-section niggas wont let you call it one.


  • Airborne


    If Kanye had put this out as his debut he probably wouldn’t be the “Kanye”, we know today. He would’ve just stayed an in-house producer for the Roc. If he had put this out recently after his 5 albums, he would’ve been assassinated.

  • Public

    ^These are the ones I’m talking about.


    @Airborne i meant LIL not ill, as in a few features, and Big seaNS ALBUM DOESNT EVEN COME CLOSE TO THIS,big sean raps about his dick and every one of his songs and his “swag” shits trash and he only has like 2 good songs on the whole album. Cole has a a GOOD AMOUNT of songs on his album.

  • Airborne


    And you’re not a stan? You just compared Kanye to J. Cole. Somebody has to balance out the dickriding you do.

    I’ve heard Sean’s album. It just SOUNDS better. Maybe it’s the No I.D. production, and the good balance between good club records and good radio records, but it sounds better. And if that’s the case, then Cole needs to get rid of his ego and reach out to other producers. Cause he’s not Ye, in any sense. He ain’t even Swizz Beatz(not taking anything away from Swizz, he’s a legend)


    @Aiborne well thats your opinion and i respect it, but i bought seans album and regret it and wont support this man again. I like shit that can inspire and coles album is what does that to me, i cant speak for other niggas on here. But “Gods gift” Dollar 3″ etc is that shit i can relate to. His shit is motivational, but that just me.

  • Airborne


    I hear you man and I respect it. I have no problem if you liked it, just this album of the year bullshit niggas keep talking.

  • riseandshine

    “good balance between good club records and good radio records”

    this is what hip hop is about??? this is what qualifies an album as good is it sounds better? it aint all about how it “SOUNDS”. you fail to mention anything about lyrics or substance. and can we stop the wiz talk once and for all. rolling papers doesnt compare. “Rolling papers” what does that even mean? we get you smoke, its been his lane since the start and dudes come on here talking cole’s shit sounds the same. haters will never admit theyre wrong but theyll just come from different, weak angles in arguements. yet yall listened to the album, took the time to write books on here, and continue to defend your points over and over again. nah you aint obsessed with hate…


    @Airborne Exactly, the stans are out of control its too early to call his album a classic,Does cole has flaws, hell yeah, i hate how some stans act like he does perfect shit,im not a fan of some of his production to be honest and i dislike how he wants everything to be all about him and he acts like he can everything on his own. other than that, real fans know whats hes capable of and yeah this album might have been all over the place (not in a good order) but its dope nonetheless.

  • Grimzz

    j. cole lyrically is dope to me but at the same time, it sounds like he dropped the ball…reason is that dude’s mixtapes easily outshine this…yall can hate on NYC/Brooklyn but he makes a good point or two and in my humble opinion, he could of used some of those throwaways on the any given sunday series and saved this album…i want cole to make it like anyone else but this album is too forced…all in all,i hope he chalks it up as a learning experience and GROW…as long as he learns and grows, everyone would be cool lol

    i enjoyed it but damn…too many albums this year outdid his…it’s C4 status right now…

  • Grimzz

    wait album of the year???..yikes…when you suffer from fabolous syndrome (drop wack albums but better mixtapes), just shh lol

    it’s section 80 until further notice IMO

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    I know a lot of people say a debut album is your introduction to the “game”, but I think it’s unfair to kill Cole over this album. How many times have you seen a player get drafted in the first round, struggle his first season learning, and then it all clicks for them? I think Cole will come back with something much better for his second album, this album sounds like he was searching for music to reach everyone. I don’t think Cole has found the exact lane he wants to stick with, but after he sees all the reviews regarding this album he will get a sense of what needs improvement. He has all the talent you need to make a great album, he just needs all of it to come together. Also it’s not this album is bad, it’s just not great.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    I think we have a general consensus that the album is somewhere between a 7-8/10. Its decent. Considering all the rookies that have come into the game’s debut album’s have all been some shit (Thank Me Later = Rushed). Hopefully Cole bounces back and takes his time this time like Drake, and explores a bit. Even Drake can’t rely on 40’s production or Wayne forever, hence his need to explore on Take Care and request beats from 9th and Q tip. Hopefully those beats make the album.

    Back on subject though, I like your point @Airborne about KRIT knowing his lane and sticking to it. I mean, KRIT took his time on R4 and it was consistent throughout. Cole is trying to find a balance with making sub par radio records and above average conscious records. After running through the entire album from start to finish, It’s a decent release, and he I’m glad he didn’t depend on features.

  • OrdinaryCelo

    Cosign @1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

  • ali

    i had my doubts after mr nice watch and cant get enough, but this is album is just really good. period. lyrically jcole is just on another level. people on here showin pure hatred towards cole… simply comical. if u findin ways to hate on songs like gods gift, rise and shine, and dollar and dream III, then u pathetic.

    Aint callin it a classic, definatly some flaws, but just callin it wat it is, and thats really good!!!

