Plies – Just (The Tip) f. Jeremih & Ludacris

blame it on Meka September 23, 2011

at that title.

DOWNLOAD: Plies – Just (The Tip) f. Jeremih & Ludacris | Mediafire



  • Where do they come up with this shit? Should have added [No Homo] at the end while they were at it.

  • TonyStarks

    Stop playing...definitely deservant of the *stale face


  • braindead

    save ur gifs for dem forums u be lurkin...

  • Actual/Factual

    that gif lol

  • Bless

    LMFAO AT THE GIF!...LUDA is officially written off after this shit

  • It’s Still 1994

    Seriously…Is there some way that certain post can be identified as “Paid Advertisment” like they do in the News Paper or Mags? If “Paid Advertisment” makes the people, who paid for the ad, look like simps, then can there be some sort of code. Basically, it looks like you endorse the song or whatever based on the actual merits of the song rather than confirmation of a wire transfer.

    Just sayin

  • cumshitter

    Please tell me the label is paying you guys to waste posts on these human monstrosities that plies calls "Songs". This is another meka fail, I swear the next post is gonna be that homo smokey robotic mimosa music smh.

  • kelso11508

    prince facial expression + riley voice= uuuuuughhhh....nigga you gay

  • kelso11508

    the title of the song... 1st song that comes to mind "homophobia"-charles hamilton "they cross that line i look at em like uuuughh and then they get offended when i say uuuuuughhhh nigga you gay"

  • 206grindin

    Plies has always been trash... but this is a new low

  • mathis

    this isn't that bad, until the rapping starts

  • anonnnymmouss

    plies' lyrics in the first verse sound a little like rape...creepy song

  • cameron

    Plies sounds like he was born without a tounge and is struggling to learn the english langauge.

  • Take it Easy

    This song is not for me. Maybe the chicks will like it tho. The track and the hook go tho.

    Take it Easy – “Face to Face” prod by D-Tonez


  • Blue

    Absolutely DEAD @ That Gif LMFAOOOO

  • "plies’ lyrics in the first verse sound a little like rape…creepy song"

    ^^^^hahahahaha, ferreaaaaal tho

  • Ani_Khonsu

    This sounds Shamefully like an attempt to manipulate a young girl out her goodies....Shamefull because these are adults on the track! Grown folks dont have to beg & plea like that...!!!

  • Hateology

    Am I the only one that see's a song about trying to get more than the tip in with a reluctant female as heterosexual? This isn't pause worthy material. Lame, yes. Pause-worthy? No. What is going on in your minds to perverse sex songs into gay songs? How do those two things relate in your imagination? Some of this No Homo is getting out of control.

  • SmartenUp

    The thing that gets me is Plies is actually a smart educated person, with a college degree and all, ever seen his interviews? he talks with intelligence other than what you hear in his songs. I dont why he talks so ignorant smdh, waste of talent, i think it would be better if he quit rap and focus on his life instead.



  • THATS TYLER the creator in the FIRST verse. not plies.
    finally Shake puttin some tyler

  • cant stand plies!!!!!

    this nigga plies sound like he rap for Turquoise Jeep Music....straight Fried or Fertilized!!!!!!

  • cant stand plies!!!!!

    this nigga plies sound like he rap for Turquoise Jeep Music....straight Fried or Fertilized!!!!!! (If you haven't heard of em youtube em)

  • Airborne

    Date-rape anthem.

  • food4thought

    It doesen't matter if its just about "sex" and not "being gay" at the end of the day this song is trash, smh just like dude said why are these GROWN MAN talking like they are trying to trick some young girl into having sex??!! These record labels have destroyed rappers where almost all they talk about is sex(or borderline rape) and money/cars, which is beginning to become a norm in our society where teens think this is ok! We need actually MUSIC not trash, get Plies out of here!!!!!

  • Can I get a re-up s'il vous plait?
    ha. Wow. begging for plies... or the tip?
    Shit's sad.

  • Kelso11508

    i know gay when i hear it cause i'm gay myself

  • K234 A

    Someday someone's gonna play this track for Luda's daughter/Karma

  • customs

    LMFAO at the gif