Future – Magic (rmx) f. T.I.

blame it on Shake September 28, 2011

Tip’s first post-prison verse is upon us (thanks to DJ MLK). But umm… where’s the new song with K.R.I.T.!?

DOWNLOAD: Future – Magic (rmx) f. T.I.

  • This is hard.

  • T.I.P (pause)

    killed it

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    It’s the KANG NIIIIGGGGGGAAAAA. Welcome home dude

  • BoshJamesWade

    Dayum! He killed his verse. The King’s Back!

  • East Coaster

    GARBAGE! FUCK THE SOUTH! Shit heads from the South should never, EVER be allowed to enter a recording studio. Bunch of WACK ASS NIGGAS!

  • East Coaster

    FUCK THE SOUTH and FUCK THE HEAT! No dirty south nigga should be given access to a recording studio. Let them record their GARBAGE music from their rat infested projects!

  • el rey

    Tip killed that shit !§§

  • Nito

    Any one else think the flow sounds kinda like Coles?

  • ay

    your right East Coaster, mims is way doper than scarface. DUMBASS!
    welcome to the souf biiiiiitch

  • I’ll put it this way… I see why T.I.’s pic is up there! TIP is the only one on the track.

  • @east coaster well tell yo UP NORTH NIGGAS to stop coming down south to make their hits! idiot! it’s about Hip-Hop now, not regions! get yo ass off that old mind of thinking! but honestly, this song is wack! I’m POSITIVE the joint with K.R.I.T. will be better, just because it’s a K.R.I.T. joint but this song was worse than that damn Racks On Racks on Racks shit..

  • Captain Hindsight

    The # of classic albums produced on the East Coast > # of classic albums produced in the south

    Where would you be without Outkast & UGK?

  • Louis
  • Micah

    first of all everybody jumping on the song cause they know Future the next to blow, just like 2chainz finally about to blow after all this time. T.I. killed it, and good he came back to Atl radio.

    And fuck these up north losing ass niggas, None of their artists can drop a damn track/nor record,
    is meek millz running east coast rap hahaha/ maino nigga please

    And its the T.I. im serious flow, grow up from tht J cole shit he not the end all be all of rap

  • johnnyp

    he a snitch

  • T

    Micah is a fucking idiot. 2Chainz and Future are two of the WACKEST “rappers” of all time.

  • J.O

    aint there a snippet floating around of that T.I & K.R.I.T

  • bronze penis

    @captain hindsight that shit could go either way there’s classic artists from everywhere but the eastcoast breeds just as much bullshit as any place else and futhermore classic albums are determined by the listener, what’s classic to me may not be to you and vice versa but why debate about regions when thats not what the post is about either you like the fucking song or you dont

  • Funny how East Coast niggas talking shit, but they all running they ass to miami tryna change they flow up to eat with the south.
    Yall hatin ass niggas can drink a warm glass of rat piss..

  • potna

    fire ! king back