Venomous2000 - The Most Efficient f. Cymarshall Law, John Robinson & El Da Sensei (Video)

Off V2's new project, TheUltraEmcee, available now.

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  • Brandy

    this aint ray j

  • TheJavMart

    This video is wack. Hey V2, hire someone who knows how to make good looking videos next time, like me.

  • Jon

    ill ass posse cut CyMarshall Law verse was crazy hot , EL is always ILL! and Venomous 1st I heard of him made a great impression! great werk!

  • twocents

    I'm getting a little tired of people continuously remaking 90's rap. It's either old school wanna be's or corny ass commercial rap. Can't find a balance for shit.

  • Clint Partie

    Well that's just what some people like. What's an "old-school wanna-be to do," kill himself? There's room for everything. It's not like it's just "bad" music. I prefer something a little more cutting edge too but it's a lot cats I know that this kinda shit is all they listen too.

  • Clint Partie

    Well that’s just what some people like. What’s an “old-school wanna-be" to do, kill himself? There’s room for everything. It’s not like it’s just “bad” music. I prefer something a little more cutting edge too but it’s a lot of cats I know that this kinda shit is all they listen to.

  • trapstar

    everybody gets a little something from everyone...AINT NOBODY ORIGINAL! THERE IS NO ORIGINAL MUSIC. all these new songs sampling and taking quotes and lines from older songs, in ALL genres. YA SAME 10 SONGS ON HOT 97 and those others stations, taking notes from each other. Everybody digging in someone else's formula. Same thing with the underground. Everybody's an expert and claim they do it "right" or "better" and come out sounding wack! This joint is cool for what it is. All the emcees blessed it. either u like it...or just stay in the bubble and listen to what you think is original.ITS SIMPLE ROCKING WHAT YOUR SPIRIT FEEL....and if they feel it..then i feel their energy!


Vee Tha Rula - "Karats" (Video)

Tha Alumni emcee drops his new single in visual form.

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Fabolous Announces 'Summertime Shootout' Mixtape

The Brooklyn emcee will also be dropping a project on Christmas Day – unfortunately, it's not a Soul Tape installment.

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Premiere: Chino XL - "Hush" f. Frida Dee

The oft-overlooked lyricist delivers a powerful record about drug addiction, produced by Jonathan Hay & Amaji.

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