The Gooneez & The Fratelleez – Too Strong f. Kendrick Lamar

blame it on Shake September 28, 2011

In what’s becoming a regular reoccurrence these days, Kendrick comes through and wrecks another feature. This time it’s the lead single off the latest project from the Southern Cali based duo The Gooneez. #Anonymous finds the duo linking up with the three piece band The Fretellez and hits us straight in the head with some refreshing tunes. If you like what you hear down bottom, head over to DubCNN and pick up the whole project.

DOWNLOAD: The Gooneez & The Fratelleez – Too Strong f. Kendrick Lamar

  • MadSin
    Remix to Chiddy Bang’s Mind Your Matters

  • GR

    Nice chill tune

  • 22k

    Weak production. Zzzzzzzzz.

  • The Kid

    Doesn’t sound bad. Definitely gonna check out the album

  • shakethis

    shake, do you prefer to make out with other dudes with lip rings or no?

  • thefuck

    i’m saying…the reputation around here precedes itself.

    In what’s becoming a regular reoccurrence these days, 2dopeboyz comes through and drinks up more Kendrick nutt. yall need to lose the “in the middle westay calm, we just drop bombs” lyric bite at the top of the page and replace it with “we are the kendrick lamar fansite” instead. yall are the fox news of hip hop blogs.

  • dollarbillrussell

    You guys are hating like Kendrick Lamar is wack or something. With as watered-down as hip-hop has become, and as someone who’s learned to greatly expand my horizons as far as genres of music are concerned, I’ve gotta say that Kendrick isone of the few people that consistently wrecks every song he’s on, and someone I go out out my way to check for. Then again I’d put Blu in that category also, and I’m sure you all would categorize me as a dickrider for that feeling too.

  • 2ndera

    these fucks bitch and complain like someone forced them to come to this site let alone click the link. If you know what to expect and don’t like it why keep coming back? What do you have to prove? 9 out of 10 hip hop “fans” are straight bitch made. Dizzy Wright captured these lames existence perfectly in the first verse of “work on ya self”….accurately describes most of these bitter ass kids….this is dope, and yes haters kendrick slays yet another track. Get over ot the nigga is dope, and finally a truely dope artist is getting the praise and shine he deserves….

  • Mike

    Whether they overly support Kendrick or not… do any of you actually think Kendrick doesn’t deserve this much support?

  • yet another example why Kendrick is the new king of the West

  • GeniusSeries

    Who are these fuck boys, don’t like what is posted go to some other fucking site. Annoying as fuck when I try and read some useful comments and get some dumb ass on a rant instead

  • phonox

    This is THEIR blog if they want to lean on some people more that’s their choice.

  • phonox

    This is THEIR blog , so if they choose to lean more on some people that’s their choice

  • factormax

    sounds like somebodies first beat on garageband… shits lame..

  • SS

    Soft as fuck.

  • TBB

    checked this album out. dope.