• http://www.bwsczech.com/ RingMan

    got it preordered already

  • bobbychalkers

    Same here

  • Dawg

    do u body building girl LOL tho ya dope girl cmon

  • PW

    That dude looks like a chick?

  • http://fuckshake.com P’COLA

    wait so is this the ugliest chick in the world, or one of the best photoshops?

  • Broman5thfloor

    Shes actually pretty fuckn hot (but wont lie that pic is sorta manly) but never ther less has more talent than your favorite rapper without a doubt #WIFEY MATERIAL FUCK U HATERS

  • http://respecttheselects.blogspot.com dswag

    dude this picture is scarin me

  • DKJ

    Dessa is dope

  • Wake up Shake

    Damn Shake I know you fuck with Minneapolis hard but your sleeping on too many dope rappers from the 612! MaLLy has been had the co-sign from your GOAT since Slug wore a MaLLy shirt at Soundset so I don't know what the fuck your waiting for.........M.anifest, Meta, Mike The Martyr, Midwest Konnect, Greg Grease, I.B.E, Audio Perm, Illuminous 3, Tribe & Big Cats!, Niles Miller, Yakub, Big Dylan, Bobby Raps
    ps. Doomtree are from the suburbs!


  • JL

    Dessa = yes... you* no

  • boobless

    this bitch looks mean and sexy. all be it boob-less

  • http://www.keyboardcowboys.net D.P.

    Bad pic. She actually has fuckin' huge tits.

  • And Won

    she looks like someone i know.