Audra The Rapper – Sweet N Sour Cypher f. Tabi Bonney, Javier & Uptown XO (Video)

blame it on Meka September 26, 2011

For the latest edition of The Source Sweet & Sour Cypher series, the Maybach Music spitter links up with some of Washington, DC’s own.

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  • ko

    when is that k.r.i.t. and t.i. track coming?

  • ericdean

    audra, audra, audra … why doesn’t this talent, passion, and energy translate into actual SONGWRITING. i would listen to her freestyles over her mixtape material anyday.

  • PgMike

    Is she really with mmg? She has been sayin it before wale n meek got on the label hhahave yet to hear any member shout her oit and shes not in any if there vlogs none of them have songs wit her the mmg twitter oage never @s her wale n meek had a show in dc and she was in the crowd all ross prolly did was verbal co sig» her said she was hot and she took it to heart


  • I dont think she’d lie about being with MMG…. but ummmm is she like the red headed stepchild of the group? There is like no connection between them.

  • womp womp

    LOL @ maybach music spitter. She name drops on twitter all day, tell her to Twitpic her contract

  • gustavo
  • Polo Posse
  • U need to listen to this!!!!
  • oijijo

    rick ross introduced her as a new signee like a year ago in an interiew. i dont like her music but she sexy as hell.

  • bizo blue

    oh no this is poor lady is sad that no one wants to retweet her tweets. She spits like thissss with the ssssss it sounds annoying, her cadence is off. These guys need to take some notes from english classes or have that dude Elzhi teach them the rules of rap.
    Maybe they need a little more practice, this is amateur….I know they are trying but it sounds so whack.

  • ob1

    untill ross steps up and give her the same amount of attention that he gives meek and wale.. noone will be satisfied.. if she was maintaining this same grind without the MMG cosign..majority would give her praise instead of criticism… Shorty isnt that bad.. she doesnt has any additives…yall are too hard on her… noone else was putting together cyphers like this.. shorty actually has a grind that others dont.. i really see growth in her shit…

  • speezola

    congrats to her for putting together a cipher, but she shoulda just put diamond district in a cipher. oddisee and yu could have rhymed circles around tabi and that other dude (who was better than tabi, but who isn’t?)

  • Dre M

    ob1 must be a personal friend of this gal, whoa… so what if she made a cypher? she probably had sex with that big fat Rick Ross to get on. pussy aint free… i know i got money… and some will spread legs quick if they think they’ll be famous. this shorty is sorry dude on the talent note. She is sexy I’d tap that ass and throw her a few hundred thousand or a million, so she can come back to me.

  • devin

    Come on baby, light my fire
    Everything you drop is so tired
    Music is supposed to inspire
    How come we ain’t getting no higher?
    Now tell me your philosophy
    On exactly what an artist should be
    Should they be someone with prosperity
    And no concept of reality?
    Now, who you know without any flaws
    That lives above the spiritual laws
    And does anything they feel just because
    There’s always someone there who’ll applaud – Lauryn Hill

  • tonton

    someone said she name drops on twitter.. how is it name dropping if she worked for her affiliation.. you can youtube and google her and see the bitch had put in work..

  • bigdew

    all these dudes trash that my word

  • NickyKnoxx

    anyone else notice her get winded saying her intro?

  • Rob

    L.A.M.E . smh