Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb f. Miguel

blame it on Shake September 28, 2011

Wale’s really going for that radio play with his Sophomore album eh? I’m fucking with this joint though. Also, Ambition is officially done and will be ready for y’all ears on 11.1.11.

DOWNLOAD: Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb f. Miguel

  • derrty

    this the wale i like, good to see signing to ross, didnt completely change wale style…

  • poetic assasin


  • yoong


  • wade

    Love it. I was half expecting a Radiohead sample, though.

  • Gordon B.

    Good luck keeping that under lock for over a month when there’s physical CD:s out there.

  • Jay Cole
  • PurPle slick

    @Gordon B.

    word? how you know? you looked at the picture huh? look again.

  • BounceB

    @shake honestly dis is the first real cut weve heard that wale said is actually gon b on the physical copy…so we.cant say if he is goin 4 radio play yet…the rest of da leaks aint gon b onda actual physical copy….dey jus songs

  • Son of S.A.M.

    This is smooth. Frank Ocean would have been cooler on the hook. Miguel works though.

  • jiz

    Not mad @ this @ all.

  • cc

    miguel goes hard for real thoughh…

  • Rell

    I really started fucking with wale when him & cudi quit with the bullshit. This track cool but im ready to hear the track they did for the album.

  • joseph

    Sick. I still feel he didn’t stay as true to himself as Cole did, and the results show.

  • doc rovers

    whenever shake says a song is gonna be a radio hit, its usually the farthest thing from radio friendly and ends up getting no airplay

  • valence

    those arn’t CDs on the picture, look they don’t have any holes in the center. They are probably just coasters.

  • frank

    other than J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar THIs NIGGA WALE SPIT THE REALEST shit 11.1.11 AMBITION fools!!!! cop that shit!

  • Musikfiend

    This ain’t no radio friendly joint. Female friendly joint yeah. Track is cool but i hope the whole album doesn’t sound like this though. Truthfully speaking most of my fav. Wale tracks are his w/ BKS. I hope they produce the bulk of the album.

  • Thanks for puttin this up, been lookin for a dl link all day


    just can’t take him serious anymore..

    if you were a wale fan back on 100 miles, you’d get where I’m coming from..change is an understatement

  • swagger so dope
  • MadSin
    Remix to Chiddy Bang’s Mind Your Manners

  • thatrealshit

    @ Superslim64

    this aint bad, but i feel u on that, just not the same

  • yeah…

    First wale song I liked in years.

  • Regy

    @valence good catch they’re just stickers

  • The Kid

    I’m pretty sure Lotus Flower Bomb is a Pokemon attack yo

  • TOrrent911
  • MyFiddyCents

    Everyone being influenced by the Switch up Hov flow lately

  • stickstickly

    sensing a little j. cole flow on the second verse

  • frank

    ^prob cuz he spits more than 16 and can go forever. swear this is what hip hop is about.. j.cole wale and kendrick. good kid bad city, dollar and a dream, dc or nothing

  • a

    them jawns look like pogs. lol

  • Sage

    Lol so why does this song title look like a Rock Lee jutsu from Naruto, this joint is ok, so far if these tracks are nothing on the actual album im just not gonna listen to them till singles off the album comes out. He’s really pushin for that Chillin’ radio vibe again I see. Maybe he shud call up Gaga again.

  • Master Lee

    This song is fire. Smooth as silk. Miguel killed the hook too. I’m not mad at Wale for this one.

  • This joint goes. Points to wale for making a good tune. Changed my perception of ambition a Lil bit. But we’ll see. Like what I hear so far

  • Killa Jafi

    Easily a banger. Shawty’s going to eat this up. And I have played this joint on repeat atleast 10x. So yea be ready for this to hit radio.

  • brenda

    why don’t these guys ever make tracks on their own its always got a feature

  • Yeeee

    @brenda because rappers can’t sing..I couldn’t bone my girl to wale singing a hook..the hell is that.

    on a real note this song is nice..different..but nice.

  • “I’m pretty sure Lotus Flower Bomb is a Pokemon attack yo”

    “why does this song title look like a Rock Lee jutsu from Naruto”

    LMFAO. And just when I thought the comment section on this bitch turned to shit. I’m actually surprised people are feeling this tho, niggas on here usually hate on almost everything radio orientated. Speaking of the comment section what ever happened to that nigga Johnny that was always on here stanning Lupe? lol.

  • Bigga

    This is single material no doubt

  • Brooks

    NIGGA, WTF is a Lotus Flower Bomb? Seriously?

    You ol’ Fire Power Mario-Ass Niggas!

  • akkk

    a flower bomb its a very powerful perfume

  • Seriously