Big K.R.I.T. - Money On The Floor f. Teta Chico, 8Ball & MJG

blame it on Meka September 22, 2011

K.R.I.T. called up Sway In The Morning and presented the radio show with his latest single. Now we all get to have it for ourselves.

DOWNLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. - Money On The Floor f. Teta Chico, 8Ball & MJG | Mediafire

  • ko

    first. k.r.i.t. is the future

  • mtrx

    Damn, definition of a BANGER.

  • smooth as helllll

  • Jzik

    k.r.i.t. is the truth for sure. talented as hell.

  • Krizzle

    This is good but we all know damn well this shit aint gonna do good as a single, it sounds good to us underground heads but the average rap head wont appreciate this.

  • Never Dissapoints me

  • deetrain56

    dis dat down south anthem. my man 8 ball plum roll ripped this

  • OrdinaryCelo

    KRIT stays true to his lane. Gotta respect that.

  • steve

    ********ALL THESE CLONE TYPE NIGGAS TRYNA SOUND LIKE PIMP C, HE's OK BUT HE'S NOT ME********* come on you guys, you really think if pimp was alive he would hop on track with a dude that totally bit his style? I think krit says some tight shit but the delivery was completely modeled after PIMP CHAD

  • "This is good but we all know damn well this shit aint gonna do good as a single"

    You and I both know KRIT don't give a FUCK whether this does well as a single or not! This nigga is tryna make that classic shit! I like this tho, this is some old skool south shit.

  • Kramer

    finally a KRIT song with 8Ball & MJG, great song.
    And fuck trying to get radio play, KRIT got his buzz because he makes that classic southern hip hop and he should just continue in that lane.

  • Skip Dillenger


    You can definitely say his style was INFLUENCED by Pimp C on this track. "Biting" is too strong of a word. I think if there was really an issue with Big KRIT's flow, Bun will address it. Personally, I'm glad Big KRIT continues to make tracks that is patterned like swang music from the '90s. It adds some diversity to the game.

  • SwishasNKush

    I don't even have to listen to this to decide to give it a thumbs up. This is a winning combination right here and i've been waiting for Ball N G to get on a track w/ Krizzle. 10/10

  • Jargo

    krit is a beast, but he'll never see mainstream success...simple as that..
    Target giving out $1,000 giftcards ..4 their 30th 24 hours only..

  • Honch

    ^remember you said that when he gets his grammy

  • SeanDon

    I tried so hard but i cant get into this dude, southern rappers and there accents always make it hard for me to listen.

  • Clinton

    ^ fuckin Republican

  • Lewinsky

    ^switch it around, racist. Do you like listening to southern white people talk?

  • tommy

    "You and I both know KRIT don’t give a FUCK whether this does well as a single or not! This nigga is tryna make that classic shit!"


    I'm sure KRIT would enjoy mainstream success, who wouldn't? And it is important for his singles to do good, he is signed to a major label and they will delay his album like shit if his singles don't do well. Get smart.

  • FLA813

    you wouldnt understand if your not from the south... simple as that

  • Clinton

    I am a southern white person bitch. i dont care how people talk. good music is good music

  • Clinton

    shut up and serve me Lewinsky

  • FLA813

    im with you man haha talkin to @seandon

  • Lewinsky

    ^Then you suck at talking.

  • 3chainz

    this is dope as hell

  • FLA813

    cool story bro...



  • BigJerm

    K.R.I.T has been dropping refreshing verses and clean beats since "KRIT was here" just as clean as Karma Loops fresh SWAG

  • ThaTruth

    Pimp C Reincarnation ! Pimp Tight ! this is a straight classic . This will be on heavy rotation through out the whole year in my whip

  • Airborne

    @Levinsky and Clinton

    He's a republican and a racist cause he doesn't like listening to southern accents? lol you fan girls are too much. Everyone cleans up their accent when they go big. Look at T.I., who had one of the most "pronounced" drawls in hip-hop history. Did you hear it by the time Urban Legend came out? Exactly.

  • SeanDon

    @Clinton im far from a racist, im black myself dumbass, its just hard for me to listen to this guy with his country accent.. Krits lyrics are dope but he someone i cant bump song after song because his voice gets annoying at a certain point.

  • pickle


    Ok we get it. You don't like his accent. To bad for you, those of us who don't mind will be bumping his shit.

  • James R aka the real truth

    Seandon to let accent bother you makes you a bigot. that is straight truth . stop being a closeminded ignorant city nigga that is your problem. get over bigot

  • DrewDogg

    Big KRIT doesn't fail to impress me. This is the kind of hip hop that I miss.

  • DrewDogg

    Oh yeah, I'm a chinese boy from Toronto and I have no qualms whatsoever about his accent.

  • Git R Dun

    Big KRIT is the shit. But southern accents blow.

  • MethTical

    Definition of a banger

  • Message from the Pimp

    Fuck ya yankee ass accent talkin shit bout southern accents

  • snakeyes17

    Have had this on repeat for the past half hour. So smooth.
    KRIT always delivers :hat :hat :hat