Wil Hart (of The Delfonics) - Here For You f. Rick Ross

When I first heard Ross on this I felt it was old (where's the MMG talk and the over-played rhyme patterns?). Turns out I was right as The Delfonics' lead vocalist recently re-released this for whatever reason.

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  • this needs to happen more often

  • mike

    this shit jams! why you always gotta talk shit about ross?

  • DADE

    this shit jams! why you always gotta talk shit about ross?

    Cause his a fraud and a fake who lies to you and he been exposed more times than any other person and stole his name beard image and life from man sitting in jail and then disrespect him when he gets out and just makes a mockery of the culture ETC ETC ETC ETC

  • Take it Easy

    I could ride to this. Good job yall.

    Take it Easy – “Face to Face” prod by D-Tonez http://bit.ly/pQSYkW


  • ThaTruth

    @ Take It Easy, Nice Track Keep it up !

  • Magic T

    I love this track but let me give you a few facts: It should read “Rick Ross & The Delfonics” cause its obvious who the top dog is on this record! I know for a fact that Wil hart didnt sing this track by himself. The chorus was done with his group members, Greg Hill & Joe branch. Just take a moment to read the liner notes on the fonic zone cd & you will see! Its a shame how people forget the people who were there for them…..

  • Pudda Bear

    24. Sep, 2011 at 7:13 pm #
    No one knows who greg hill or joe branch is. Wil Hart is known world wide by millions of fans who enjoyed the music he helped create for the legendary Delfonics… What is greg hill on joe branch known for? Just saying. Haters will always make you stronger baby!
    Ross callaboration was with Wil Hart, that is the fact baby. Wil, nice as he is, included the other two guys since at that time, they were in his group…. Were in his group…. We moving on baby. Enjoy the music


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