• Madsin

    Remix To Roscoe Dash's Good Fucking Night..Check It Out!!

  • dre nova

    this song needed pharrell on the hook instead of timbo. cool vid though

  • 229

    Ugh, worst Timbo I've heard in a while and I really used to dig his stuff.

  • TDL

    This ish ain't hip hop...it's crap....get da phuck outta here!

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    How many people are going to use that life's a bitch line? This song is absolute shit. Can we get the old Timbaland back?

  • TE

    2dopeboyz fails for posting this.

  • LB

    someone does something diff and niggas hate. don't hop on when this shit is on repeat on the radio and the club, not as if it already ain't *shrugs* VA stay in this bitch!!!

  • http://nigunitnation.blogspot.com Nig_Unit

    SOoooooooooooooooo much product placement. Mini Cooper, Beats By Dre, Whatever the beer was, Culo.