Will Sessions - Real Sessions (Mixtape)

Before reinterpreting the music for a pretty well known classic hip hop album from NY, Will Sessions produced a series of wildly successful live shows for Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, and Black Milk in their hometown of Detroit in 2009 and 2010. The band had performed dozens of times in previous years within multiple genres--namely funk, jazz, and afrobeat--but had never tackled hip hop until these shows. Real Sessions revisits those performances with 10 selected live recordings showcasing their full 8-piece band recrafting beats from Madlib, J Dilla, Black Milk, Mr. Porter, and Nick Speed; with DJ Dez providing his trademark cuts and scratches.

Recorded to multi-track, fully mixed and mastered. Includes an 18-page booklet.

DOWNLOAD: Will Sessions - Real Sessions (Mixtape)

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  • everybody Jones

    first .....DOPE

  • Higgs

    Perfect, this band needs some more recognition. Fuck yeah.

  • dunk


  • DsUpHoesDown

    wow, such quality material for free?! damn... thank u will sessions!

  • MadSin

    Remix to Roscoe Dash's Good Fucking Night..Check it Out!!!

  • Justin Herschel

    love the album but WHERE IS TRACK 8!!!!! So Gone is not on the album!!!!!!!!!!! Fix Link

  • nahwrong

    @Justin Herschel
    I just downloaded it and So Gone is on there, Milk is rapping over Bob James Nautlius.

  • Kevin

    track 8 isn't working for me either. solid release nonetheless.

  • huggy bear

    hell yeah, this shit is fire!!!! canĀ“t wait til elmatic instrumentals drops

  • Kevin O

    HOLY SHIT!! I saw these shows and they were crazy live. These guys are killin it. These recordings are quality too! Also, track 8 worked fine for me. Its Black Milk rapping So Gone over Nautlis.

  • KO

    Too Dope

  • Instant download!!!


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