Nakim – We Need Jeezy (prod. Lex Luger) (Video)

blame it on Meka September 20, 2011

Directed By Slick Jackson

“Dao sat me down and told me that we needed leaders. The way these ni**as movin’, I feel like they need Jesus. I just needed Jeezy, so I became Jeezy, cuz when you talkin’ real shit this rap shit EASY.”

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  • glenn

    this shit hot and very true, jeezy needs to become a internet geek and start going hard on here like officer william cause it aint bout the streets no more. he dont even fuck wid twitter it was def jam that made him start it and he never even goes on there. REAL NIGGAS KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A FAKE AND A REAL NIGGA the kids on here just confused

  • me

    The Beat Is Dope

  • toozzle

    LUGGA stepping it up

  • airyeezy

    I rock with this. Shit is nice son.

  • undefeated


  • factormax

    this is a weird fucking song. who is this guy? ive never seen such blatant dick riding..

  • GQue

    im confused

  • ThaWiz

    This sh*t is so whack

  • max

    I don’t get it, is Jeezy paying him for this? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Jeezy fan but without a big check in the mail i don’t see a reason for anyone to do a straight up commercial.

  • riktar

    ..huh… what’s this?

  • AntiNerdRap

    This a perfect example of dick riding. This song is sooooooo fucking gay. He wants to be from the south so bad its a shame. We don’t need Jeezy yall can have that bullshit. We need you to be a NY rapper & stop deep throating the south.

  • Murda Duse

    His next single should be kalled “Dick Ridin”… this shit is bad for biznass…

  • JPM

    this dudes outta line with this lol

  • zookeeper

    wacksauce and weaksauce at the same time?

  • word?

    WTF is happening to Nakim? This shit is a joke right? This should be a RAOF. Uttery ignorance and dick riding. Nigga… YOU FROM NEW YORK!!! Stop jocking the south Nakim. You can make better than this shit. I heard you guest features man. Mickey talk to your boy cause this not a good look AT ALL!!! And I’m from the south and this shit is a joke.

  • ezduzit

    this shit is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 jeezy is garbage off top…..#2 wtf is going on with all these NYC rappers trying to rhyme like theyre from the south!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? the rest of the country used to follow OUR (east/nyc etc) lead!!!

    its shit like this that makes me not even want to be a fan of the art* anymore……

  • on the upside, Luger found out that the difference between two separate songs is not just the changing of a single note, allowing his sound to somewhat progress

  • Max

    Even Lex is starting to sound like all the other producers trying to sound like Lex.