• jwp

    kinda feel bad for that dude not gonna lie

  • http://merc80.com Merc80

    That song is hard though. lol

  • Cali760

    One of the BEST shows! Fuck rob dyrdek for trying to steal Tosh's swag.

  • Ricky Rosay

    Hold up. He is not retarded?

  • Take it Easy

    I wanna kick it with Eli Porter. That dude seems hella cool. And Tosh is a fool for this one. Good job yall.

    Take it Easy – “Face to Face” prod by D-Tonez http://bit.ly/pQSYkW


  • http://twitter.com/executivesmoke Vic D

    that's fucked up lol

  • http://fuckshake.com P’COLA

    haha dude sound like gucci thru most the song..

  • inside information

    he is not retarded he just has a kidney problem and requires dialysis

  • CT

    Skylar Grey can make anyone sound good.

  • illuminatimyass

    He did it, he don't need a reason he just did it lmao

  • Idris

    Eli da bess mayne, fuck DJ KHALED

    and Skylar took a loss for taking this shit serious....up there like she tryin out for Star Search or sumn smh

  • tg

    betcha eli cashed that fuckin check

  • jd

    i'm da best man, i deeed it!

  • Hub525

    Eli Porter>>>Lil Gayne