  • Airborne


    “Subject Matter is the most overrated element of rap in terms of whats considered a good subject matter and a bad one. There are literally humans on this planet that think the only way to be lyrical or to be versed at all in technical rapping is to have a subject matter that involves self-reflection, storytelling, the struggles of the ghetto, or some complicated political conspiracy. You don’t need a “good” subject matter to make great music. ”

    -From TeamRayJBoutThatLife at KTT

  • Airborne

    “it aint all about how it “SOUNDS”.”

    “and can we stop the wiz talk once and for all. rolling papers doesnt compare. “Rolling papers” what does that even mean? we get you smoke”
    “haters will never admit theyre wrong but theyll just come from different, weak angles in arguements.”

    ….I honestly don’t even know where to start

  • riseandshine

    you take what someone else has to say and put quotes around it? be ya own man. and for the record “subject matter” are your words, scratch that his words. i dont listen to hip hop for the “good club and radio records”, maybe you do and thats you. cant hate on that.

    “….I honestly don’t even know where to start”


  • J. Cole is a very talented rapper who too often times relies on mediocre punchlines and cuss words as a way to relate to his underground audience.

    His debut album is above average compared to his previous works. And I need not compare him to any other artist but himself.

    My point is this debut is a compromise between he and the label because it does not cohesive, considering the dubstep jarring sound of “Mr. Nice Watch” and the Big Pimpin feel of “Can’t Get Enough”.

    I have no problems with old tracks. But I do have a problem with better songs being placed on the mixtape. You could easily take out Mr. Nice Watch, CGE, and Cole World… and replace them with better songs that you should have held onto like Home for the Holidays, Higher, Return of Simba (which could have featured Jay Z), Dreams, and Losing My Balance or See World.

    You mix those abovementioned songs with the remaining tracklist and there is a Cole World classic.

    This is a solid effort but lacks consistency and longevity. The best songs are Sideline Story, Dollar & a Dream III, Breakdown, and Rise & Shine. The Missy feature was by far the best most organic feature. And that is why it sounded good.

    This debut album is a 7/10. It’s not Cole at his best but I know why… he wants to be more mainstream and would rather compromise than go out on a limb like Kendrick and Big KRIT.

    In the end, to each his own… throne. But we will see who is the best in the long run.

  • Lost Ones is dope too. But the cussing takes the big record/universal feel out of the song. He will not get a Grammy nomination for that track. He was close but could have made it more clean cut.

    And Cole World was a let down considering the Cosmic Kev freestyle beat was way more epic. Cole took an L on that one just for that. Should have gotten Keyshia Cole to do a feature and call that Cole World. Now that’s my A & R side, I apologize.

  • 1dopePuertoRicanfromJersey

    ^^ I fully agree, I been saying forever that Cole cusses way too much. It makes his music sound more ignorant than it actually is. His songs would be all over the place if radio didn’t have to edit 10 words in every verse.

  • And by the way, Cole could have done without the Drake feature and replaced it with a Kendrick Lamar or Krit feature. Drake did sound like he just woke up to record a track. Unimpressed with that.

  • A “George Clooney/Airborne/fulltimeboss/D $cience/MartyMcFly/red(you are posting…)” Stan fka Answer Me!

    e-daps to one & only @MartyMcFly, @NYC/BROOKLYN© and @honest and real !!

  • Pauly Dee

    Sorry Airborne, but you lose some credibility for cosigning NYC/BK. You basically just cosigned the internet version of a Glenn Beck.

  • GameInaHeadlock

    Niggas really writing they feelings on how they dont like what he doin and dont like his music, shit is funny..If you dont like why bother to write a damn essay on it ? lmao you care more than the stans. If you like it cop it the 27th

  • 9/27


    hahahhahahaha cole world tho.

  • marty mcfly


    Judging by your avatar pic of ashy larry trying to be funny, your alot closer to Glenn Beck then NYC/BK is. He’s more like the internet version of Paul Mooney or Ed lover and he’s actually funny. You just a clown that thinks Copy n Paste is a good song. LOL

  • Airborne


  • nickd

    it’s a modern day classic. enough mainstream to appeal to the masses but enough lyrics to impress the underground. COLE WORLD and we’re not stains or whatever the fuck you want to call it you fuckin nerds, we’re fans, get a life

  • ThaTruth

    Only Songs I took off from this album is Lights please, Mr Nice Watch, cole world and daddy’s little girl. I give the album a 7/10 and I understood why he arrange the album the way he did but the flow of the album got kinda boring, too many laid back tracks. I’m surprise thats Nobody Perfect ft. Missy Elliot would be my favorite song. Cole need to work on his craft more because his lyrics is average, not that appealing to draw the listeners in of what he trying to deliver. It also obvious that the album focus too much on Jay Z and cole should of had perfessional singers to sing on live instruments like this so the songs could sound full and not empty.

  • Bong

    ^ “its obvious the album focuses too much on jay z”

    …the fuck you talkin about idiot?