9th Wonder – Enjoy f. Warren G, Murs & Kendrick Lamar

blame it on Shake September 22, 2011

9th enlists the “past, present and future” of the West Coast on track 3 off his upcoming album, The Wonder Years.

Enjoy is kind of a ‘West Coast’ track everybody on it’s from the West Coast. I was going to name it ‘Past, Present & Future’ but I didn’t because I didn’t want to feel like Warren G is in the past, I think he lives forever. So I changed that to ‘Enjoy’ because the sample is saying “enjoy” and it’s like that’s what it was for me. So it’s Warren G, Murs and Kendrick. Like a legendary West Coast cat, a present day legend with Murs and a future legend with Kendrick Lamar, and they all West coast.

Stream only. Cop the album this Tuesday!

  • dedxsad

    I’m guessing the album leaked. Sucha shame

  • Oxy & Foil. Silver Surfer

    Pretty dope, i’m downloading right now.

  • Sdot

    It’s leaked. Got it ordered at my local anyway, but I’ll probably get a listen in.

  • dedxsad

    that means all the 4 albums i’ve been looking forward too leaked :/

  • Haktuspit

    I’ve bought all 9th’s shit… this won’t be any different no matter what leaked. Dude deserves the cop every time.

  • yord

    yo warren g was the wackest part of the track, he didnt hold his own imo.
    and i know people get annoyed with kendrick ‘dickriders’ but honestly, i’ve never heard a verse from him that was not above average. dude is special.

  • Where The Fuck Is Blu

    ok…. blus not this album… someone explain now

  • Rubber Ducky


    Look in the mirror. What you see is a Kendrick Lamar dickrider. Embrace the dick. Do it.

  • yord

    if thats what you want to label it, i have no problem embracing thy dick. name someone who is on his level.

  • key

    could’ve done with somebody rhyming on the hook..solid track though


    Wheres blu? anybody?

  • based

    where is the album leak? i gotta hear this before i buy it!

  • I felt this…good shit here!

  • panoble

    I actually walked into FYE today and The Wonder Years was on sale for some odd reason already…I’ve given like half of it a listen while driving and it sounds pretty good so far. The collaborations all make sense and flow great together. NC reppinnnnnnnn

  • Patience bruh!

    Damn, no play. I can wait..

  • Sene not Blu

    Blu actually isn’t on the album. There was a mistake and they isted Blu on the credits when it’s actually Blus homie Sene. I don’t know how 9th Wonder missed that or couldn’t tell the difference but its still a hot song.

  • Anthony

    2 legends on a track….. kendrick be tryna kill dudes on tracks lol………. if he could keep that type of flow,pain and lyrics over his rap career he can be a legend as well


    the album was weak…
    9th has nothing new up his sleeves, and i’ma huge 9th wonder fan.

  • smh

    where is the link?

  • j

    man they all killed this shit. GTFO kendricks D

  • Spike

    Kendrick is a legend in the making, another hot verse. That said, I think Murs had had him on this one. Warren G was better than I expected too.

  • Maga D

    Whoever said Warren didn’t go in was trippin. On one listen, they all went in, as expected honestly. On the one listen though, I think Murs got my favorite of all three though.

  • @yord,
    It’s just my opinion but there’s a lot of cats better than Kendrick. I’m not going to get into naming names cuz then we’ll get into this “oh, well their old…” debate & this & that. I don’t really know what’s an acceptable response amongst u youngsters when I say Andre3000, for example. I happen to like the other 3 in Black Hippy better but that’s just me.

  • Daez

    YH YH YH YH WWowww YH this alum need to come out

  • Maga D

    @Clint Partie: It’s just opinion at the end of the day, wish more people saw it that way though. Today it seems as if saying Rapper A’s > Rapper B makes it fact, but people with a more realistic sense of life know better. I’ll take you on Dre, but the others in black hippy? lmao. But yo, that’s you son, maybe ab-soul…….. maybe on a good day.

  • masa

    @SUPERSLIM64 9th wonder’s beats have become to predictable.
    it sounds like he picked up any record and just added some drums to it. Not much of a surprise besides some of the features.

  • Yeah, no Blu on there. That’s a big oversight & sucks for Sene not to get credit. Album’s kinda incredible doe, to me (@the cat above that didn’t like it). 9th ain’t reinventing the wheel but nobody is. It’s HIS style & he came up with a good batch for this one!

  • yord

    @clint partie, word man. all opinions are acceptable. i dont mean to do the rapper A > rapper B shit i’m just saying kendrick’s flow and lyrical ability are impeccable. if he continues, his emceeing skills have the potential to be mentioned among the bests, the 3 stacks and what have yous. you’re right though, at the end of the day it’s all opinion based.

