• everybody Jones

    first .....DOPE

  • Higgs

    Perfect, this band needs some more recognition. Fuck yeah.

  • dunk


  • DsUpHoesDown

    wow, such quality material for free?! damn... thank u will sessions!

  • MadSin

    Remix to Roscoe Dash's Good Fucking Night..Check it Out!!!

  • Justin Herschel

    love the album but WHERE IS TRACK 8!!!!! So Gone is not on the album!!!!!!!!!!! Fix Link

  • nahwrong

    @Justin Herschel
    I just downloaded it and So Gone is on there, Milk is rapping over Bob James Nautlius.

  • Kevin

    track 8 isn't working for me either. solid release nonetheless.

  • huggy bear

    hell yeah, this shit is fire!!!! can´t wait til elmatic instrumentals drops

  • Kevin O

    HOLY SHIT!! I saw these shows and they were crazy live. These guys are killin it. These recordings are quality too! Also, track 8 worked fine for me. Its Black Milk rapping So Gone over Nautlis.

  • KO

    Too Dope

  • http://Twitter.com/WolfNcheapcloze MithritadesHD

    Instant download!!!