Pharrell Williams Speaks On Rick Ross & More (Video)

blame it on Meka September 19, 2011

This may not be as epic as Willie Norwood’s rant on the radio this morning, but… actually I can’t finish that sentence. Anyways, Mikey sat down with Skateboard P, where he opens up on his admiration for one William Leonard Roberts II to… I’m sorry, just listen and enjoy. Fucking Ray-J man…

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  • jjb

    can’t respect anyone who promotes officer william. i stopped listening to him long ago, but i hear he does make great tracks, but i just cant support someone lying on tracks the way he does. he been exposed as a lier so many times, that is not cool.

  • thatrealshit

    did he say authentic!? really!?

  • LawdyDawdy

    Listen we all like to hear some Rawse now and then. But really it’s def not cos he’s authentic.

    How much they payin’ you to say that P!?

  • I’m glad someone notice what Ross does because he is a talented brother. I dislike the fact that you all are upset Ross is not a gangster, I just wish Ross would promote a better image of himself that shows the real him. Love or hate Ross he has gathered some of the hottest up and coming emcees in the industry and why hate that I bet you all would sign if he thought you were good.

  • bapeboyz

    pharrell killed this performance here -> a must see

  • Airborne

    Anybody that cass the dude Officer Roberts or ever for a second believed he was a real big time coke dealer needs to shoot themselves in the head. That’s how I know most of you are teenaged white kids from the burbs who just started listening to rap right after they started puberty. His rap name is Rick Ross, is he fake cause that’s not his real name too? Y’all kill me. He is an ENTERTAINER. Most dudes who are really about that life do not make it very far as rappers/entertainers/businessmen(Hov was just a regular d-boy). Look at Boosie. Is that nigga doing well in the rap game from a jail cell? Next, niggas gonna hate on Johnny Depp for not being an actual pirate.

  • Kyu

    The only man to ever lie must be Rick Ross is what I’m gathering from everyones responses.

  • pr0b

    you guys who hate on em’ … Where you hot beats at and nice songs ??? .. oh you aint got any??? GTFOH .. that nigga makes some of the best music out… when he tries the finished product is so superb that it’s hard to hate it … i buy 2 ross albums every time it drops .. #grownmanmusic