  • yord

    all of this said, i cant believe blu is not on the damn album……….shitfuck

  • @Maga D,
    You don’t have to “laugh your ass off.” Kendrick kinda soft & irritating to me. I know Jay Rock or whoever isn’t “technically” better & such but I would rather listen to cats like that than Kendrick. Sorry. Again, I was just using Andre as ONE example. I think any number of veterans are waaaaay better than Kendrick Lamar (& a few new cats, too, like Danny Brown, although he’s like 30). I’ma quit hatin’ on Kendrick now. He’s dope but, like I said, he’s just kind of annoying to me & lacking a certain authenticity. It’s hard to put my finger on.

  • @yord,
    Thanks for being respectful. I don’t wanna “e-fight” with any of u cats. I just enjoy the discussion & debate. All I’ve done for 20+ years is listen to & love hip-hop & I like to talk about it. Check out my music to maybe understand me better & where I’m coming from…Hit the name.

  • Ent

    Lets be honest, Andre 3000 is possibly the greatest ever to do it, but “soft” and “irritating” are 2 words that could easily be used to describe him. You’re contradicting yourself, Mr. Partie.

  • slimJim

    @Clint partie
    Bruh if ur gonna diss a rapper as skilled as Klamar then u better have some shit on ur music page and what i’ve just witness was literally some “shit” on ur music page. (No disrespect).. but Sorry i cant take ur opinion serious with them Average ass songs

  • Just for the record, I’m not “dissing” anyone. I just don’t think dude’s the greatest rapper in the world. Apparently my opinion is in the minority.
    Again, it’s all subjective. A fine line. What u hear & what I hear are 2 different things.

  • who cares

    This may just be me but I don’t like this beat. It’s too high pitch, and the sample sounds like some auto-tuned crackhead. And they could’vve thrown a lil hook, or break in between each verse. But whatever

  • worrrd

    yea on my way to purchase..

  • Tune
  • Not feelin any of 9th’s new beats.

  • Fillow

    Yeah, this dope labum leaked on

  • No Blu but they put Mac Miller?


  • Take it Easy

    Dope. Warren is back I see. Nice.

    Take it Easy – “Face to Face” prod by D-Tonez

  • dope track!! West coast legends…and kendrick is legend in the making

  • gose

    only kendrick lamar made this song worth it

  • The quote there is from my interview with 9th Wonder, where he breaks down the album track-by-track. Thought I’d post that here since they didn’t mention it above (they posted it a few days back though).

    It also explains why Blu isn’t on there…

  • Maga D

    @Clint Partie: Yo, I’m with you all the way, lol, don’t rebuttal my agreement jk. All three made it “enjoyable” so you nut riding fans need to get off the “only this person made the song worth it” mentality.

  • FYLfool

    Everyone on this was weak except warren G. He was the one who at least made the most sense and dropped some game for you squares. I like murs verse especially talking about how he gets money just bieng himself. Thats dope. I like section 80 but the nigga kendrick makes barely any sense, I mean he is a crack baby from the 80’s who has wierdo nigga dreams of tupac but eh… whatever

  • ???

    @FYLfool how did Kendrick Lamar not make any sense whatsoever? Put that joint down & grab that book and build up your knowledge kid.

  • -_-

    @FYLfool how did Kendrick Lamar not make any sense whatsoever? Put that joint down & grab that book and build up your knowledge kid.

  • Also, just for the record, @the cat above that told me how much my music sucks:
    I mainly just make beats so opinions on that are all subjective. I have cats tell me every day that I’m the greatest producer ever & cats like you that tell me I suck. D’oh well. I’m not able to afford all the latest technology so my shit isn’t top-notch professional quality. It’s just what I love to do so I’ma always do it. I guess what I mainly wanted y’all to hear was some of the other MC’s on my beats, namely ScienZe, Prince Po & Vursatyl (Lifesavas). To me, all 3 of these MC’s are better than Kendrick & the Prince Po & Vursatyl tracks are like 5 & 10 years old. Again, Kendrick is dope, just not my favorite, & some of y’all act like there’s no other good MC’s when there’s like 1000’s. Hit the name to see what I’m talking about. You’ll have to scroll down and check out the 2nd-3rd pages for the tracks I was talking about.

  • anton


    only k dot made this shit worth it?

    you either gotta be.. real stupid or just sayin that to see how people react to it

    The whole idea of the song is about all three of them.

    I would be tellin you to uninstall or throw ya xbox out the window if we were playin some video games

  • Yeah, they were all dope on here.

  • One of the standout tracks from the album. Check the review:

  • BleEcha-Q-faBo*NiGg

    ClaSsiC MuRz Buuuuooolll Shyt*** son! Whutt iz thiiiiiyyyyyyssss!?!?!?!? Booooo Ya!!!!

    – Out…

    BleEcha-Q-faBo*NiGg (4 eva…)