Sir Michael Rocks (of The Cool Kids) - I Can't Go

Second leak off Premier Politics, dropping over at illRoots next Friday.

DOWNLOAD: Sir Michael Rocks - I Can't Go
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  • OrdinaryCelo

    How can you dislike this though? Mikey just continues to prove my point more, that he could def blow up solo.

  • French Touch

    DOPE !!!!! I love the first project of Sir Mic. This guy is dope no doubt

  • Joaquin

    This beat is off of Eardrum, "Country Cousins"

    Are producers just selling the same beat twice?

  • cpb

    he's becoming one of my favorite rappers

  • sayWORD

    Why do yall always call new songs that are released with the explicit consent on the artist by the artist "leaks"? When tf did they definition of a leak change? "So and so releases a leaked." No the fuck it didn't.

  • nicks

    Mikey and Chuck are a perfect duo. stand alone or together, they make dope shit.

  • MadSin
    Remix to Roscoe Dash's Good Fucking Night...Check It Out!!!

  • father

    @sayword shut the fuck up

  • ajamal

    nah sayword is right. it aint a fucking leak if the artist actually releases it himself. it sounds even more stupid when artists say they're gonna "leak" somnething themeselves. the whole meaning of a leak is when something gets released when it wasn't meant to, through sly ways.

  • JA

    shit i love the country cousins sample

  • rick

    Talib Kweli > this

  • CK

    Between this song, Phone Numbers & Bring It Back, I'm pretty sure Premier Politics is Mikey Rocks going in over other people's beats..


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