T.I. to Release New Song w/ Big K.R.I.T.

blame it on Shake September 23, 2011

This Monday (September 26th), T.I. will make his return to the music scene with a brand new song both featuring and produced by Big K.R.I.T. Shouts to DJ Drama and XXL on the info.

  • Pauly Dee

    Oh shit! Tip is back and he comin’ back in style!

  • eh. i only care about K.R.I.T.’s verse!

  • thatrealshit

    cant wait for this shit. looks like tip was tellin the truth about returnin to his trap roots

  • SwishasNKush

    …and the SOLO Mix will be on the way soon after!

  • Devine

    TI gonna pass on his title of King of the South to Big KRIT pretty soon. Like in this song soon

  • Shy

    Oh shit nice. Tip still in my top 5 fave southern rappers.
    And its still krit>>>>>

  • tonystarks

    *Nice… Krit can use some exposure.. and Tip can use some much needed heat from an upcoming MC… hopefully this shit is dope.. Krit brings back that old south sound… hopefully its dope..

  • Take it Easy

    Should be dope. Cant wait to hear it. Thanks for the info.

    Take it Easy – “Face to Face” prod by D-Tonez


  • Johnny Blaze

    OH SHIT ITS GOING DOWN… these two gonna make some trill south shit. KRIT couldnt be in a better position, getting this exposure before his album release.

    More is definitely going to come from KRIT.

  • Dj Drama I will punch you

    I want to punch Dj Drama’s face repeatedly

  • JHP

    Been waiting a while for some new Tip, hoping he’ll come with that fire we all know he’s capable of, and Big K.R.I.T.’s pretty dope as well, so this should be a ill song

  • DJ Drama I will punch you

    DJ Drama you are going to get punched

  • clown

    didnt he go back to jail for showing up on his tour to probation or something?

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  • GQue

    well, if T.I. still wants to come out and get back on his #TrapMuzik ish, this is a good step to take towards it. I trust K.R.I.T. will make sure T.I. gets the right beat and spits the right verse….K.R.I.T. knows what the people need and want

  • Raja

    K.R.I.T = good song, all his shit is quality. Good move by Tip, he can still rap just need that little extra that Krit can bring

  • will the song be a d.a.r.e. commercial, or maybe a song about turning your guns in…hip hop forgives and forgets so easily, this guy is a snitch..pure and simple, and a american government puppet.

  • ^Obviously people forget cause they fuck with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, the most ridiculously fake emcees in the game.

  • The older and wiser Tip is gettin’, the more powerful he sound in his songs… I’m listening

  • Prince Vegeta

    Who is checking for this dude anymore his rap career is pretty much done and he’s just gonna be right back in jail in several months for some more stupid shit cuz he never learns his lesson

  • dro

    maaadddd ddoooopppeee

  • Pauly Dee

    “Who is checking for this dude anymore his rap career is pretty much done ”

    Ain’t that what them up North dudes be sayin’ about Jeezy? Yet he still has a huge buzz down here in the South? Dudes are waitin’ on Tip, don’t get it confused.

  • MadSin
    Remix to Roscoe Dash’s Good Fucking Night

  • Ain’t no one checking for a Jeezy or T.I. album… thats how you know there buzz is non existent…king of the south my ass.

  • ThaTruth

    I knew this collaboration was going to happen because Krit have T.I. sound and style for production. Hopefully it will sound like Trap Muzik . Two kings on the same track , this will be epic

  • Guild

    I’m from the north, and I’ll admit I’m only checking for Jeezy when Freddie Gibbs is involved (although even then, it hasn’t really impressed me). But I’m definitely gonna be checking for new TI.

  • zach
  • this is one of them meant-to-be collabs…


    KRIT has no buzz at all, can’t even get a release date.His album release been pushed back, dude is just more hype. T.I. should not be doing a feature with such a irrelevant figure


    No buzz? You must not leave your house. I’ve been to multiple KRIT shows in different cities and all of them were sold out. If he had no buzz, how did TIP know enough about him in jail to want to do his first song out of the slammer with him? If he had no buzz why does MTV Jams play a block of 4 or 5 of his videos 3x a day daily? If he has no buzz why did Sucker Free Sundays on MTV2 have a whole show dedicated to him last week? If he has no buzz why is he nominated for 3 BET Hip Hop Awards? If he has no buzz why are hip hop heads like Joe Budden, Phonte and Statik Selektah southern rap legends like Juicy J, Bun B, 8Ball & MJG underground cats like Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y mainstream artists like TIP and Ludacris all asking him for beats rhymes and hooks? No buzz? You obviously aren’t paying attention. KRIT is one of the most promising artists to emerge in the last 5 years. Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole and Freddie Gibbs are the only others artists in KRIT’s peer group with the same type of potential for greatness. No buzz, Ha! Leave your house and go to a show man.

  • killDEMwitAloha808

    K.R.I.T. is dope as fuck!! Tip is/has fallen off hard these last few years and he’s tryna use the new heat to try and make the food on his plate hot again. the mainstream groupies will buy up the new Tip joint and it will make K.R.I.T.’s flame burn even hotter when he shits on Tips whole everything. Plus if K.R.I.T.’s on the boards he’ll already have the shit and be able to make his verse extra raw. Do ya thing K.R.I.T. you ’bout to take the south ova.

  • hahahad212012

    Watever da fuck ever T.I. been hot a lil fall off ain’t no big deal T.I. been known fo commin outta situation tough and lucrative therefore T.I. is KING and Big K.R.I.T shud be horned to w/Tip. Big K.R.I.T gone gain mo fame off dis shit and T.I. gone make these rap niggas run and tuck dey tail again Tip is KING and shall remain KING Grandhustle bitches 2012!!! Peace!!! oh yea do ya mathafuckin research befo u do dis blog shit sorry bitches

  • tnerb

    What exactly makes him “KING”? Cause he says he sold dope and can rap about money cars and clubs pretty good. After reading the last post by hahahad212012, it lets me know exactly what i thought about t.i fans, ignorant as hell. ya never see real emcees callin themselves king or the greatest of all time. Michael Jordan never said he was the best ball player because he proved it, he didnt try to talk people into believing it. I guess if you say something so much people will start believing it.

  • yung

    @tnerb T.I. fans are ignorant? Newsflash, the majority of rap fans are ignorant nowadays, so don’t single T.I. out. Eminem’s fans are far worse, so you can kill that noise. I’m not too much behind this whole king thing, I just think when he’s focused, he makes good music. Saying he said he sold dope and raps good about clubs is ignorant. Dude has touched on several different topics. Tell it like it is or just don’t speak it on at all.

  • yung

    *speak on it

  • Pauly Dee

    Come to the South and you’ll see that dudes are waitin for another T.I. album. Dude is KING of the South. Period.

  • Phildren

    Michael Jordan never said he was the best ball player because he proved it, he didnt try to talk people into believing it.

    O_o You must not be a sports fan, or you’re under 17 and only saw Jordan highlights. MJ was MJ’s biggest fan

  • J

    Where the fuck is this song!?

  • 5,034 others like this. ….THANKS FOR THE CONTINUED support and ti comming back should be great


    was this just a rumor?