• Nye

    I like this

  • Dante

    Damn this is dope

  • http://www.twitter.com/belowthehvns belowthehvns

    DJ Brace is the truth.

  • Oliver

    I'm a big RJD2 fan, so I'm usually pretty picky about instrumental producers. But this makes the cut. Really fuckin good

  • Chonch

    Nice. I've always been more interested in producers than mcs. So anything with a good beat is a winner in my book.

  • Roger

    This is absolutely crazy, headed to Fat Beats to buy this NOW!

  • Gustave

    Now that's what I call good music.

  • Philip

    This is very inspiring. thank you 2dopeboyz!! thank you DJ Brace!!

  • http://thesuitedelight.com DJ Solespin

    I'm going to play this track on my radio show, The Suite Delight, this Saturday from 8-10pm EST. Thanks Brace!

  • Ruel Oner

    Brown Bag is a serious crew. Loving this shit!

  • http://cybrog.threethousand.org MadChild_Molester

    word. from one of my fav albums of the yearzy

  • brandon balek

    Dope! Very deep song!
    Well done guys!

  • DJ EMI


  • Fred

    Really dope! DJ Brace is ILL!!

  • Jon

    nothing less than quality

  • Derek

    I've been playing this at home on loop since I downloaded. Can't wait to get this album in the mail!

  • Mito

    Thats my NENE!!!! Canada is killing the game homie!!! Meeeheeee!!!!

  • Butter

    This is fresh to death... DJ Brace on the wheels of steel bringing back that real turntablism!!!!

  • Mohito

    Brace kills it each time